Against BALG

Another expose on E. A. Koetting and Become A Living God. It’s shorter than mine but it covers a few things that I didn’t cover in my original post, so go and check it out.

Amaranthe Altanatum

The Theater of Smoke and Mirrors which lies within the occult, specifically the Black Lodge/Left Hand Path communities, has pulled us down since its inception.

I started my occult journey with the content they posted. It was the worst start imaginable and still holds me back to this day. I was an active member of the community and forum for about three years, buying several of their books and happily defending Eric himself, to the point of basically running a fan discord for about a year, which went about as well as you imagine. I’m older now, not a teen, and a little wiser, and I hope my direct experience with them won’t turn you away from this essay. I hope you read this, and take this company and organization as much of a threat as I and others think them to be to the wider occult, witch, and pagan…

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