Beware of conformist pigs, left and right

Here is something else to take care with regarding politics, especially regarding young people who want to be anti-establishment. Think for yourself. It’s not just the right wing who want to control your mind and sell you bullshit. The left wing prey on young people seeking to be anti-establishment, just as the right wing prey on the older generation seeking security in the status quo. That is the way things are in modern society. And just like the right wing, the left wing don’t like you questioning them. If you think differently from them, or you question them, you’re just a right-winger, same with right-wingers labeling you a left-winger if you disagree with them.

I feel left wing liberalism in modern times is a neutered liberalism. It only values freedom of speech and expression until something outrageous and “politically incorrect” shows up. Early this year when Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists, the liberal community did not defend their right of freedom of expression, and instead chose to take up the attitude that they deserved it for publishing offensive cartoons. Over a week ago, there was a shooting in Garland, Texas, over a contest for drawing artwork of the prophet Muhammad, and I swear many liberals acted like Garland deserved it for holding that contest in the first place (all while conservatives found a perfect opportunity to hypocritically chant support for freedom of speech). And in the UK, censorship has become justified by so-called liberals for the sake of creating an inoffensive society.

Then you have hard-left celebrities revolutionary types like Russel Brand, and pretty much every political figure who leans so hard towards socialism and anarchism. They’re frauds. They talk about how repressive and controlling they think a capitalist society is, but they parrot socialist philosophy as an article of faith and expect you to do the same without question, and when you question them they have no idea what to do other than babble meaningless bullshit that answers nothing. And speaking of Russell Brand, Brian May from Queen dared to question Brand about his little revolution, and he just went on and on about his vision without providing any practical solutions. People like Brand are the same kind of idiots you find in the right wing, only they say different things, and the youth just eat it up. Thinking about it, I’m sure some young people swallow far-right politics all the same with exactly as little critical thinking for all the same reasons.

And if you’re young and reading this thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about, when I was about 16 I used to consider myself oriented towards the left. I often fell under left-wing libertarian thought, as I saw it, and I even saw myself as a political anarchist, but I don’t think I fully understood left-wing philosophy. But I didn’t necessarily swallow the same left-wing noise others may have swallowed. Granted I may have been interested in metaphysical and spiritual philosophy as well as myth and religion slightly more than political philosophy as I often am, but back then I had managed to expose myself to a number of ideas. Obviously I strayed away from conservative and overtly right-wing sources and I wasn’t keen on communism and its bloated cousins either, but I had a plenty of various sources of political ideas and philosophies. Even back then, my views could have been considered different and often times I veered towards libertarianism anyway, just that I flirted with the left wing when I was young. Eventually, I grew out of it, became disenchanted with the left wing for various reasons, fell out of love with out-and-out anarchism, and started considering myself just libertarian (well, from a mostly American perspective), seeing it as the best possible political framework for my views and beliefs. I even give some of the writings of Ayn Rand due credit at times, which I guarantee you your average left-winger or anarchist would never have done. Was I brainwashed and crushed by the establishment? No! I thought critically about my political framework and understanding of my own ideas, and listened to other people, some of whom were often older than me. My spirit, the original spirit, hasn’t changed, but understanding has and so has knowledge. That’s why I don’t care about the left-wing anymore after my early teen years. It has nothing to do with “the Man”.

I suggest all who are young and seeking identity, politically or otherwise, do the same. Think for yourself, don’t have faith in anyone except yourself. Be suspicious of all pundits and preachers, left and right, who think they’ve got utopia in mind. Your only utopia will be your own, your own spirit your only article of faith.

In closing, Clint Eastwood once said in TIME magazine (probably before his descent into madness) that always got to me and I think rings some truth about the whole left and right wing politics thing, and it is as follows:

Extremism is so easy. You’ve got your position, and that’s it. It doesn’t take much thought. And when you go far enough to the right you meet the same idiots coming around from the left.

Speaking of which…

Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies

One of the Nine Satanic Sins is cited as “forgetfulness of past orthodoxies”, which is stated as such:

“Be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different, when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package. We are expected to rave about the genius of the creator and forget the original. This makes for a disposable society.”

It basically refers to the folly of accepting something old as something new. The way I see it though, I think forgetfulness of past orthodoxies can also refer to something else: accepting something new as something old.

