The FDR yearnings of the American left

Friendly reminder that FDR was a Nazi

East of Eden

In 1935, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt is quoted to have said “I want to save our system, the capitalist system”. The meaning of his words could not be clearer: for him the New Deal programme, which took the US away from a laissez-faire capitalism and towards a social-democratic system, was a means by which to preserve capitalism in the face of the Great Depression and at a time when many Americans were so thoroughly disillusioned with it that they were beginning to turn either to communism or to fascism as an alternative. As President, FDR was still a clear enemy of socialism and communism, but for some reason he is treated with a bizarre reverence by parts of the American left despite this.

If you want some idea of the extent to which FDR is idolised by the American left, one only needs to look at the way he is…

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Left-wing superpatriotism: An infantile disorder

Yet another informative and even more necessary overview from East of Eden, this one outlining red-brown alliances in the context of the modern brand known as “patriotic socialism”. Covers people like Jackson Hinkle, Haz from Infrared, and Caleb Maupin, with Jimmy Dore and the boys from Grayzone in the fray as well, and an overview of historic efforts at red-brown alliance and far-right disruption of the left stretching far back into the 1980s.

East of Eden

The three main faces of the right-opportunist “patriotic socialist” tendency: Jackson Hinkle (left), Caleb Maupin (middle) and Haz from Infrared (right)

One aspect of sectarianism in the left is that it may reflect varying ideological or political interests. Earlier in this blog I covered an example of sectarianism which advocated for the left to police the “tankie” tendencies within our ranks in capitulation to liberal orthodoxy. Sadly, this is not the only mode of sectarianism plaguing the left. There is another form that is just as sinister, and some may even argue is even worse.

I am talking of course about the right-opportunist tendency that some have called “patriotic socialism” (which itself is but one of many terms used to described it) as representated by Caleb Maupin, Jackson Hinkle, Haz from Infrared and a number of other figures. They may refer to themselves as “populists” or even Marxist-Leninists (even though…

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Is Alexander Reid Ross the CEO/dad of antifa?: On contagion, shades of grey, and the three-way fight

This is rather interesting. How have I only just discovered that transphobia isn’t the only thing Rhyd Wildermuth likes to obfuscate? Apparently he does the same thing for fascists and terrorists too? I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing.

Cautiously pessimistic

Dear Leftists: Going on Tucker Carlson Is Not Going to Stop Imperialism -  Pacific Standard

In recent years, there have been a number of controversies on the left over the subject of “red-brown alliances”, those areas where some right-wingers attempt to recruit from, or actively cooperate with, sections of the left.

There have been many people involved in arguing against any such alliances; one of them, Alexander Reid Ross, has now gone on to working for a centrist “anti-extremist” think tank linked to various US state figures. To be clear, anyone working for the Network Contagion Research Institute has definitely crossed a line; whatever “our side” is, Ross has definitely ceased to be on it. Some of those who Ross has criticised in the past, notably Max Blumenthal, the Assadist and frequent Tucker Carlson guest, have seized on this development as a way to attempt to discredit everything he’s ever written and all the positions that he’s been aligned with.

This argument…

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The pointless crusade against cartoons

A pretty good run-down of the recent history of moral panics against cartoons, and why you don’t take complaints about “wokeness” in cartoons as anything other than conservative politically correct screeching.

East of Eden

From ARTHUR on Racism: Talk, Listen, and Act (2020), which was targeted by conservative outrage mobs for discussing racism.

For about as long as I remember, there have always been people trying to police the world of animation, whether it’s the usual conservative moral guardians saying they’re corrupting the youth, or the occasional liberal feminist bellyacher accusing them of sexism, but let’s be honest, most of it has come from conservatives, and such a trend has carried on to this day.

I speak of course about a video produced by conservative pundit Matt Walsh, which incidentally is what spurred me on to write this in the first place, in which he alleges that “woke cartoons” are intentionally promoting “SJW” ideology to children for the purposes of indoctrinating them, and rants about how cartoons supposedly aren’t just about entertainment anymore. The fact that PragerU actually is making cartoons with the explicit…

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Against BALG

Another expose on E. A. Koetting and Become A Living God. It’s shorter than mine but it covers a few things that I didn’t cover in my original post, so go and check it out.

Amaranthe Altanatum

The Theater of Smoke and Mirrors which lies within the occult, specifically the Black Lodge/Left Hand Path communities, has pulled us down since its inception.

I started my occult journey with the content they posted. It was the worst start imaginable and still holds me back to this day. I was an active member of the community and forum for about three years, buying several of their books and happily defending Eric himself, to the point of basically running a fan discord for about a year, which went about as well as you imagine. I’m older now, not a teen, and a little wiser, and I hope my direct experience with them won’t turn you away from this essay. I hope you read this, and take this company and organization as much of a threat as I and others think them to be to the wider occult, witch, and pagan…

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China and the “left”: what planet are these people on?

