Chaos, the will to power, and the Black Flame

I haven’t finished reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra yet (though I think I’m getting closer to the end of the book), but I’ve found some information about the concept of will to power as espoused by Nietzsche that I think leads me to believe that the “all-powerful life force: passionate, chaotic, and free” I’ve read about on the back of my copy in fact refer’s to this concept of will to power.

Will to power is the concept of a life force behind all that is, characterized by the drive to grow in power, become stronger, and attain mastery and overcome both the world and the limits within, and Nietzsche apparently felt that every form of becoming and appearance, even reality itself, is an expression of the will to power. Having learned somewhat more about this will to power, and discussed it with others, I think the life force I envision can expand to the will to create, the will to express, the will to expand, the will to become immortal, all perhaps related to or complimentary to the will to power. But I feel I feel the life force I envision might be more than just will to power (at least by Nietzsche’s definition), as I feel there are other attributes to it reflected in other ideas. After some thought, I think the all-powerful, passionate, chaotic life force of freedom and personal power is at once the power of selfhood, the power and life force tied to the Black Flame, the hotly glowing flame of desire, imagination, being, and the “I”. And I am Black Flame might not even be the only name for it, the Flame of the Adversary or simply the Inner or Chthonic Flame might work too, or even simply the Satanic Fire, but the Black Flame is a name that really sticks, and I especially like its connection to the ideas of the Temple of Set, which teaches the Black Flame is the life force and the source of consciousness in the individual. You could say this is what Satan represents in the context of Satanism (though I admit this is usually in a non-theistic context; however some forms of Satanism or demonolatry refer to Satan as a force representing the All from which all demons originate, as is my understanding anyway). And as I mentioned before, this force can potentially be reflected in other concepts from other cultures.

It’s hard to find images to illustrate this life force, but I think this might be a really good one.

At any rate, I feel like I understand the life force I’ve been looking for a lot better, and with that it might be easier to make it grow in me and fulfill my being through it; because in the end, no matter what, I feel like it’s my life force, and I think I at least reflect that in how I prefer to express myself as an individual. Could I still refer to it as Chaos? Probably, though I have made statements in the past that Chaos was more a state than a force, and I don’t think I’ve revisited and reconciled that yet.



How power can make a difference

Power affects everything in the human world, and I don’t mean some kind status of authority. The power of the will, the strength that backs up our desires unabated by obstacles, is the power that makes a difference in the world of humans. This does not suggest a misguided social structure in which only people of physical strength and muscle are allowed to live, as has been the foundation of the ideas behind fascist nations. Instead, it entails an observable reality of the world in which we live, wherein those who have the will and both the drive and strength to exert it upon the world are the ones who get their way in this world.

When one shows a lack of will to do anything at all, it becomes a sign of either a lack of any sense of personal power or the abdication of it, and once that goes you either have a real mess on your hands, someone else takes the opportunity to act that you didn’t, or both, and in our world the power of will is ultimately necessary to uphold any kind of social order. There many instances in the world were the lack of power causes problems. When regulatory bodies who have a reason to exist do not exert their authority, corporations can do anything they want at the expense of their customers. When there is a lack of political will for any kind of reform in order to resolve serious issues, that reform never happens and things only get worse. When politicians do not exert their will over people who could buy them off in order that they might go against their plans, they get bought and then become corrupt. So when will is not exerted enough, social systems can fall out of control and the wrong people can run roughshod over the whole system and the people. And in the personal world, when no courage is summoned, or no will exerted, opportunities don’t wait for you and so pass you by instead, other people can take them instead, or your life can fall out of control, and I am certain whose who are aware of their own lives can see many examples of such.

Will manifest from heat and light

There’s something about the Indian deity Agni that inspired me and was not already talked about on the blog thus far. Apparently the Vedic Indians did not just see Agni as a fire deity. They also saw Agni as the power that is connected to the will and action and related powers. One of the Upanishads portrays Agni in a similar vein. In some interpretations, Agni is not just a singular deity, but a force of fire that motivates willpower.

