Why aren’t we fighting against the dullness?

What sucks in life is that a lot of it is painfully boring, but what sucks is that people, even my classmates, just seem to accept it. No one is fighting against what they know sucks balls. And this even includes my classmates, among the youth!

An example is how my art tutors tell me to do work and sort stuff out, and I think “alright”, but they hold long-ass meetings, and give me useless sheets and planners, and actively prevent me from doing what I set out to do. It serves no purpose other than frustration, and during these meetings, escapist feelings emerge, alongside rage.

Isn’t life supposed to be enjoyed? Isn’t it supposed to be ecstasy? So why is it a drag? And if it’s a drag, why isn’t anyone with strength fighting it? Call it angst if you will, but I don’t care. I don’t see anything wrong with it anyway, unless it’s put in the hands of a Japanese video game character.

I’m looking you, Cloud.

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