About Me

My name is Aleph the Luciferian, or just Aleph. I have been writing this blog since November 22nd 2012, at which time I was just a kooky, sort of agnostic art student, high on some kind of egoistic libertarianism. In the years since, the content of this blog has matured greatly, dealing in a wide variety of subjects with a perspective that has evolved and hardened over the years as I begin to see the world in new ways that I might better serve my values, ideals, beliefs and my will.


The meaning of the name Aleph

It is borrowed from the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the name of the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei II. An old friend of mine once remarked that the letter Aleph also referred to the “first cause” in the context of Jewish mysticism.


The meaning of the blog name

The name was inspired by the Jakyou Manor, or Cathedral of Shdaows, from the Shin Megami Tensei games. In the games, this is where you can go to fuse your demons into a single demon and (in some games) access the Demonic Compendium, a catalog of all the demons you have ever summoned, fused, and registered where you can also summon said demons (at the cost of an variable amount of Macca, the in-game currency). Also, in Japan, the word Jakyou means “heretical”, pertaining in this case to a forbidden doctrine or magickal craft, which in the games refers to demon fusion.


My goal for this blog and beyond

My goal for this blog is to talk about all manner of issues, running the gamut of politics, religion, spirituality, philosophy, the occult and the like, as well as chart the course of my destiny even in mundane life. My broader ambition, however, is to bring about a doctrine of Luciferianism capable of transcending the mysticism often found in the realm of alternative spirituality so that it can become the greatest weapon of spiritual freedom against the mystic tyrannies of the old religions, wash away the malaise of the modern world, and systematize what was once the realm of the occult, all in a manner that the great Satanist Anton Lavey strived and ultimately failed to do with the Church of Satan.


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sup ,dude .. Sounds cool , I sort of stumbled across this blog on google looking up what dnd allignment the church of satan was and I came here for some reason. I was ,or still am ,sort of into the Levayan idea but I have a bit more spiritual views then that and found it a bit gloomy . I would most likely assocaite with Neutral with a strong lean towards “chaotic neutral” as a personality ,but I still tolerate some order ,when nessessary . I only do what I want unless its totally impractical and that is why I said that I can tolerate order sometimes . I HATE authority itsself but “the balance of nature” is more of my view of order . If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons , I associate closest with the Druid class .
    Btw , What is your oppinion of psychedelics ? Ive used weed and thats all , but the other ones ? You dont have to incriminate yourself or tell me that you took them but oppinions of them in general .I think that they can be dangerous but also can be useful in the right circumstances ,and if “god’ or nature wanted to tell us something magically that would be the way ,not through some old book or creepy old dude in a soulless stone building .

    1. Thank you for taking an interest in my site.

      To be honest, it’s not so much Dungeons and Dragons I’m interested in compared with Shin Megami Tensei (which has a similar system). I easily prefer the Chaos side as associated with freedom, though there’s probably some Neutral in my mix too.

      Now to answer you question, I can safely say I have never taken psychedelic drugs in my life, not even during the early half of my teen years. This doesn’t mean I’m “clean” by any sense, or that I’m some uptight Christian, it’s just that I was never interested in drugs, or alcohol for that matter. I see drugs as destructive to the mind and harmful to the will. Part of me thinks the reason some people encourage use of psychedelic drugs (such as pot and ayahuasaca) is that they bend the mind in such a manner that one is more willing to merge oneself with the universe. I do think it’s OK to get high, but the sad thing is so many ways people choose to get intoxicated are through destructive, mind-bending drugs. I prefer more natural highs and sources of intoxications, like the high of life, the high of music, and of course sexual ecstasy.

