Fire sign related reflections

I have been reflecting on the fire signs recently, particularly Aries, as well as a conversation I had with a Wiccan woman about elemental signs in astrology. It was after I found an image on fire signs which read:

I am a fire sign. I want the freedom to follow my dreams, to live life my own way. I am a free spirit who burns brightly with passion. I am independent. I am adventurous, and act on impulse.

When I first saw it something ticked for me, like it either sounded like what I was, or what I wanted to live up to be, or, in some way, both. The woman I talked to told me some interesting things,  like how if you are a fire sign, your life is full of adventure and energy. She also told me that she was married to a fire sign and wished me luck. I told her I wasn’t into astrology, rather I just see traits and attributes as possibly relating to me, and she said it was alright and that maybe it will help me on my path or finding new interests. She also said it might open the door or it might help me see that there are things about the elements that keep my attention and thus I may want to find out more and do more research.

Over a year later, it feels like I had done that research for Agni and Amun-Ra, and I feel like I relate to fire attributes in some way, and other elemental traits but in a way that I feel relates to fire if that makes sense. I still don’t believe in astrology, and treat as common superstition, but I think you can still relate to signs in some way. Not wholly, but perhaps they can be seen as archetypes to draw inspiration from and find interest in.

Lately I feel like the ram is more interesting to me, as is the attributes of fire. I feel like they may relate to me but at the same time I feel I don’t live up to it. I feel like I’m bold and passionate in tastes, ideas, beliefs, and sometimes artwork, but not necessarily in real life actions, and even expression, except maybe at home. All I am sure of is I know the fire of passion, energy, strength, and boldness lies within, but I always worry I’m not living up to it.