Je suis sick of this shit

So I imagine you might already know what happened recently, but yesterday a terrorist killed four people outside of Parliament before being shot by police officers, after which Westminster went into lock-down for the day. At first the attacker was identified as a radical Islamic preacher named Abu Izzadeen by the likes of Channel 4 and The Independent, but it emerged that he is currently in prison serving a two year sentence for attempting to illegally leave the UK, contravening the Terrorism Act of 2006. Today, however, the attacker has been identified as Khalid Masood, who apparently had a string of convictions for non-terrorism related offences and had been under investigation by the state over concerns of violent extremism, and eight more people have been arrested after the attack. It was a small attack, but it does seem to be a case of terrorism that may be tied to radical Islam.

Oh, and just today someone tried to run over a crowd of people in Antwerp, Belgium, with his car. The suspect has apparently been identified as a man named Mohammad R, a Tunisian national. And as both these things happen, we are only a year removed from the bombing that occurred in Brussels.

I am so tired of this. I’m so tired of seeing more terrorism happen and it seems there’s a Muslim radical or radicals behind it. And every time it happens I’m fed up with the tiresome virtue signal that comes in the form of the prayers from those who think that’s supposed to make it all better. People have prayed for Paris, for San Bernandino, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Munich, Ansbach and Berlin and what in nebulous fuck did it accomplish? Nothing. They’ve changed theirr icons on Facebook or whatever to those flag overlays in solidarity with the country where the attack happened, and nothing happened. And now they’re all praying for London like nothing happened over the last two years. And no matter what, the response we need to see does not manifest itself. There is no conversation about the threat of radical Islam, there is only apologizing for Islam. There is no action taken against terrorist networks, and no rebuking of those who fund terrorism in the Middle East. The powers and that be and the media class sing the same tune, seemingly without end. I know it may sound like a cliche, but it seems to me that madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say on this, for there is not much else to say on the matter.

Some heads really need to be knocked together

I’ve been hearing about some commotion relating to a “satanic” ritual abuse scare involving the Hampstead area of London. Normally I consider these kinds of vulgar scares a waste of time, but I’ve seen discussion about it crop up a little more frequently so I decided to see what exactly is going here. Upon further reading, it’s clear to me that we’re dealing a disgusting scare campaign perpetrated by people whose minds are both dull and clearly unsound. As a matter of fact, this looks to be the very same scare I had been alerted to less then five months ago, only now I find it’s being perpetrated by people who harass others not only in the name of base ignorance, but also in the name of “love and light”, Biblical rhetoric, and even psychic communications from one Lord Ashtar. You know, that blond-haired deity who’s believed to be an extraterrestrial? I never liked that crap. That aside, we’re talking about what is already the worst and most vile ritual abuse scare I’ve ever heard of, and then we have this crap attached to it. Ladies and gentlemen, the witchfinder generals of the world are at a new low. Reading some of the stuff they’ve sent to each other, it feels like they know absolutely nothing and spend a lot of time fighting each other instead of the mythical “satanic” cult they’re up against.

I just know we’ve got a problem when we have people citing horrible excuses for Stargate characters as confirmation of ritual abuse.

There’s only thing I get out this whole thing: this is what happens when you let idiots, and psychopaths, run wild. Really I don’t think I need to say anything else about the matter. When you have imbeciles running around spreading hoaxes and misinformation while harassing people in the name of both base ignorance and white-light bullshit and fighting each other at the same time, and when you have psychopaths spreading malice and atrocity all the while, in my opinion this is all a sign that we need order to be restored before we see this hot mess get worse. The people behind the scam really have no idea what true evil is, or that they’re embodying it through their actions and unsound minds. Any punishment that isn’t harsh would be too good for them. If they aren’t getting beaten within an inch of their breath, then they should rot in prison without any hope of leaving.