In my opinion, this idea can be expanded outside the Hindu context. I believe I have mentioned the Fires of Chaos at some point. Well perhaps the Fires of Chaos can be taken as as a force behind the will. Or, you could apply a similar theory to Satan depending on how you choose to interpret Satan, or even God for that matter. Not to mention the concept of the chthonic flame I mentioned in the past. Invariably, it could be an extension of a greater fire.

Going back to Agni, it’s interesting to note how the Vedic Indians believed that the power associated with Agni could be strengthened by Rig Vedic chants to Agni. Given they believed willpower was a projection of Agni, would it make sense that chanting Vedic chants to Agni was meant to strengthen willpower? It’s certainly an interesting concept to adapt.

Elaborating on the principle of Chaos

I have been meaning to elaborate more on the principle of Chaos I mentioned earlier.

In past blog entries I have primarily described Chaos a primordial force in the universe, but now I feel ever closer like Chaos is an individual principle. It is inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei faction, as you would already expect, and as I imagine Chaos is the principle of freedom, individual, will, and primal nature. It is the principle in which individuality trumps collectivism and we make our own order for ourselves. It is the principle where freedom is more important than social order, and no rules, laws, and codes should harm freedom or stand in the way of the liberty of human beings. It is the principle where if doing the right thing must cause upheaval, than let it be done. It is the principle that espouses raw ethics, derived from the inner self, as espoused to externally espoused ethics, and where the only rule is to follow yourself and think for yourself rather than obey other people. It is the principle of being yourself, following your own desires, even if you are despised or unpopular for it, and expressing yourself freely even if others consider it indulgent and selfish. It is the principle where we create our paradise, rather than accept any false paradise laid before us. It is the principle where we embrace our primal nature, and work with it.

That is Chaos. That is what Chaos is to me. That is why it’s the philosophy for me.

A new prayer/personal mantra

I have revisited an old piece of writing I made for my old Foundation art project, and turned it into a new prayer evoking new and old deities and new ideas that have grown in me. Below is the prayer:

By the stubborn will of Chi You,

the dark desire of Dairokuten Maou,

the burning light of Ashura,

the youth of Murugan,

the water of Varuna,

the horned force and dark draw of Beelzebub,

the primeval creativity of Shiva,

the radiant energy of Shakti,

and the guiding principle of Chaos and freedom,

with Liberty and Justice at my side,

I proclaim my individuality and invoke strength and fire within

So mote it be


It should be pretty clear what the deities refer to: Chi You is stubborn, Dairokuten Maou is lust, Ashura represents belief in righteousness, Murugan represents youth, Varuna is water and balance, Beelzebub is the dark draw towards the demonic, Shiva is spiritual focus, intensity, and purely raw creation. Shiva is also the primal nature of the universe, a wild deity but also a light-bringer, and Shakti is the prime energy that motivates the universe, love and war, and Mother Nature on a grand cosmic scale. Beelzebub is also a stand in of sorts for what would otherwise be called Satan, a representation of the horned force, a symbol of the ideals of Satanism and Chaos. Liberty and Justice are, obviously, freedom and justice, the two ideals I value the most and a link to America. And Chaos is the principle of freedom, individual will, and primal nature inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, and the chief springboard for me being on the Left Hand Path in the first place.

I think I’m growing, at last

It’s been only three days since I started my term in university, and already I’ve started feeling a sense of pressure on the first day, and there’s still a little pressure and worry now, but aside from that I feel like I’m becoming stronger, more confident, more bold, and more upfront. I feel much more confident, and I feel closer to my goals than ever before.

There are still times when I feel like the quiet one, but for the most part I feel I am emerging in confidence, expressing myself confidently. I feel so happy, but I still don’t think I’ll be satisfied until I see just how far I’m going.


If one thing is certain, is that nothing in this world can be done without the will to do so, and you can not expect the will to do so to just miraculously appear. You must summon it yourself, and that basic spark is courage.

Nothing will be done without will, power, and courage. Be brave, be strong, and you can act upon this world and act in freedom. This is easy to do, but somewhat difficult in actual practice. But we must all do our best to summon that small spark of strength each day if we want to act, we especially need it if we are to embark on some of the great undertakings in life, such as love. And if we don’t, at least we tried.