  2. Oh , to clarify what I meant about the Church of Satan ; I like many of their main ideals , as in the 11 satanic rules of the earth but I am a bit more altruistic then that ,though I am not dedicated to some abstract community structure but rather to people I personally like . Morally , I am mostly concerned for my own wellbeing , and prehapts the wellbeing of my close friends , but dont have any desire to do things that would “fuck up ” society as a whole ,as in I dont have contempt for people in general and “judge” people on a personal level . Any “moral ” ideals I have are personal and RARELY find wisdom in penned lawbooks and the ramblings of old fucks in suits though a FEW laws in history actually aided freedom rather then slowed it down (such as the Emancipation Proclaimation and such).
    I have a manifesto that I am working on right now and a website that is still in the works for this loosely organized “cult” that I am designing . Its not really religious based on that level ,as in there is no god , but its a sort of free will commune based on freedom but consentual cooperation ,not some sort of red communist revivalist group. Hedonism and free spiritedness is key in the organization and we generally oppose ideals like monogamy , marriage and nationalism but tolerate and see the need for these things sometimes . Personal freedom is key ,while the “tenents ” of the society do not “forbid” marriage or restriction ( lol ) , anything that “roots ” a person down is ill advised . Our idea of community is based on people WANTING to join us in our goals not be “enslaved” like one is to “federalism ” or other such bullshit . I am a hippie so my organization has few “rules” and those are more like tenents , the society has …..general goals and ideals presented in the philosophy but no legalistic system per say , I just hope that the people who would join the society would be intrinsically “good” or atleast neutral to other members and allow for some ……cohabitation and good vibes without bullshit laws.

    My philosophy is based a bit off of Aliestor Crowley ,minus the psycho bits of his works ,and Id say that I see a bit more sense in Thelema then I found in Satanism or Wicca ,though both were an inspiration . Taoism is also a factor in my philosophy ,Ive read the Tao-tse ching which I found fascinating . Well , anyways ,dude ,just email me later ,Ill probably get back to you soon.

  3. In western astrology the Sun sign is considered the most significant sign. So your sign sign is Aries. Yet I find vedic (hindu) astrology most important. They consider mostly your Moon sign, since this one represents your inner emotions…who you are within. Do you know your moon sign?

    btw Im Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer

      1. Thank you for your honesty. I respect your beliefs about astrology, but we cant deny our connection to the planets and the cosmos 😉 Im not saying that your destiny is set in stone either. Yet our environments influence us.
        Anyway I admire your strong will power and that you stand up for what you believe in no matter what. 🙂
        To be honest, I found this blog searching for a picture of kali. I study the vedic scriptures but Im not super religious. I also find flaws and contradictions like with krshna.
        First I noticed your name and then I read more about your beliefs and I found it all decently captivating and I concur with the same opinions!
        *among my studies there is The Vedas, aryuveda and types of yoga among other arts.
        I almost right away, assumed you were another person i know who likes being called Aleph and has a very similar perspective, or that at least youd share his moon or sun sign…ha But I guess not. Im glad I was wrong because once again that reminds us that nothing is set in stone. I guess we are all just connected!
        ….Still I find you too very veeery similar (only based on somethings Ive read here) It would be too funny if you also shared similar physical attributes!

      2. I always have my doubts regarding the whole connection thing, and I never believed we were all connected, but hey, there’s always something interesting about how some things seem to fit together, even in the case of coincidences.

        I feel I should thank you for your generous compliment about my sense of will, even though often times it doesn’t always come out. I feel I should tell you that in a few days, a family event will happen that will test precisely my will to defend my beliefs.

  4. Indeed, tests are necessary to find out whether we want certain things bad enough and an opportunity to gain knowledge with the experience. W.e it is I believe you shall be successful, as long as you act with respect and don’t let your pride or greed take over. Winning isn’t enough, but how you handle the situation through the process comes first!
    Our families and this world may share different beliefs and thats ok, we all take what we need and leave what we dont! I have a Cristian family, who got baptized a few months ago…before they used to practice santeria (African religion that came from Egypt and originated in India). Im glad they did this because now they dont perform useless animal sacrifices and it was beyond their understanding anyway. So in respect of this, change i took down my Vishnu and Lakshmi altar and placed it on a hidden place in my room, since i live with them. They never told me to do it, i just knew it would make them uncomfortable!

    1. It’s interesting you mention beliefs and baptism, because a christening is the event I am referring to. I don’t want to go, and I don’t support it. They think it is good for the baby’s soul, but there’s nothing good about blindly going along with traditions without thinking about whether you actually believe and then having Jesus Christ greet you like a pharaoh and have you sing his praises for eternity after you die. It’s not right.

