America, Israel, and “God’s chosen people”

The idea for this post started when my brother and I were talking about fighting between Muslims and other religious groups, and eventually moved on to talking about Israel and the Dome of the Rock. That’s when we began to mention the Ark of the Covenant. Experts still can’t agree on its actual existence, but one thing’s for sure, it was never a nuclear or electrical capacitor. If it was, America would probably try to find it and use it as a weapon. They’d probably go all “God wants us to find the Ark, so that we can kick the shit out of everyone else”.

Pretty alluring though.

Thinking about it, America’s overblown sense of religious place in the world has been noteworthy for a lot of its history. “God” isn’t too far away from politics in that country; presidents, schoolchildren, and anyone going to court are made to take Christian oaths, just about everyone in politics is Christian, Christianity has an undeserved influence in the country to the point of having a powerful and influential voting block, and any party that tries to downplay “God” and religion in any way is vilified until they do place emphasis on such (like when the Democrats were criticized by Republicans for not having “God” on their platform).

Americans, or at least just right wing retards claiming to represent America or its people, like advertise America as “God’s Country” (granted, though, I’m pretty sure this happens in lots of countries), act like “God” is on the side of America, and act like Americans are “God”‘s chosen people.

Yeah, did anyone forget about the Israelites?

Last time I checked, the Bible said that the Jews (a.k.a. the Israelites) were “God’s chosen people”, and that Israel was the “Holy Land” or “God’s country”, not that I actually believe this mind you. It’s in Christianity people, the same Christianity widely believed in America. So why does America, a so-called Christian nation, pick up on that mentality? You can see it in their mentality that America should have moral authority over the world, and that America should be some kind of world police.

Keep in mind though, America, as well as the West in general, does give a lot of undeserved support for Israel, only because of the religious belief that Israel is the “Holy Land”. Many of us are even led to believe that Israel is not just a free country, but the only free country in the Middle East. This belief is nonsense, and unfortunately many who speak out against it are silenced. And by the way, just because you’re a democracy doesn’t mean you’re a free country. Israel was only ever a “free country” because the West decided it was, because it suited their religious conditioning. In reality, they have a nasty tendency to oppress the Palestinians. What kind of free country forces people out of land they wish to live in? And I’m not being anti-Semitic. I don’t hate Jews. I just attack the idea that we should just mindlessly support Israel.

Going back to America, I also oppose the idea of a world police, or a “God’s country”, or a “chosen people”, because it is precisely this mentality that justifies authoritarianism, among other mentalities built on lies. I don’t think we should be supporting anyone’s attempt to impose or have some moral authority over the world, because it gives an entity the right to force everyone else to follow its standards.

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