Time for an update

So here’s an update for the blog that I kind of feel like putting out on a number of subjects.

First, and foremost, of all, I have less than a month before the end of my second term for this year at university. That means I have quite a lot to do and increasingly less time to do it in. The deadline for my major project is March 27th, right before my birthday, and both of the reports that I have to write are due on March 31st. So I might be busy. Maybe not busy enough that it’ll stop me from slacking off during weekends, but busy enough that it might make the rest of my schedule pretty stringent, to the point that I will likely put things off in order to emphasize my coursework, because that has to come first. I may, however, plan for some posts to be written in the meantime, because there are still things I’d like write about.

Second, I plan to talk about current events and politics significantly less than I do now, so that I can detach myself from those things. There’s going to some rants that I have waiting in the wings to be released pretty soon, and obviously there are soon-to-be-current events that I think ought to be covered (for instance, given that it is now March, we’re waiting on the Netherlands and later France to cast their votes in general elections), but other than that I want to begin to distance myself from such subject matter beyond the rants I have coming up this month unless a really pressing or important development catches my attention. The reason why I want to do this is because I am sensing that there is the danger that I’m going to become entirely too focused on such subject matter. And I know that we’re living in some wild times right now, so there’s probably a lot of developments that might show up ripe for analysis, deconstruction or just plain savagery or mockery on my part. But I am beginning to think I’m getting caught up, and that’s bad.

Third, once I have enough free time after the end of my current term, or ideally before that, I’d like very much to revisit the drawing board, and return with a post or two about some reflections on Satanism and other philosophies, as well as what probably be a long post about what I consider to authentic Satanic philosophy (particularly on account of the fact that I’ve criticized The Satanic Temple for not observing). Part of me is thinking that I’ve got my eyes off the ball. I mean I’ve got my eye on the ball regarding my coursework, I believe, but sort of away from the ball in other areas. Maybe it’s laziness in some respects if I think about it, but then that’s surely the sign of another malady in itself. I hope I correct it sooner or later if that’s the case.

Time for a happy Winter “Mass”

Today is the end of the first part of my third year of university. I break up for three weeks of winter holidays after having finished a VIVA presentation and having to hand in two written assignments, including a dissertation (or about as close as a 6000 word document gets to a dissertation on my course). It’s been a lot of work, and I think I’ve been progressively busier as the months went by until I opted to just get my shit together with the written assignments.

Now I honestly just want to begin the winter holidays and get into the spirit of the Winter Mass – my own name for the Christmas holiday season, or rather the time between the start of the winter solstice and New Year’s Day. Basically this means I start doing nothing other than try to have as much fun as possible, especially given that this has been quite a year for me. Yes, I ask not much more of 2016 than playing video games, playing my guitar, and some reading I didn’t do, interspersed with a lot of movies. There’s still plenty of time for future blog posts between now and the time when I have to get back to work again, which will of course be some time in January 2017. Essentially, I’m going into festive mode as it were, and I plan to enjoy the fruits of a long fucking year.

Four years

In a way, it’s hard for a sane person, and even me in rather lucid moments, to imagine that I’ve been writing for this website for this long. Particularly when, as my friend Satanicviews assured me once, most blogs don’t last much longer than three years. At least that’s what I think anyway. I’m not entirely sure how much longer my blog will last before the time when I stop losing interest in writing for the blog – I know that sounds bleak to some, but don’t act like it would never happen, it just won’t happen now – but there is a part of me that thinks I will keep going for a long time.

In that time, I sometimes reflect back on my older posts and how the blog has developed. I’ve gone through website name changes and design changes for the blog as well. If you’ve followed me for a long time you’ll know that this blog wasn’t always filled to the brim with red and looking classy. And I haven’t been proud of all of my posts. Truth be known I’m often embarrassed by a few of my earlier posts. I think many of them are alright, but some stick out as, from my perspective, exceptionally misguided and lame to the point that I’m sick to death of being reminded of some of them. I’ve even deleted a few of the ones that really got to me. I often wonder why, as my blog grew and my posts became more intelligent (again, at least from my perspective anyway), the newer blog posts don’t get as much appreciation. It’s the unfortunate side of having gone through the process of personally progressing from the mind of a freaking art student – not the worst of my kind, mind you.