  5. Well idk about blindly going along with traditions..as far as i know…i know nothing. I have my doubts with every religion and questions every tradition there is. I am fond of the vedic teachings tho. I think one should make a humble exception with one’s family. My mom once invited me to a church party…I though it would be something casual since she wasnt a church goer at all. When i got there, the member of the church greeted us with wide smiles and open arms and making us feel like we were walking with the president…then i knew it was gonna be hard to get out! lol …ha The “welcoming party” ended up being a 6 hour long class based on the bibble and why we should get baptized! I was furious seeing the hours passed by sitting in a chair wishing i could get out and trying to shut my ears when they mentioned something about gay plp and other silly stuff that i find ignorant like how jesus died on the cross for our sins…eh.( Besides that I could swear to you that they are/were passing laughing gas through the vents at that church…Thats my theory for why plp get so crazy and act like their pains and suffering go away during the “healing” part. I have my reasons to strongly believe this! 0.0
    Long story short, at the end of the class they asked who wanted to get baptized and I accepted to do it along with my mom and others that attended. I did it mostly because this made my mom happy and i had already spent 6 hours of my life on the course(not knowing what i was doing). after the whole thing they invited us to eat some chicken and rise which was my boiling point since im a vegetarian and that another reason why i dont buy christianism, they have performed many animal sacrifices int he old text too. The point is that i didn’t really find this ritual necessary in order for my soul to be “saved” but i found an opportunity to give my family a peace of mind. To me rituals are like metaphors they just symbolize something with a deep meaning, so if you get a chance to perform a positive ritual sometime like dancing around the fire of even bathing at the beach, i think it will do your subconscious brain some good regardless of the religion.

    btw since that day i got baptized my mom started going to church like crazy and she encourages me to go a lot but respects that im not so into it and doesnt push me around about it. I do tell her i believe in God. Also a few days ago she found my statues i had hidden and put them in a bag…i was furious at first but i admit it was my bad for not respecting her house. At least she didn’t throw them away! 🙂 Just have some compassion and be humble towards your family. You will still be you at the end of the night!

  6. Im curious, how does someone become a Luciferian? And what kind of rituals or prayers do they practice? Does the religon have rules, for ex. Catholics cant eat meat on sunday? And finally, what made you personally a Luciferian when your parents are of a different religion? Im very interested in this belief and might look into becoming part of it, i see much of me in this religion, or at least from what you wrote.

    1. It is interesting that you ask because I am presently still working through some things about my Luciferianism and Satanism, with my recent posts being devoted to study of these subjects. Let’s just say there are things I have been meaning to resolve, and I will post about that soon enough. However, I think I can answer some of your questions.

      To become a Luciferian you simply have to examine the philosophical doctrines or teachings of Luciferianism, and then decide if you accord with them. You can look into the Assembly of Light Bearers (formerly known as the Greater Church of Lucifer) if you want, or specifically the ideas of Michael W. Ford or Jeremy Crow, but there are other organizations that call themselves Luciferian as well with their own take on the tradition. I don’t think we have many hard and fast dogmas in the sense that Christians do, and Luciferians certainly don’t have dietary restrictions (like the Catholic example you presented). The main rules are simply that you go about your life taking responsibility for everything you do and act within the bounds of rational self-interest and your defined set of principles, ideally those conducive to the growth and mastery of the individual, and not do anything that would be completely against your own interest or those you care about, violate your own principles (whether within the context of Luciferianism or simply a general sphere of personal morals cultivated outside of Luciferianism) or directly undermine your own intelligence, mental and spiritual development or sense of sovereignty as an individual.

      There is ritualism found within Luciferianism, and Ford is a pretty good source on that. But it isn’t mandatory. You can subscribe to the basic principles of Luciferianism while otherwise remaining totally secular. You can be a theist, agnostic, or atheist, although in general the belief is that divine potential, of a sort at least, resides within Man and not in heaven, with Lucifer being the archetype associated with that potential among other things.

      As for me personally, you’re right that my parents were a different religion. They were Christians (with one side of the family being expressly Catholic). For a while I went along with the Christianity, but as I entered adolescence I began to doubt the Christian worldview before outright leaving the religion. I was and technically still am an agnostic (in that I claim no certainty over the existence or non-existence of a “God” of any kind), but for a while I became interested in paganism to some extent, being fascinated with the gods and demons of myth, then eventually becoming a Satanist in 2013 before deciding incorporate Luciferianism two years later.

      1. Thank you for that, youve been a great help 🙂 I look foreward to reading more of your writing, and i would just like to add, i have the same situation with my parents, them being devout Christians and me on the road to Satanism, but do they accept you as a Satanist(feel free not to answer if its personal)?

      2. M parents don’t really know, although I think my mother has probably seen the necklace I usually wear and thought of it as a Satanic symbol (she wasn’t entirely wrong on that count). I don’t like to give too much of it away to family precisely because of their Christian background, since I assume it would create problems if I did.

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