Identifying with elements

After writing that post about the attributes associated with fire, I wanted to research the others. I soon remembered I shared plenty of traits with air and water, but not a lot with earth. With water it’s emotion, which I value since I don’t like non-emotion, but it might also be imagination (though I think that’s also a fire trait). Water is also the most sensitive of the elements which lends to its nurturing quality but also lends to valuing security and protection. I think a water-associated flaw is being over-protected and isolated, which I see as undesirable and to be overcome. Other than that, I think water has an influence. With air I think it’s conceptual thinking and affinity to the idea realm, but I think air is too social or too logical at the same time, where I see logic as a tool for communicating ideas but not the source of my ideas and instincts. With earth it’s only the desire for the sensual, the earth element as a whole is usually focused on pragmatism and seems all too homely to me. As for aesthetic influence, water and earth are pretty influential in terms of visual sources, especially with the sun pouring over or illuminating both, but air is the least aesthetically influential.

To be honest though, I talk from the whole astrology thing, but I really don’t think astrology is something to take from as the basic thing with identifying with elements, because the point of astrology is trying to divine the future using the stars and signs. That’s why you have those horoscopes, which amount to little more than domestic curiosity for domestic people. If you truly feel you identify with an element most of all, then that element is probably the element that represents you the most, and your aspirations or tastes. That might be why fire is the most important element to me, rather than an astrological account of things.

Fire sign related reflections

I have been reflecting on the fire signs recently, particularly Aries, as well as a conversation I had with a Wiccan woman about elemental signs in astrology. It was after I found an image on fire signs which read:

I am a fire sign. I want the freedom to follow my dreams, to live life my own way. I am a free spirit who burns brightly with passion. I am independent. I am adventurous, and act on impulse.

When I first saw it something ticked for me, like it either sounded like what I was, or what I wanted to live up to be, or, in some way, both. The woman I talked to told me some interesting things,  like how if you are a fire sign, your life is full of adventure and energy. She also told me that she was married to a fire sign and wished me luck. I told her I wasn’t into astrology, rather I just see traits and attributes as possibly relating to me, and she said it was alright and that maybe it will help me on my path or finding new interests. She also said it might open the door or it might help me see that there are things about the elements that keep my attention and thus I may want to find out more and do more research.

Over a year later, it feels like I had done that research for Agni and Amun-Ra, and I feel like I relate to fire attributes in some way, and other elemental traits but in a way that I feel relates to fire if that makes sense. I still don’t believe in astrology, and treat as common superstition, but I think you can still relate to signs in some way. Not wholly, but perhaps they can be seen as archetypes to draw inspiration from and find interest in.

Lately I feel like the ram is more interesting to me, as is the attributes of fire. I feel like they may relate to me but at the same time I feel I don’t live up to it. I feel like I’m bold and passionate in tastes, ideas, beliefs, and sometimes artwork, but not necessarily in real life actions, and even expression, except maybe at home. All I am sure of is I know the fire of passion, energy, strength, and boldness lies within, but I always worry I’m not living up to it.


Remember my previous post about personal elements? Well since then, my element spread has changed, mainly since I realize Ego and Chaos should not be considered elements, let alone personal elements. So the four elements are as follows:

Fire, Earth, Sun, and Id

Fire is the same as I previously described it, so is Earth. Id still refers to carnal energy.

Sun is like Light with a more fire edge, and it’s not Sun. Basically not the same as the generic Light principle. It’s the hot light of the bright sun.

And that’s it.


Ah, back to thinking about stuff besides politics and current affairs at last. Lately I attempted bodyboarding and surfing at a beach, and whilst in the water, or more or less as I continued being in the water, I began thinking about the aquatic and the water type in video games and outside that, how cool and aesthetically appealing it has been to me in the past, and how appealing it can still be today. I even gain a slight new appreciation of blue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mostly fire person, at least in spirit and personality, and fire and red (and black) still have my soul, but I don’t think it’s wrong for someone like me to find beauty in the aquatic. Most of my personality is not what you might call a water personality. The few water parts might be depth, occaisional internal reflection and thinking, introspection (which I think is crucial to the development and discovery of ones personal identity and what makes you who you are), and can be philosophical and mystical at times. Most of my personality otherwise is not watery, it’s mostly fire with noticable earth flavour, as I discussed before. But that means little. I still find beauty in the aquatic, and I can enjoy water very often. And that’s what I remembered in the waves. Hell, water is one of my favourite types of Pokemon.

And Pokemon like Samurott are why.

Also, while rain isn’t my usual favourite weather (I prefer hot, bright sunny weather), if it rains heavy enough, and it’s wet enough outside and there’s water streaming on the roads, then I can enjoy rainy weather. And did you know there is something sensual about the water too? It’s probably to do with how people usually don’t wear much clothes in the water, and you know what that means. And have you seen mermaids lately?

