Witch on DMT – For Science!

A fascinating article on magick and DMT.

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DMT is an iconic substance; one of the central ingredients of the magical potion ayahuasca, fuel for the entrancing soliloquies of Terence McKenna and the beautiful art of Pablo Amaringo. This powerful psychedelic was also the one that the fabulous Nikki Wyrd was injected with at the winter solstice last year – for science!

Nikki was a participant in an experiment conducted at Imperial College, London. In due course I’m sure she will publish exactly what happened, but she can’t share much at the moment because the experiment is ongoing (and no one wants to mess up the data). Both physiological and psychological information was collected, as subjects had the chance to take this often highly visual psychedelic in a clinical setting. The aim is to understand more about how this substance operates, its potential to help us explore how the brain (and mind) works, and the mechanisms by which it exerts its possible therapeutic effects.

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Does despotism stand a good chance today?

I really recommend watching the 1946 short film “Despotism”, and meditating on its prescience regarding our present political woes.

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So I noticed that a video from 1946 is apparently doing the rounds online again. It seems that it was released as an educational video by Encyclopaedia Britannica, and is notable for how chillingly prescient it was when it comes to America’s transformation from a free society to an authoritarian nightmare. Given that the film was made shortly after the end of World War II, the death of Adolf Hitler, and the fall of Nazi Germany, it’s easy to surmise that the film was made to warn the next generation of the signs of despotism. Assuming that’s the case, I find it tragic that today’s children simply aren’t getting that lesson.

The central premise is that you can measure any community in the world on a sliding scale with democracy on one end, and despotism on another, and that two effective yardsticks for measuring the path to despotism are respect…

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Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar

This is actually a topic I had heard about and I can’t believe I never wrote about the subject of Donald Trump’s popularity in India. Regardless, this is a good post on the subject.

Videshi Sutra

ap_16132301815691-1.jpg Image Source: Quartz India

This recent spate of “right wing” victories which includes Brexit, Trump, and the European nationalists is part of the same global phenomenon which produced Modi.

It almost seems too obvious to point out how similar Trump and Modi are but I haven’t seen many people in my circles saying it. Probably because I hang out mostly with Americanized NRI liberals in the Brahmin class (as per Moldbug’s schema, not Chaturvarna). These people love Modi and hate Trump and want to avoid finding the obvious similarities and connections. There are some articles tracing out the connections. Mostly in condemnatory tones. But some sources are saying the exact opposite as well, which is totally ridiculous. So lets go over some of the basics.

Victory of the Edgelords: The first major similarity is their negative public branding, and the material causes for why that sort of branding was possible in the first place…

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The return of the moral busybodies

There’s this pressure group in the UK called “Stop Funding Hate”. And yes, it’s as retarded as it sounds to anyone who values freedom of association.

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stop funding hate

It appears that in today’s world, the home of persistent, self-appointed moral guardians is in the left, and this is evident in a divisive new campaign called “Stop Funding Hate”. What is it? It’s a campaign that aims to pressure major companies into withdrawing ads from right-wing tabloids such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express. In other words, it’s a thinly disguised attempt at censoring newspapers they disagree with. They made news this month when they released a John Lewis style mock advert calling on them to stop funding right-wing papers. Sadly they’ve already gotten one company to cave in, as Lego announced that they will stop advertising in The Daily Mail. The Co-op Group (for those who don’t know, they’re a British supermarket chain) has also announced that they are “reviewing their policies”, and Waitrose and M&S are also being urged by the group.


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Satanism is not a Reaction to Christianity

V.K. Jehannum

There are several major Satanic traditions practiced by the world at large, and certain ill-formed and poorly-researched commentators have alleged that Satanism derives from or is a reaction to Christianity or related religions.

In reality, Satanism is not a progression from Christianity– it’s a progression from Occidental/Occult spirituality. By this I mean Thelema, the Typhonian tradition, Discordianism, etc. In addition to these, the philosophies of Jung, Nietzsche, and Myatt have all made significant contributions to the Satanic weltanschauungen.

While Hebrew lore plays a part in shaping the beliefs of the Satanist, the Biblical canon is inferior in the extent of its influence to Jewish Mysticism, the apocrypha, Gnosticism, etc. That’s easily proveable: ask any Satanist what Leviathan is, and they will tell you that Leviathan is the primeval aspect of Sathanas as the dragon of Tehom. If you were to ask a Christian the same question, she would tell you that…

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The Satanist and personal information

Satanicviews is back with a new post.


Today, I bring this blog out of hibernation with a post on the Satanist and personal information.

Sect of the Horned God recently had a fire that destroyed their property, and it was my intention to support them by applying for membership of their group.  These Satanists are part of the new wave of modern Satanism who approach the LHP from a rational point of view, and they are grounded people with good business minds.

The initial test of membership of the group was ten questions on my beliefs, a way of filtering out the lazy and stupid.  Answering the questions was fun and useful, and I passed this test.  The next stage I had problems with, there was more questions on my beliefs, which made the process seem onerous, but also so many questions that demanded from me so much personal information.

Now, I like Sect of the Horned…

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Buddhist Monks Issue Death Threats To Social Activists for Teaching Sexual Health

For anyone who has become deluded into thinking the problems of religious extremism are only Christian or Muslim, here’s an article about how Buddhist monks in Burma are fighting against women’s rights in the name of “race and religion”.

United Humanists

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Female activists in Myanmar, also known as Burma, say they’re receiving death threats from extremist Buddhist monks with the Ma Ba Tha, the nationalist group that controls much of the country. The activists are attemping to teach fellow Burmese women about sexual health, an effort that’s turning them into enemies of the state.

The Guardian has a fascinating story today about one piece of the struggle for women’s rights in Myanmar: the fact that Burmese has no word for “vagina.” That makes it extraordinarily difficult to communicate about women’s health issues or articulate if something is wrong. A local paper that recently printed the word “vagina” in English also faced a barrage of angry emails. There are also powerful social taboos dictating that anything having to do with a woman’s genitalia is unclean:

Garments that have come into close contact with a woman’s lower…

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