Left-wing superpatriotism: An infantile disorder

Yet another informative and even more necessary overview from East of Eden, this one outlining red-brown alliances in the context of the modern brand known as “patriotic socialism”. Covers people like Jackson Hinkle, Haz from Infrared, and Caleb Maupin, with Jimmy Dore and the boys from Grayzone in the fray as well, and an overview of historic efforts at red-brown alliance and far-right disruption of the left stretching far back into the 1980s.

East of Eden

The three main faces of the right-opportunist “patriotic socialist” tendency: Jackson Hinkle (left), Caleb Maupin (middle) and Haz from Infrared (right)

One aspect of sectarianism in the left is that it may reflect varying ideological or political interests. Earlier in this blog I covered an example of sectarianism which advocated for the left to police the “tankie” tendencies within our ranks in capitulation to liberal orthodoxy. Sadly, this is not the only mode of sectarianism plaguing the left. There is another form that is just as sinister, and some may even argue is even worse.

I am talking of course about the right-opportunist tendency that some have called “patriotic socialism” (which itself is but one of many terms used to described it) as representated by Caleb Maupin, Jackson Hinkle, Haz from Infrared and a number of other figures. They may refer to themselves as “populists” or even Marxist-Leninists (even though…

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