A September 2017 announcement

A little late on my part, but with Haram Month over I’d like to get something out the way. I’ve been pretty inactive with the blog in general as of late, and I only bothered to write four posts for Haram Month. My activity on this blog has, in general, slowed down ever since I took that break in April and started writing again in May. Before you get the wrong idea, this blog is not dead yet. I’m just getting a bit busy, or distracted depending on the day, with other things and consequently I’ve spent less time writing for this blog.

As of now, I have pretty much a month or less before I return to university for one final year, in order to do the Masters degree on my course, which will be even harder than the last year so I’m told. I have increasingly less time to prepare before I return to university. That said I will probably still spend some time enjoying what I have left of the summer before the autumnal equinox arrives. I will still write for the blog on a whenever I feel like it. I hope to get some reading done and make for some rather interesting blog posts. For now, expect a slow period for the blog, though current events will probably end up eliciting a quick post or two, and the political situation in the West may merit a few rants.


Time for an update

So here’s an update for the blog that I kind of feel like putting out on a number of subjects.

First, and foremost, of all, I have less than a month before the end of my second term for this year at university. That means I have quite a lot to do and increasingly less time to do it in. The deadline for my major project is March 27th, right before my birthday, and both of the reports that I have to write are due on March 31st. So I might be busy. Maybe not busy enough that it’ll stop me from slacking off during weekends, but busy enough that it might make the rest of my schedule pretty stringent, to the point that I will likely put things off in order to emphasize my coursework, because that has to come first. I may, however, plan for some posts to be written in the meantime, because there are still things I’d like write about.

Second, I plan to talk about current events and politics significantly less than I do now, so that I can detach myself from those things. There’s going to some rants that I have waiting in the wings to be released pretty soon, and obviously there are soon-to-be-current events that I think ought to be covered (for instance, given that it is now March, we’re waiting on the Netherlands and later France to cast their votes in general elections), but other than that I want to begin to distance myself from such subject matter beyond the rants I have coming up this month unless a really pressing or important development catches my attention. The reason why I want to do this is because I am sensing that there is the danger that I’m going to become entirely too focused on such subject matter. And I know that we’re living in some wild times right now, so there’s probably a lot of developments that might show up ripe for analysis, deconstruction or just plain savagery or mockery on my part. But I am beginning to think I’m getting caught up, and that’s bad.

Third, once I have enough free time after the end of my current term, or ideally before that, I’d like very much to revisit the drawing board, and return with a post or two about some reflections on Satanism and other philosophies, as well as what probably be a long post about what I consider to authentic Satanic philosophy (particularly on account of the fact that I’ve criticized The Satanic Temple for not observing). Part of me is thinking that I’ve got my eyes off the ball. I mean I’ve got my eye on the ball regarding my coursework, I believe, but sort of away from the ball in other areas. Maybe it’s laziness in some respects if I think about it, but then that’s surely the sign of another malady in itself. I hope I correct it sooner or later if that’s the case.

My agenda

This week, I will return to university to start my third year of academic study. I am told that I don’t actually return to university until Thursday, where there will be a brief induction period getting started into the third year and on October 3rd things get real. Either way, at a certain point in the coming week I will be pursuing academic study once again. Naturally, this means I will probably be posting less often, though I might publish a new post every now and then if I can. But for the foreseeable future I am likely to be very busy with my coursework. My third year of study is going to be much harder than before, because I have to do more work within a shorter space of time.

Meanwhile, my twin brother has moved into the halls before tomorrow he begins his own course at, by coincidence, the same university that I am studying in. That for me has been pretty weird so far considering we’ve lived in the same house for so long. I’ve often argued with him, sometimes well into the night, and I don’t think I’ll miss that part. But it’s not as though I  never liked him as a companion, and we got along very well. I might miss having him around, if only because I think being alone make drive me mad for a while.

More importantly, there is something I have dwelt on recently. I was walking home, and I was thinking about what I have been doing with myself a lot. I felt like I have spent a lot of my life dreaming and thinking about how I want things to be, talking about ambitions and some such. I feel now like I am at a point in my life where a redirection is necessary. I want my agenda to be out becoming, transforming and manifesting, and to do less dreaming and thinking about what I want and how much I want. Action needs to be prioritized in my life path more than it is now, and I need to go in the direction of taking my desires and ideas and actualizing them as much as possible. As I go into an actual career upon completion of my degree, I think I will have to take this direction anyway. There will come a time where I need to get shit done more and think about it less.

Big plans

My spring holidays are over, and the next two weeks will be devoted to my university hand-ins and presentations. This will go on until April 29th, when all but one of my hand-ins are due. After that, in May, we’re basically getting ready for our third year of university. We’ll be discovering the results of all our hard work and planning, we’ll eventually see what projects we’ll be pursuing in the next year as well beginning research for our future dissertations. From May until September, I will have a lot of plans.

I want to take more time studying the occult and then have a proper ritual, whatever that ritual turns out to be. I’ve also got other books, books about Japanese culture, that I want to study so I can apply that knowledge to both spiritual and worldly aims. I want to push harder with guitar practice, I think I’ve been slacking and I fear I won’t do anything with it for the next two weeks because of the imminent deadlines and presentations. I want to restart my former exercise regime and attain some physical strength. Hey, maybe on the blog itself I’ll get to write more about Eastern culture and news. I remember writing a share about stuff from Japan and other Asian countries on the blog in the past, so it’d be nice to get into that subject more again, to the point that subsequent Mythological Spotlights will also focus on Eastern culture for a while.

With all hope, I’ll get through the second year with flying colors so to speak, and May-September will be a fun and productive period of time.

A notice of temporary absence

I have some news: I will be on holiday with some of my family, so I will not be at home to post anything on the blog for a week. In just one hour from now I will be getting some early sleep because I have to get up for my flight very early in the morning. I know, it will most likely be a hellish experience, but the holiday itself will be very much worth it. I’ll be affording myself a break from my regular grind, and there will most likely be some food-related indulgence left and right. And who knows? I might just find inspiration for new blog posts during the course of my holiday.

I will be back on July 8th and will try to put out a new post for the blog as soon as I return. Until then, smell ya later. 😉

One noticeable change

One thing you may have noticed is there used to be a series of pages dedicated to sex appeal, but I’ve begun to see them as little more than a rather pointless feature. One that might even harm or embarrass the blog in future should I decide to spread the blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, I’m not abandoning lust, I still support sexual permissiveness, but the page series I’ve deleted has became redundant, and it’s not a very satisfying feeling. Because of this, I have grown tired of the feature.