Why I hate online personality quizzes

I keep seeing these personality quizzes online like “what animal are you?”, “what mythical creature are you?”, “what element are you?”, “what superhero are you?” and a fuck ton of others on the Internet. When I was younger these were kinda fun, but back then I was also confused about who I am and for some reason I thought they might help me. But these quizzes are stupid as hell.

The problem with them is they can’t assess who you really are for crap. The choices and results on those quizzes are narrow and incapable of assessing your personality. They can only define your personality within the confines of an archetype usually defined by idiots who don’t know squat about self.

The blank slate hero

There is a kind of video game protagonist that I like a lot. Some call it the silent protagonist, I refer to it as the blank slate (or blank canvas) hero. Basically, it is a kind of character who doesn’t really talk, often doesn’t have a name so you have to name him/her, and his/her personality is based on your actions and choices which you make throughout the game. This trope appears particularly (but not necessarily commonly) in role-playing games, and some great examples of it include the Megami Tensei series.

The nameless protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei.

With the blank slate hero, one can interact with the game via one’s choices, which can be based on one’s personality and personal compass. However, it has its limits regarding execution. Don’t get me wrong, you do feel like you are inserting yourself into the game (usually, depending on the limits imposed by the game but not necessarily technology), but there’s still ways that personality customization, self-insertion, and how you can affect the game with that can go much further.

Since I do have dreams of working on video game design, I feel I should make it my goal to test the potential of self-insertion and personality customization, and create better ways for it to affect the story of the game and ending outcomes. Increase your ability to customize your character’s personality, or a greater ability and new ways to insert your personality into the game character, coupled with real demand to answer moral dilemmas and situations with what your own moral voice says, what you really think is right. All this and the game’s story progress being based on your choices you make, which are based on what you think is right, rather than what missions you complete (which I believe produces more outcome planning, which is fine but kinda takes away from the point), then just imagine what kind of game, or games, could be produced. Think of the artistic glory.

Yin and yang attributes

Lately my affinity towards duality and the idea of yin and yang has strengthened. Hell, Shiva as a personal deity has duality as one of his key characteristics. And I think I can tell my yin and yang characteristics for myself.

Let’s start with the basics. Yin is defined by passiveness, reflectiveness, internality, and softness, while yang is defined by expression, passion, and energy. Yin is associated with winter and darkness while yang is associated with summer and light. Neither are truly positive or negative, both can be either.

The way I see it, I’m mostly a yang person. You can tell it in most of my personality, my philosophy, my elemental preferences (I prefer fire usually), and my aesthetic tastes. I prefer summer over winter, hot bright sunlight is my favourite weather, I like rock/metal music and prefer to headbang to it (which is expressive as opposed to subtle), my favourite video games involve action and fighting, I emphasise passion and exerting of will, and I have been an energetic person from a young age (I still jump around across the living room at times), all these are yang traits.

However, there is a yin side of my personality, and this exists in the form of my tendency towards personal reflection, introspective thought, actual philosophical process, that I like water, and the gentle side some people see. Come to think of it, that I think about how things fit together or can fit together (such as right now) is yin-ish.

As usual, balance is important. In this case, being able to recognise and value yin traits alongside yang as part of yourself can be qualified as applying balance. Even though I am dominantly yang, I still value whatever yin side of me there is, even to the point of them having their own ishta-devas (personal deities). This I feel counts for something when it comes to balance. Failing that, it’s at least better than denying yin period.

What I said about yang being the energy side though, it kinda leads me thinking about my idea of Chaos and the universe, but this is something best saved for another blog post.

I’d also like to note that I do not believe yang and yin are exclusively male or female respectively, as people of both genders can be yang-ish or yin-ish, and at different ratios and levels. Also, yang and yin do not correspond to good and evil, as the latter two are moral judgements, not metaphyiscal forces which can be balanced.

I haven’t changed

Yesterday I looked back at a “personal passport” I made in the induction period of last year’s art course in college, in which I put mostly stuff about myself and drew stuff I liked. When I did, I found out that I had pretty much not changed for the entire year.

The piece contained trademarks of my own aesthetic and personal tastes, inspirations, and what I considered myself to be. I drew some stuff about video games, Hinduism, Buddhism, devils, and other stuff I like and thought of, and it doesn’t seem that any of this has changed. And the final outcome of last year’s course (which I made this summer), was not only a continuation of that, but a much better, much deeper, and in a way more spiritual and mystical expression, and on a larger, grander scale (which led to one or two personal awakenings).

To my recollection, only a few things have changed. I am much better at expressing what I like and thing, I’m more knowledgeable about what I like (naturally), find the same tastes and personality in new place, and, since June I think, I’m not only not cautious about Satanism, let alone in artwork, but I also actively identify with Satanism now (though do not subscribe fully to any Satanic organizations). I also pay more attention mysticism than before, though that’s very recent.

Nonetheless, I’m glad that I haven’t really changed, for it’s a sign that my way of thinking and doing is working, as it should, and it’s a sign that, so far, I was right about how I would remain true myself in the long run. But that doesn’t mean I can let my guard down, not ever.

Fire and earth

Lava, or magma. A fusion of fire and earth. Looks kinda like the cover of The Beginning by Mercyful Fate.

It seems silly to go into elements, but that’s just what I do. From what you may guess, I seem like a mostly fire kinda guy. And you’d be right.

I am very passionate about my self-identity, keeping to who I am while my self develops alongside my roots. Creation and destruction is a thing I tend to either think about or have in my mind as a tick. Fire is known for having both properties. Some might notice me being somewhat explosive, or more or less controlled explosive. Fire is also present in the craving for self-empowerment, but then that might also relate to the common inner fire of want, and the desire for more. Perhaps in some the flame might be stronger than in others.

While we all like a bit of sexy in our live, I love it, or at least have a certain fixation on the sensual/sexual or sexy girls, and do not tend to fear stuff like lust. Apparently, this is related to earth. A solidity against oppression, an opposition to a go with the flow philosophy, and a refusal to be conquered can be seen as earth, but a rebellious denial of subjugation is also a fire thing. Strong will seems to be where fire and earth meet and agree with each other. So’s karma in a way.

An example of the sexy. Mainly for its own sake.

But we are all a blend of each element, so to speak. I believe introspection and internal reflection on what makes me who I am can strengthen your identity and values by revealing their roots, and I’m sure reflection and introspection are things associated with water. But it is motivated by the passion for self-identity, which is fire. I can also be kind, but that’s mainly either impulsive, motivated by getting something out of it, or the desire to pay someone back. In fairness, these could be found in anyone else too, due to reciprocal part of human nature. Then there are air traits, if inspiration and imagination counts. Creativity could be fire or air. Surely there has to the intellectual or philosophical involved with thought, which has to be sort of air or water, but then this’d also be used for fire goals.

All-in-all, I’m mostly fire, and earth is a considerable part of my personal make-up, and air and water are probably the small parts that make up the rest.