Is there no real distinction between angels and demons?

This image should give an idea of what I’m talking about. They both have similar things going on, including fire.

Whenever I think of angels and demons, and heaven and hell, in the Judeo-Christian context, I think of fire and light in the same place, and maybe lava/magma, and other sublimeness. That’s one of the few things with Judeo-Christian mythology I can appreciate, it’s kinda sublime, especially from the point of view of imagery and art. The image above really connects the separate traditional images of the angel and the demon. Actually, to the point that I think they’re the same.

In Christian theological tradition, demons were once angels, beings created to serve God who somehow went against their nature to serve God and rebelled against him, only to be cast out of heaven. Effectively, demons are the same as angels, just that they are against God and are “fallen”. But if we don’t look at from the Bible’s point of view, maybe we reach a different conclusion. To me, angels are the same as demons. They’re the same spirit, but with different allegiances. You might even call back to the Greek concept of demon, or daemon, which I talked about in a previous post.

So the way I see it, angels and demons are really the same kind of being, though on different sides. We just separate them so that we have something to associate with pure good and pure evil, neither of which truly exist in any being. Perhaps the Christian tradition towards these beings was their way of splitting the same being into good and evil, just like their splitting of reality. I might even be a representation of isolating of “animal nature” as opposed to “higher nature”. But really, that’s not really what matters here.


5 responses to “Is there no real distinction between angels and demons?

  1. I guess it depends on how you look at it. For instance, everyone has light and dark in them – that is how we are balanced. The problem is a lot of people want to deny either the light inside or the dark inside. So they become unbalanced – split into separate beings – demon and angel.

    Christianity wants you to get rid of the dark and only embrace the light inside. That is why a lot of people who practice Abrahamic religions are unbalanced.

    In order to remain balanced, or get that balance back, you have to embrace both the light and the dark – the demon and the angel. If you look at it like that, they are one and the same. They have never been separate. Man has created that separation by denying their true nature.

  2. I’ve found from experience that all that matters to me is “Can I work with this form of energy and consciousness, or not?” The labels “angel” and “demon” don’t matter much once I have an answer to that first question. Of course, sometimes these beings ask to be called one or the other. In that way, they don’t differ much from humans 🙂

  3. Sounds like someone is about to realize the mystical belief: Which is about the dark was tasked by God to take on the black clothes and go down in the destructive, to lift it up. To break down and destroy the old one which has earned finished its purpose. So that the white-clad can build something new from the old. In Asian mythologies, it is more common that the demons are good and lucky, instead of being faithful to any Dark Lord.

  4. theres nothing wrong with defferent belief i beleve in lots of things because you dont know whats out there hidding by the government

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