This is something I see Christianity, or at least just some churches, as being guilty of in the modern age. Think about it: Christians know their beliefs are losing face and relevance in the modern age as people continue to doubt their beliefs, and the scandals of the church and the outrageous activities and statements of fundamentalists certainly didn’t help. Thus, there’s been an increasing tendency among the Christian faith to deny its past beliefs and to promote a more modern Christianity as the old beliefs. It might just be me who sees this, but I feel it’s a serious folly on top of being a way to brainwash each new generation into the Christian faith by pretending the new beliefs are the old beliefs. Same people even claim the Christian God doesn’t want war or death, when those things are clearly a part of his apparent plan for the world and no fluffy bunny version of Christianity can change the fact that even the Bible states this.

This forgetfulness of past orthodoxies on the part of the Christians doesn’t phase me, and it will not convince me anything other than that the faith is desperate to maintain its place in society instead of transforming into something new.

My soul doesn’t belong to anyone else, and neither should yours

In a few days, there is a christening for a recently born member of my family. Naturally, I dislike the prospect, and I neither can nor will support it. I actually managed to avoid attending that christening, thankfully, which means I will not have to worry about supporting something I don’t believe in. But let me tell you about just that.

Everything about christening, or infant baptism, is morally wrong because it means you are deciding the faith of the child for the child. The infant or baby has no conception of religion, beliefs, what their beliefs are, or what their answer to the world is, but the parent still has the nerve to label the child as a Christian before the child even decided he/she wanted to be Christian in the first place. It’s the same for all variations of christening for all religions. If you want to be a Christian, you should get baptized by yourself after you have decided you want to be a Christian, let alone associated with a particular denomination or church. You shouldn’t be forced, coaxed, or conditioned into being Christian before you’ve made your mind about, and you especially shouldn’t be raised Christian against your own will just because your family is Christian!

Which brings me to the soul. My mother apparently thinks getting christened is good for the infant’s soul. But let me tell you, she has no basis for saying that other than her apparent Christian faith. First, if you’re soul is supposed to be saved by baptism, and that didn’t save my sister from being a shallow, obnoxious, egotistical brat, why would it save anyone? Second, the only reason they’re going through with this whole thing is to keep up with the Joneses. In other words, to conform with the norms of everyone else without thinking even once about whether or not these stupid customs mean anything to them, or if they actually believe in it. People just go with the flow, supposedly out of a sense of “decency”, which isn’t even decency to begin with. Third, what the hell is so good about your soul belonging to anybody? Is there any reason your soul can’t actually be YOUR soul? Not to mention, if you are your soul, why should you be owned by anyone? You belong to you. No one else. You should be free to be spiritual autonomous, making your own decisions, walking your own path, and enjoying your own fruits and enduring your own austerities and sufferings, instead of belonging to someone else who probably doesn’t give a crap about you and only cares that you worship him like a ruler!

Even though my mother thinks giving your spiritual autonomy over to Jesus or Jehovah is a good thing, it actually means your soul is doomed. Think about it: do you know what the Christian heaven means? Your soul meets up with Jesus and joins a choir of angels or souls that do nothing but mindlessly sing praises for eternity. Why would you want that? Why would you consider that a good thing? That is not joy. That is false joy. A joy that only arises from the mindless devotion of the believer. What would I rather have? I would rather go to a heaven of my design, a place influenced by everything I could possibly want and enjoy. In any case I’d certainly rather not have to be stuck in the same heaven as everyone else.

I can just guess that at least some of my family is going to make a fuss over the fact that I refused to attend the christening, but at least I know I have stood up for individual freedom of choice even against family and tradition.

The great pop music conspiracy

You may have heard from somewhere that the music industry is sexist and is out to demean and devalue girls everywhere. But what if I told you that pop music isn’t necessarily about sexism, but something much more sinister? I think the people who shout “Sexism!” are ignoring the real meaning behind pop music. It’s not sexism. It’s not youth. It’s not love. It’s actually conformity.

Pop music isn’t actually sexist. It’s just using sexuality to lure or brainwash the young.

Think about it: pop music makes lots of attempts to be sexy, be it lyrically or in music videos. Sexy ladies for the boys, nonthreatening (usually) hunks for the girls. What are young people often likely to be thinking about a lot of the time? Sex, and having it. The pop music industry knows this, so they exploit it to get the young to buy the music.

But that’s not all. I’ve heard pop music videos and lyrics can be said to represent submission. Not just girls submitting to men like they have no will of their own, sensitive guys submitting to a girl. This isn’t mere sexism, this is a subtle metaphor to conform. And the sexuality is also little more than worms on a fishing lure, bait for young people to not just buy pop music, but also conform to the culture associated with pop music and designed for ignorant youths, and most of them don’t realize it.

