Vault 7

This most may seem sudden, but I want to share something very important, particularly for my American readership. Last month, Wikileaks released a series of cryptic tweets on their Twitter page regarding the mysterious Vault 7, and until now we didn’t know what it meant. But yesterday, Wikileaks released a document revealing the extent of CIA hacking tools and confidential documents. Vault 7, as it turns out, was the code name for these documents. It revealed, among other things, that the CIA under the Obama administration stole Russian malware and used it to hack into computer systems in order to extract information from them using that malware, and apparently they lost that malware along with other hacking tools.

Given that the CIA lost the malware recently in 2016, this was also probably some time before the election or even around that time (I can only speculate) and that the malware the CIA obtained was from Russia, I am wondering if this has something to do with the theory that Russia hacked the DNC, and why the CIA claimed to have evidence but refused to provide it or put a name to it. I can only speculate.

But it does show that the NSA was not the only intelligence agency under Obama that had been gathering information , and apparently they are doing this as some kind of larger project involving cyber warfare. As if I *needed* another reason to hate Obama.

Vault 7:


The “spirit cooking” bullshit

Well, we have 4 days to go before the end of the US presidential election, and I think we’ve hit what is probably the most bizarre revelation from the Podesta emails. This revelation in question is that John Podesta, the chairman of the Clinton campaign, was invited to some kind of “Spirit Cooking” dinner by the performance artist Marina Abramovic.

That’s not the weirdest part. Apparently, people saw the term “Spirit Cooking dinner” and, without looking at the facts, ran with it and generated the idea that the Clintons were part of some kind of devil worshiping conspiracy.

You heard me right.

A piece of “evidence” offered by proponents of the “#ClintonCult” conspiracy theory.

Abramovic’s work tends to deal with themes such as ritualism, pain, human consciousness and the body. I’m sure it makes for some interesting performance art, at least for fans of performance art or modern art in general. The term “spirit cooking”, however, seems to refer to a “cookbook” she wrote two decades ago where she writes “aphrodisiac recipes” as some kind of artform. There’s also a performance piece she did where she painted writing on the walls with a special combination of pig blood, breast milk and semen. And that’s it. I’ve seen the video, there’s not much to it other than she writes some bizarre things on the wall. Maybe she thinks there is a ritualism to it, but I’m not entirely sure of that. To me, it’s performance art. The only thing the email suggests is that Podesta is interested in Abramovic’s artwork – who knows why – and simply wants to have a get together of sorts with the artist herself.

That’s it. There’s not much to it other than that. All talk of devil worshipping conspiracies and blood feasts is pure hyperbolic speculation based on not a single scrap of credible evidence. The image I showed above is someone pulling together unrelated content and tying it together, whilst not mentioning a single fact about her work. Abramovic isn’t even a Satanist as far as I know and as far as she herself can tell you. Thus, this is one of those moments when the right-wing media looks really stupid, and when the fucking Guardian can actually come out like a sensible read on the matter.

Look, I know that the Clintons are corrupt and they’ll do anything to get into power but this “spirit cooking” shit is insane. Even for a guy like me who is interested in the occult, I find there is plenty of genuine wrongdoing to pin on the Clintons to the point that there is no need to drum up some kind of pseudo-satanic conspiracy theory surrounding them. And anyone who believes that there is an actual conspiracy of Satanists controlling the United States government from the shadows is retarded, plain and simple.

Why I hate Hillary Clinton

This may sound hard to believe, but I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as George W. Bush. Why? Well here’s the reasons.

She supports the power of the state

In the whole Wikileaks story, I would expect America to support freedom of information and transparency. But NOPE! Pretty much all American politicians and diplomats, let alone all politicians alive, condemned the release of diplomatic cables because it threatened whatever interests they had planned, while feeding us the lie that it would endanger the lives of those involved in the secrets. To this day, no one has died as a result of the leaks. And Hillary Clinton was one the main politicians spreading the lie. She only does this because she was involved in some shady dealings with some Middle Eastern dictators, and wants to make herself look clean to those who know the truth. She also values security over human rights and freedom. Does that sound familiar?

She hates video games

She goes around trying to ban video games and wants the federal government to step in to control electronic media, despite there being a First Amendment which protects free speech and freedom of expression. This would appear to not make sense considering that she’s a Democrat. But oh wait, all politicians are out for social control, regardless of ideology. It seems she wants to control electronic media for no good reason other than she’s a soccer mom.

She’s authoritarian

Aside from valuing security and the power of the state and hating video games, she opposes legalizing marijuana, hates freedom and is more concerned with banning flag burning, openly rejects individual autonomy, individual rights, choice, and pluralism, and would rather see Americans have their guns taken away, possibly so she can control the American people with greater ease without having to worry about a lead revolution flying in her face.

She’s a bitch all-round

Every opportunity she gets, she uses it to act like she’s top dog, that she knows what she’s talking about, and that she’s acting in our interests. And you know she’s just a government advocate when it all comes down to it. Nearly all her political positions involve supporting the government, its authority, and its agendas, such as its agenda with Israel. Her only image is that of a female politician: that’s it. She’s nothing otherwise, save for a bitch.

And now I wonder, why would anyone like her?