Fire and earth

Lava, or magma. A fusion of fire and earth. Looks kinda like the cover of The Beginning by Mercyful Fate.

It seems silly to go into elements, but that’s just what I do. From what you may guess, I seem like a mostly fire kinda guy. And you’d be right.

I am very passionate about my self-identity, keeping to who I am while my self develops alongside my roots. Creation and destruction is a thing I tend to either think about or have in my mind as a tick. Fire is known for having both properties. Some might notice me being somewhat explosive, or more or less controlled explosive. Fire is also present in the craving for self-empowerment, but then that might also relate to the common inner fire of want, and the desire for more. Perhaps in some the flame might be stronger than in others.

While we all like a bit of sexy in our live, I love it, or at least have a certain fixation on the sensual/sexual or sexy girls, and do not tend to fear stuff like lust. Apparently, this is related to earth. A solidity against oppression, an opposition to a go with the flow philosophy, and a refusal to be conquered can be seen as earth, but a rebellious denial of subjugation is also a fire thing. Strong will seems to be where fire and earth meet and agree with each other. So’s karma in a way.

An example of the sexy. Mainly for its own sake.

But we are all a blend of each element, so to speak. I believe introspection and internal reflection on what makes me who I am can strengthen your identity and values by revealing their roots, and I’m sure reflection and introspection are things associated with water. But it is motivated by the passion for self-identity, which is fire. I can also be kind, but that’s mainly either impulsive, motivated by getting something out of it, or the desire to pay someone back. In fairness, these could be found in anyone else too, due to reciprocal part of human nature. Then there are air traits, if inspiration and imagination counts. Creativity could be fire or air. Surely there has to the intellectual or philosophical involved with thought, which has to be sort of air or water, but then this’d also be used for fire goals.

All-in-all, I’m mostly fire, and earth is a considerable part of my personal make-up, and air and water are probably the small parts that make up the rest.

My six elements

Remember the very first post I made? It contains poetic language pertaining to what I consider to be elements of my soul. Just for kicks, I feel like expanding on it, talking more in depth. By the way, this has nothing to do with astrology, which I do not believe in.


This one should be a no-brainer, right? Fire’s all over this site, to the point I’m surprised I don’t talk about it very often here. Maybe I will. I might have wanted to stay away from it earlier due to what I saw as its primarily destructive nature, but deep down I realized, fire kicks ass, and it’s in me. Think: heat, intense energy, wilderness, passion, anger, these are things that fire embodies and I have. Recently, in my philosophy and spiritual philosophy, I am developing the concept of a subterranean/chthonic flame within us, which I will discuss


I wish I could find a good image like this with jungle stuff as well.

Earth to me pictures both jungles, plants, dirt, energies of the earth, and lava and volcanic force. After all, lava, or magma, is merely the blood of the earth, the chthonic and inner fire of the planet, of all planets. Where fire is mostly passion, emotion, and anger, earth is much more sensual. The earthly delights I dream of.


I wish I could find an image with both that sunlight and flames around it.

Light to me has heat, but also to me connontates brilliance, radiance, summer heat (which I love, especially in the city), and brighter human qualities. It is human brilliance, and divine.

Id (Carnal Darkness)

Let’s just say these three colours represent id and carnal desire, and imagine them mixed, and without the orbs.

Remember when I said darkness was part of the mix? Well I see two kinds of darkness. The carnal, sensual, edgy darkness, and I the empty, nihilistic, desolate darkness. I prefer the former dark: carnal, sensual, sexual, lust, sin (in a religious context), demons and devils, arousal, and, for some reason, the pagan. It is also a serpentine darkness. Like earth, it’s about pleasure. Though some would say it has less to do with darkness per say, and more to do with carnality, sin, and desire, though I just call it dark, because I like it. I dislike the nihlism, emptiness, wallowing, sadism, of the other darkness.

Chaos (or more or less my love of it)

Red and black are the colours of chaos, the primal thing.

Chaos, as I’ve discussed before, chaos is the primal element, matter, substance. To me it screams power and primal. Mainly, it’s my love of chaos that allows me to individualize this. Chaos is also an image, an idea, that inspires so much in me, including how I think.


Closest approximation made by someone.

Believe it or not, ego is not a problem for me, given that I value self, and selfhood. Ego often translates to self, but most people refer to self, and I consider ego as a deeper understanding of self, something of energy. It has such power. But be careful. Try not to be blind to your ego or lose yourself to it. Be aware of ego, and ensure that you do not lose yourself to it, or it will lose its glory and its lustre.