A very good critique of the ecosocialist blind spot regarding China. As someone increasingly interested in ecosocialism and taking it seriously, I’m troubled by their willingness to embrace China as a model for ecological civilization despite it being anything but.

People and Nature

As China’s ruling elite connives with European and American politicians to promote false climate “solutions” via the international talks, its defenders on the “left” claim it is aiming for an “ecological civilisation”.

A common approach is to foreground geopolitics: to present the trade war between the USA and China as part of the battle between capitalism and “socialism” and to sideline the class struggle in China.

The Chinese elite’s role in driving forward unsustainable capitalist expansion, so obscured and downplayed by its defenders on the “left”, is analysed by Richard Smith in his book China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse, which I discussed in a linked post, that you could read first.

In this post I contrast Smith’s approach to that of John Bellamy Foster, a writer on “ecological Marxism” and editor of Monthly Review, and comment on a review of Smith’s book by Andrew Burgin, a UK-based…

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The Life, Death and Anti-Kosmik Magick of Selim Lemouchi

A devotional a tribute to Selim Lemouchi, fitting for the devotional nature of his work. Originally published in a zine about Luciferianism (such a thing, I must admit, I had no idea existed).

Brightest and Best

Originally published in Issue #4 of “Lucifer” Zine

Selim Lemouchi is dead. He killed himself in 2014. He was private and enigmatic in life, and what survives of his story is less biography than legend. I think that’s probably what he would have wanted.

Half Robert Johnson, half Kurt Cobain, this Dutch guitarist and songwriter founded occult rock group The Devil’s Blood and released three albums (and a couple EPs) of blisteringly beautiful Satanic songs before taking his leave from this plane. I was captivated by his music from the moment I first heard it, and as I learned about him, I became almost equally obsessed with his myth.

Selim seems to have been clinically depressed since birth. The other constant in his life was his love of music. His sister Farida, a talented singer, shared this love. In an interview, his mother recalls the exuberance with which the young…

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Luciferian-Masonry According to Ben Kadosh

Although I’m not sure I totally agree with the assessment laid out, it is wonderfully succinct. However, the author forgot to note that, for Kadosh, darkness also meant matter and Pan was identical to the universe.


This past weekend I quickly read a little known text titled “Lucifer Hiram: The Dawn of a New Morning, The Return of the World’s Master-Builder” by Ben Kadosh, published in 1906.

Giving credit where credit is due, I initially discovered Ben Kadosh while reading a blog post from Frater V.I.M of SatanicWitchcraft93. Here’s a blurb from that blog post:

“Ben Kadosh (Carl William Hansen, 1872-1936) was a pretty interesting guy if you’ve never heard of him. He was a Danish Freemason and pre-Crowley O.T.O. member who just so happened to be a Luciferian. Actually, he’s also the first person known to history to publicly self-identify as a ‘Luciferian.’ He even went as far as to list that as his religion in an official government census.”

Kadosh’s thesis gets a bit muddled in his explanation, as is common with many occultists. But here’s a rundown from the way I…

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On the religious hatred of Wilfred Wong and his supporters


On the matter of the religious hatred of Wilfred Wong and of his supporters, and of those who encourage the notion that kidnapping children is okay.

An image of me as a child around the time I was abducted, at an age much younger than the age of the boy allegedly abducted by Wilfred Wong. I know all the feelings that goes through the mind of a child experiencing an abduction. I am very triggered by the Wilfred Wong story; I am very angry. Does anyone consider the feelings of children when they support and encourge vigilantes to abduct children? Do they know what that does to a child?

In early November 2020 UK news media reported about the abduction of an eight-year-old boy in Wales UK where a certain Wilfred Wong was mentioned. The boy was said to have been allegedly abducted after leaving his school by a group…

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Everything About Lucifer in Ancient Mythology I

An interesting Theosophist take on Lucifer

The American Minervan


The term Lucifer (Septuagint translation of Helel ben Shaḥar) is used in the Torah in reference to the King of Babylon. The myth of the King of Babylon is derived from a Babylonian or Hebrew sidereal or star-myth (similar to the Greek myth of Helio’s son, Phaéthōn). In times then, stars were regarded as celestial beings, but more later on the origin and explanation of the occult and astronomical meaning attributed to Venus, the planet. The Second Epistle of Peter (2 Peter 1:19) uses the term lucifer to refer to “morning star.” The Book of Job uses it in reference to “the light of the morning” (11:17) and to “the signs of the zodiac” (38:32). In the Book of Psalms (110:3), it is in reference to “the dawn.” The popular legend of the Christian tradition is an amalgamation of myths, being that of the Vita Adæ et Evæ

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