Just a little notice:

While the blog does in essence reflect my feelings, it’s important to realize that as I evolve my perspectives alter slightly over time, even though my core self does not necessarily change. Some past posts, while they spring from the same self, do not necessarily reflect my current perspectives (which spring from my same self though are different since I, or my self, may deal with things just a little differently). Sometimes I may actively edit posts for context. And on rare occasions, some pages have been deleted (but that’s unlikely now). All you need to know is be careful what you take seriously.

Also, please note I that am a not a journalist, nor am I obligated to uphold any academic standards here. Since this is the case, this site should be treated officially as an opinion blog, and that means no students should use it in their college essays or academic reports for universities as sources, because that can get you in some trouble. I don’t take any responsibility if you do this in your academic practice.

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