Perhaps I am being too self-critical, and maybe that is still a significant source of many of my woes in my personal life, but it’s hard for me to escape the memory of my mistakes, and I have wanted to express that on this blog for some time in fact. Still, I am of the impression that there are some things that haven’t really changed. There is a principle I hold dearly that hasn’t shifted, though aspects of my own worldview have.

As is par for the course for blog anniversary posts, I assume, I want to thank those who have stuck with me for the entire time. I hope you appreciated what I have had to say, and will continue to say, as I do like the opportunity to get my opinions out there even to what I know is a small audience.

Oh and as a final notice, just because on rare occasion I still get the odd comment about this, I will not be changing the “Top 10 gods and goddesses” post, and to be honest I may not produce a follow-up either. It’s a dead horse of a post at this point.

That’s about all I have to say about the fourth anniversary of this blog, being a busy young man and all. For know, my dissertation (if my current assignment can be called as such) beckons.

I hope you enjoy the next year of this blog, my dear infidels.

My agenda

This week, I will return to university to start my third year of academic study. I am told that I don’t actually return to university until Thursday, where there will be a brief induction period getting started into the third year and on October 3rd things get real. Either way, at a certain point in the coming week I will be pursuing academic study once again. Naturally, this means I will probably be posting less often, though I might publish a new post every now and then if I can. But for the foreseeable future I am likely to be very busy with my coursework. My third year of study is going to be much harder than before, because I have to do more work within a shorter space of time.

Meanwhile, my twin brother has moved into the halls before tomorrow he begins his own course at, by coincidence, the same university that I am studying in. That for me has been pretty weird so far considering we’ve lived in the same house for so long. I’ve often argued with him, sometimes well into the night, and I don’t think I’ll miss that part. But it’s not as though I  never liked him as a companion, and we got along very well. I might miss having him around, if only because I think being alone make drive me mad for a while.

More importantly, there is something I have dwelt on recently. I was walking home, and I was thinking about what I have been doing with myself a lot. I felt like I have spent a lot of my life dreaming and thinking about how I want things to be, talking about ambitions and some such. I feel now like I am at a point in my life where a redirection is necessary. I want my agenda to be out becoming, transforming and manifesting, and to do less dreaming and thinking about what I want and how much I want. Action needs to be prioritized in my life path more than it is now, and I need to go in the direction of taking my desires and ideas and actualizing them as much as possible. As I go into an actual career upon completion of my degree, I think I will have to take this direction anyway. There will come a time where I need to get shit done more and think about it less.

Satanism vs Islam – announcing Haram Month

This summer is increasingly being characterized by the threat of radical Islam, and the number of human lives that those fighting for it are increasingly taking. What is needed is to challenge the religious ideology that fueling it. That means criticizing radical Islam, as well as the Islamic world in which all of this fosters, and of course supporting those who wish to reform Islam (you know, people like Maajid Nawaz, Tarek Fatah or Ayaan Hirsi Ali). However, the mainstream media is not interested in doing this. It has almost no desire to challenge Islam, and I suspect it is because they have chosen to conflate religious identity with racial identity (no doubt because Islam is practiced largely by people of Arab ethnicity). And let’s never forget, when the Charlie Hebdo massacre took place, when Islamists used violence to silence freedom of expression because they were offended by drawings of Muhammad, there were those in the media who actually felt inclined to criticize those who expressed solidarity with the victims of the massacre because they felt Charlie Hebdo had it coming because they offended Muslims. And to this day, when Islamists and jihadists attack Europe, the fact that they are Islamists is often downplayed.

As a Satanist, I believe we need to see more Satanists voicing their opposition to Islam. Why, you ask? Because in the world of Satanism, I fear there are so few voices speaking out against Islam, let alone radical Islam. The most prominent Satanic organization in the mainstream is, without a doubt, The Satanic Temple due to their frequent activism, along with arguably a more palatable (though I would say just more “progressive”) brand of Satanism than the kind provided by The Church of Satan. Anyways, the only times I’ve seen them talk about Islam, they talk about defending Muslims from the threat of evil bigoted right-wing Christians in the aftermath of an attack in France by jihadists! They were so concerned about what may well have been imagined Islamophobia that it didn’t occur to them that Islam is diametrically opposed to their belief system for the same reasons that Christianity is, and are only protecting them because “MUH CHRISTIANS”. They are fine with subverting Christianity, presumably because it is still a popular and influential religion in the United States of America, but heavens forbid looking like Pamela Geller in doing the same to Islam! Beyond that, I have a few Satanist friends who I know are openly against Islam as an ideology.