I’m not trying to belittle or denigrate young people. I’m just saying that many of them don’t realize that they are being tricked into buying into a stupid, empty, meaningless, and crappy culture that is likable only for those who have surrendered their brains to the pop music culture.

I’m also not against sexuality. I’m just saying that sexuality in pop music is meaningless and nothing more than a tool to lure in the young, no matter how arousing or alluring any of it is or may seem. This is true in the same way that pop music itself is meaningless and totally not artistic.

And what about boy bands who try to sell sex to young girls? Well yes, this too is nothing more than a way for the pop music industry to convince the girls to support pop music and conform to the culture of pop music.

Now that you know this, don’t support the pop music conspiracy.

Drugs really are bad

It sounds like I’m some right-wing douchebag, but that’s not what it is at all. This belief actually comes mostly from an instinctive viewpoint I’ve always had that drugs are bad, but at the same time I was always against the conservative Nancy Reagan-like attitudes towards it and the “war on drugs”. From what I’ve heard from other people’s experiences, my bad opinion of drugs is reinforced.

Nothing good has ever come from doing drugs, and the only reason anyone starts is out of peer pressure or to seem cool. There’s no benefit to taking drugs, only harm. Not just for yourself, but others around you too.

Drugs actually brainwash you. They brainwash you into needing them. For instance, meth will fuck you up until you’ll do anything (and I do mean anything) to get your next fix. Shoplifting, burgling, murder, anything for the next fix. And all the while, you’re not in control anymore. The meth is. Also, it can apparently cause you to pick at yourself and create wounds and cavities which you will continue to pick at. Nasty image.

Then you have marijuana, which I’ll admit is among the least harmful of drugs, but it has some nasty effects too. No, it won’t make you kill everybody, it won’t make you want to join al-Qaeda, it won’t support terrorism or make you turn terrorist, it won’t make your brain explode, and it most likely won’t make Jesus climb down the cross and start hitting you with it. What it does do is make you dumb, it makes you more mellow and bored, and totally fine with being bored and mellow, and it makes you lose sexual potency. It’s actually a depressant, much like alcohol, so it causes depression, and also anxiety, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, and even cancer. Besides, do I really want to be bored and mellow? No! I want energy!

There’s no way I’m falling for this.

Then there’s stuff like LSD, heroin, and cocaine. I hear a lot of musicians, including David Bowie, did stuff like cocaine at some point in their careers, Kurt Cobain is known to have struggled with heroin (which may have in some way contributed to his suicide in 1994), and in the 1960’s, LSD was associated with a social counterculture and musicians such as The Beatles were known for dabbling in LSD. For starters, LSD. I’ve heard it was originally created by the United States government as a form of mind control, then it broke loose and became used by some in the general public and became part of the hippie scene, and since then it became outlawed. It actually makes you hallucinate and lose control and it fries your brain cells, causes paranoia, and can cause extremely terrifying thoughts such as fear of insanity and death, on top of that LSD trips last between 8-12 hours. Then you have heroine, which ruins your whole life. It can also make you feel numb, and makes you addicted to the point that you are as sick as a dog without it. So it basically brainwashes you into needing it, just like cigarettes. Then there’s cocaine, which numbs your brain and makes you stupid, ruins your life, can kill you, and make you suicidal. It also makes you addicted and brainwashes you into needing more.

Some of the drugs people decide to take are insane. There’s a drug called Krokodil that is somehow popular in Russia, and there are cases of it being used in the US, and the drug itself is known to cause you to rot from inside out. And then there are these “legal highs”, or to more accurately put it, drugs you can apparently buy legally from the Internet. I hear about these and stuff like Meow Meow in the UK. Apparently, those drugs can actually kill you.

Drugs in general make you lose control and undermine your willpower, make you insane, impair your judgement and make you do things you never want to, make you paranoid and insane, make you addicted, make you stop caring about the harm you do to yourself and others, and they brainwash you into thinking you need them and that they are good for you, when in reality neither are true. Not to mention, you lose a lot of money and destroy lives and relationships. Come to think of it, alcohol and cigarettes are themselves examples of drugs, just that somehow they are accepted by society, while other drugs are demonized. Any good effects or highs are either temporary or meaningless, while the negative effects are either permanent or last much longer and do more damage.

