How does one create an object without any physical materials?

Last week something was going through my head, the question above to be precise. As I asked the question in my head, the answer seemed obvious to me. When one creates an object using no physical materials, then the creation is not physical. It is mental, and such thus is the creative process. One is creating a mental object out of mental materials, or a spiritual object out of spiritual materials.

Do what you want, but think before you do

All too often when people look at philosophies like mine, they think only of a world where all people do is act like assholes constantly for the sake of acting like assholes because there’s nothing stopping them. This is because they have are familiar only with “do what you want”, they are not familiar with the full nature of freedom.

That is why I believe in the credo of “do what you want but think before you do”. It proclaims absolute freedom to act as one wishes, but also implores the individual to think about his/her actions, their potential consequences and how they effect the world around him/her (which in turn effects the individual), and whether are you really want to carry it out or whether your believe in these actions.

It should remind the individual of his/her responsibility to him/herself.