I am led to believe that there really are so little Satanic voices speaking against Islam. All we get is Adam Daniels burning pages of the Quran, and in his case it’s little more than just another part of blaspheming Christianity, which is of course standard for Satanism. Not to mention, I don’t think I want Adam Daniels being the only person willing to take the piss at Islam. I believe that, because Satanism is diametrically opposed to Islam, it should make sense that Satanists would speak against Islam, let alone blaspheme it, and I think it should follow that there ought to be Satanists opposing Islam and the fact that the Islamic ideology that is fueling self-segregating communities and terrorists is going mostly unchallenged by the West.

I, for one, intend to do my part. That is why this month, all month, I am announcing a new event for this blog which I call Haram Month – haram, of course, being the Arabic word for something that is forbidden in Islamic law. For Haram Month, all posts written on this blog until September 1st will be exclusively focused on or related to the subject of Islam, with the primary intent of criticizing the Islamic world. There will even be one or two Mythological Spotlights centered around mythological entities either are related to Islam, are featured in Islamic teachings or are originally from pre-Islamic Arabian paganism. It must go without saying that none of the posts are aimed against Muslims as people, except perhaps for a few individuals, and will be predominantly aimed at Islam as a belief system as well as its radical and political branches. There will probably also be a Haram Month next year, and the year after that and so on until such time as the West successfully asserts its values as a secular liberal society and repels the threat of Islamism.

As a final note, it really annoys me when I see Christians claim that Islam is a “satanic” religion of the Devil. Let me make something very clear. Islam is not Satanism. As I keep saying here, they are diametrically opposite. Simply put, one believes that there is no God higher than Man, the other believes there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. From these basic premises, the rest springs forth.

Big plans

My spring holidays are over, and the next two weeks will be devoted to my university hand-ins and presentations. This will go on until April 29th, when all but one of my hand-ins are due. After that, in May, we’re basically getting ready for our third year of university. We’ll be discovering the results of all our hard work and planning, we’ll eventually see what projects we’ll be pursuing in the next year as well beginning research for our future dissertations. From May until September, I will have a lot of plans.

I want to take more time studying the occult and then have a proper ritual, whatever that ritual turns out to be. I’ve also got other books, books about Japanese culture, that I want to study so I can apply that knowledge to both spiritual and worldly aims. I want to push harder with guitar practice, I think I’ve been slacking and I fear I won’t do anything with it for the next two weeks because of the imminent deadlines and presentations. I want to restart my former exercise regime and attain some physical strength. Hey, maybe on the blog itself I’ll get to write more about Eastern culture and news. I remember writing a share about stuff from Japan and other Asian countries on the blog in the past, so it’d be nice to get into that subject more again, to the point that subsequent Mythological Spotlights will also focus on Eastern culture for a while.

With all hope, I’ll get through the second year with flying colors so to speak, and May-September will be a fun and productive period of time.


It’s now officially been three years since I’ve been writing the blog. Looking back on what I wrote before, it’s surprising how things have changed. I don’t like to think the spirit is gone, or that there’s any disconnect between then and now (the latter case being technically impossible because there is no now without the then), but it’s clear that there’s been signs of evolution, which I think is kind of inevitable when you go to university, or for that matter when you turn 21. I guess I was right when I said things would change, but not in the way I expect in that I still believe there are opportunities I’ve not found and exploited in my life in order to apply my ideals and way of thinking and fulfill my self. But all in all, the blog’s still got a good run on its hands.

Speaking of the blog’s run, I’ve been reflecting on the issue of anonymity and secrecy. There was a time when I would have ultimately wanted to make the blog ultimately public in terms of my local life, in that I would cast aside my pseudonym in favor of my birth name. But now, this time is over. This is partly because I have seen my brother write a blog that he connects to his public social media account and seen it blow up in college and at home, that he has become too much of a public figure, and has been too willing to embrace it, and I now realize the fault of this approach. But it’s also because I actually enjoy writing under the alias Aleph. Before I would have considered a necessity back when I was not ready to let people know my business, but now, and I guess even in the past, I like writing under a psuedonym. To me, Aleph is not a superhero identity disconnected from me. I am Aleph, my thoughts, feelings, my being is expressed here but under the name Aleph. I’m at peace with the idea of revealing myself only to a select few.

I can only expect more interesting things to write about for another year, and I’ve still got topics for blog posts for the rest of 2015.