And then there’s the inevitable question of why? Why would anyone ever do something that dumbs them down, brainwashes them into needing it, or kill them? The best answer I can come up with is stupidity, weakness, desperation, ignorance, and, most of all, peer pressure. Think about it, the only reason most people do drugs is out of peer pressure, that’s how it starts (though desperation is another common motivator). Someone tries to convince you to do drugs and that all the cool cats do drugs, and effectively make you feel like an outsider or outcast if you don’t. They manipulate your feelings.

Something like this.

In fairness I should point out that many claim to experience drugs in different ways. Some say they feel fine. But I don’t think this changes anything about drugs. I still don’t think anything good can come out of drugs. If drugs don’t make you dumb, they’ll probably still make you go insane, and most likely if not definitely make you lose control and undermine your willpower.

I’m not against getting high, in fact it sounds like a good thing. I just don’t like the way a lot of people try to do it. I prefer to get high or feel ecstasy only on my own energies, head-thrashing to metal (or through music in general), and, ideally, through sex and sexuality. That’s all I want or need to get high, maybe atmosphere too. I don’t need drugs.

I think part of the drugs problem is the romanticisation of drugs as something cool. You find it glamorized in music, movies, the hippie movement, some modern forms of religion and “spirituality”, and nightclub scenes. There’s also peer pressure. A big part of the problem is that people stereotype people who don’t do drugs, or drink and smoke for that matter, and say “Oh you’re lame, you’re a square, you’re straight, you’re plastic, you’re a nark, you’re a killjoy, you’re some goodie two-shoes who’s gonna nark on us, you go to church and you’re some white middle-class Christian, you’re some kind of right-wing idiot”. People peer-pressure innocent non-druggies and get people to do it because everyone’s doing it. Remember the rave and ecstasy scenes from a few decades ago? Everyone was doing drugs, and that was the only reason anyone ever did drugs (if you don’t count the nightclub thing). So the only reason people ever do drugs is stupidity, ignorance, and pressure to conform, just like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

So I urge you, don’t do drugs. You don’t need them, you’re better off without them. If you think you’re gonna feel good, you’re most likely to be wrong. Don’t be tempted by anyone who tries to glamorize drugs, especially the hippies. I know I sound like some square douchebag, but I’m not. And keep in mind, I hate drugs, but I also hate the anti-drug campaigns for seeming very corny and very Nancy Reagan or worse.

To be honest, I’m against the whole war on drugs anyway, since all it seems to be doing is wasting both money and lives (most of which are innocent lives) while furthering the machine of politics and propaganda and doing no form of good. And I don’t think laws are the solution when it comes to drugs. Most drugs are currently illegal, but that doesn’t seem to be changing anything. If the problem is ignorance and pressure to conform, then the solution is to teach people that they don’t need to do drugs, let alone be pressured by others into doing them. We should teach them strength, strength to resist the pressure to conform.

Why drink?

People often believe that alcohol makes you happy and helps you have a good time, and we’re often lead to believe that you can’t party or have a wild life without it. But to me, alcohol is totally overhyped and overrated, and I have never drunken a sip of beer or wine. This may sound square to some, but I don’t care for beer at all. Moreover, here are some reasons I not only choose to avoid alcohol, but have some hatred for it and its culture.

  • Alcohol is actually a depressant. Think about it, people think they’re having a good time but they’re not, at least not in the long run. Alcohol slows breathing and reaction time, impairs judgement and the brain, blocks messages from getting to the brain, impairs and depresses the central nervous system, and in general slows down the body. On top of that, while some may drink alcohol in order to drown out their depression, they often end up feeling worse.
  • You lose control. When you drink, you lose control, and when you lose control, you often say things that you may or may not actually mean, or do things, often reckless or outright bad, that you don’t really mean to do and often regret later. So when you drink, you often do things without actually willing them. For me, losing control and letting something operate for you, leading to you not acting on your own will, is a something I have a problem with within my own philosophy, since I highly stress the will, and operating one own’s own free will. The worst part about it you can often deny responsibility for your actions by blaming it on alcohol.
  • It causes impotency and ruins sex. Heavy consumption of alcohol damages the nerves of the penis and leads to decreased sensation. Alcohol can also decrease your enjoyment, reduce testosterone levels, cause your balls to shrink, and impotence. I actually begin to suspect that masturbation got falsely accused of causing impotence in order to prevent alcohol from being feared and stigmatized, since masturbation doesn’t cause impotence, but alcohol does.
  • It’s dangerously addictive. When you drink alcohol, you start to want to drink more, and eventually, you become addicted to it, and thus dependent on it. Even worse, people like Alcoholics Anonymous exploit this fact by trying to convince you that your addiction is not an addiction, but a disease which you can’t overcome unless you give yourself over to a higher power. You can try to drink small amounts of alcohol and moderate, and you might be fine, but the problem is alcohol is addictive, which can lead you to drinking more, and eventually too much, anyway. Somehow, even hangovers don’t convince people not to drink, even if they say “Oh my God I am so sick. I am never drinking again.”. That’s the addiction.
  • Alcohol makes you dumber. Drinking alcohol in any amount kills brain cells, and after it kills those brain cells the body can’t make them back. It also badly affects your ability to think rationally.
  • The hangover. You know how you feel really sick, get massive headaches, and feel dehydrated after a hangover? That’s because ethanol has a dehydration effect, and you have less fluids in you, which leads to those headaches.
  • It causes major health problems and injuries, which we all end up having to pay for. Drinking affects nearly every organ in the body, and drinking too much can actually poison your body and even kill you. Hell, your body even tries to tell you by making you vomit. It’s trying to tell you that alcohol is a poison, which the body tries to get rid of. Besides the obvious liver failure, excess drinking of alcohol has also been linked to various cancers, and drinking alcohol also stops your metabolism dead, which leads you to gain more weight. You can also die of complications due to alcoholism. On top of this, when you’re drunk, you can sometimes get yourself injured seriously, which can get you admitted to the hospital. And of course, in countries like the UK, it’s us who end up paying for it, and the drunk bastards often get put before people in real need. It costs billions of pounds in the UK treat everyone, which tends lead to the NHS suffering financially.

Last but certainly not least, the only reason you’d drink, if we’re very honest, is because everyone else does it. We’re conditioning into drinking, we do it for no reason other than to conform (often not realizing it), or fit into a social crowd. And as we all should know, doing something because everyone else does is a completely retarded reason to do anything. Only the weak conform.

I don’t think drinking alcohol suits me, especially seeing how lots of young people get when they drink. Not only that, but the young male culture of alcohol I often encounter is not something I wish to be a part of. But don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t want to be a prude, or come across as being prudish. I just want to express why I don’t drink, or ever plan on drinking, especially since alcohol is a big part of society and I have never posted on it.

Popularity and unpopularity don’t matter

Just a short piece of wisdom from me.

Don’t do something just because it’s popular, and don’t do something because it’s unpopular either. Don’t put something down because it’s unpopular, and don’t embrace something just because it’s not popular or mainstream either. Don’t dislike something just because everyone likes it. Don’t like something just because everyone dislikes it. Don’t like something just because everyone likes it. Don’t dislike something just because everyone else dislikes it. If you base what you like and do on whether something is popular or unpopular, rather than on your genuine affinity towards something, it has no meaning.

Hope you take this to heart.

Quoting Mewtwo

Does anyone remember Pokemon? If you do, you’re probably familiar with Mewtwo. I found a quote by him and I don’t know where it’s from. But that doesn’t matter, here it is.

“The world pushes us without mercy and when some push back, the world points and cries, ‘Evil'”

When I found that quote, I became mildly interested, and thought about its meaning, and I think it reminds me of how those who go against the status quo are seen as quacks, and how those who take power for themselves are seen as evil or a threat.

Think about it, often within society, those who go against a social or cultural status quo are seen as threatening or troublesome, or at best simply belittled. Hell, in daily life, those who think very differently to most people are looked down on by others as either naive and immature or crazy and crackpot, or even evil depending on what they think and the ignorance of those around them. Those who feel beat up by the world and seek to overthrow their own circumstances rather than accept it with good humor are feared and seen as evil, along with their ambition. A lot of villains in fiction are depicted as evil because they want some kind of power for whatever reason (which often leads to the irony that without power, the heroes cannot stop the villain’s antics). Those who try to change the status quo are viewed as evil because they are trying to shake up the status quo and do not conform or go with the flow. This is due to social conditioning that is usually sneakier than you’d like to think.

This doesn’t seem valid at first, but if you think about it, you’ll see something.

Advertising conformity

Has anyone in the UK seen that commercial for Make Believe fake tan? For those who have, has anyone noticed what is horribly wrong?

In the ad there are two kinds of people: those who wear fake tan, and those who don’t. Those who don’t are depicted as having a ghostly pale skin tone, some of them even looking like straight up vampires. Those who do wear the fake tan are obviously touted as beautiful, even though they are actually rather unattractive (at least to me anyway, but who would find them attractive), and there’s even a vibe that the ad is trying to make the tanned individuals seem superior to the non-tanned individuals. Throughout the ad (which by the way is referred to as “Tan Your Moves”) the tanned women encourage the ghostly pale individuals to join them in their mindless dance and effectively conform to their ways, via their body movements and suggestive expressions, and towards the end of the commercial, we see them awkwardly joining in.

Am I the only one who’s complaining about the fact that this is tantamount to encouraging conformity and herd mentality, if not outright selling a trendy kind of fascism? Because it so obviously is. Not only that, but it’s a continuation of the agenda to perpetuate the look that no one wanted, and people only followed because we were brainwashed into believing it. And no one seems to complain about the fact that the commercial is nothing more than an attempt to sell not only the trashy, douchebag MTV look of this era, but also to sell the idea that it’s good to conform and follow the herd and not be yourself? No one with a brain should be able to describe this as anything other than conniving madness.

Why I hate the idea of 1950’s nostalgia

Yes, I wasn’t born there, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion of it. And this is not just because they didn’t have everything I liked, or because I think music, films, and TV from the 50’s was terrible. And I certainly don’t like how lightly or positively the 50’s is sometimes depicted in media.

It was a time where ignorance, oppression, and fear ruled over the people. Sure the streets seemed safer, Coca Cola was dirt cheap, and a wide variety of comics besides superhero comics was available until 1954, but that means nothing compared to the bigger picture.

For starters, you have the Cold War, which, if you think about it, wouldn’t have happened if America hadn’t nuked part of Japan just to show off to the Russians. Pretty much everyone who didn’t have a mind of their own was in fear of what seemed like imminent nuclear annihilation, all while in truth, no one wanted the button to be pressed. Not even the people in charge of pressing the button wanted to do so. Meanwhile, US politicians tried to convince everyone that communism was everywhere, and spies from the Reds were potentially lurking anywhere. Anyone who spoke out against this rampant paranoia and for the truth was labelled a Communist by the McCarthy patrol.

Then you have the creation of the nuclear family unit, which has haunted American social culture for the last 60 years so far, and let’s not forget the suburban environment of the time. It was all about keeping up with the Jones’, and if you were different and didn’t conform, or you had some kind of problem, you had to keep it a secret. Conformity and social conservatism ruled America, especially very restrictive attitudes towards sex and sexuality, and in what is supposed to be the land of the free. And I’m willing to bet a lot of people suffered from depression caused by conformity. Social mores and rules were rigid, as was their enforcement, and teenagers were looked down on and seen as either petty delinquents or hormonal gangsters. Fun fact: did you know that domestic violence could not be prosecuted as a criminal offence until the 1970’s? Before then, men could beat their wives and children all they wanted, and it’d be considered discipline and even law enforcement. In some states, it was illegal to try and stop spousal abuse.

Then, you have the racism. I hope we’re not forgetting that the 50’s was a time were white people and non-white people were segregated, with the latter still being treated as pretty much second-class citizens until the 60’s, and many African-Americans, barring few famous individuals, were denied many privileges that at the time were reserved almost entirely for white people. And sexism prevailed too. Back in the 50’s, especially via the conservative nuclear family ideal, women were seen as little more than housewives, sex toys, and domestic property combined who you could treat like children and pets. In those days, you were screened for gender and skin colour when applying for a job. I assume religion and political views are also screened as well. I mean, let’s be honest, I’d be surprised if you weren’t screened for those things in that decade.

And did I mention that you couldn’t be gay in 50’s America? Or bisexual for that matter?

And let’s not forget J. Edgar Hoover, who two years ago had a movie made about him. If you lived in America during the 50’s he had a proflie on you, much like the government today, and if you were trying to change the status quo for the better, he wanted you dead. No matter how many times you can try to make him seem like a decent character via a movie, he was nothing but a shadowy, paranoid, oppressive figure who existed only to maintain the status quo.

The only way you could enjoy the 50’s is via ignorance. Children may have enjoyed those times (you know, besides the strict social rules and their Dad’s idea of disciplining them), but that’s because they don’t know or understand a whole lot about the world around them yet, or have an idea of how to interact with it, or care for that matter. The only reason children could enjoy the 50’s is because of not only ignorance, but also because their world is so small and most of them don’t even care about the oppression around them. Much worse, they’re often molded to accept it and they don’t realize it yet.