Luciferian Demographics Survey

Crooked Path to Bodhi

I did a Luciferian survey back in 2018 and it was like, the ultimate questionnaire as it touched on not only demographic questions but also on practices and beliefs. I am planning on breaking the ultimate questionnaire into several surveys so that it does not feel like the Mid-Terms of Luciferian questions.

The first survey has been produced for it! This one focuses purely on demographics such as age, education, etc. I plan to compare and contrast the the previous survey of 2018 with the 2019 survey once it is done. Then I plan on running another one for 2020. I want to see how it changes of the Luciferianism community landscape from a year to year basis of people who come in, stay, and in some cases who leaves and why. I want to see how our practices and beliefs evolve and what are the common threads that connect…

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3 thoughts on “Luciferian Demographics Survey

  1. Of the 25 or so people who have already completed the survey, 100% were White and nearly 60% claim to suffer from Mental Illness…wow. That is all a bit troublesome.

    1. I am not worried about the mental illness aspect because it means very little in the long run. Mental illness could be something as simple as chronic depression or even as simple as general anxiety. The question does not get into the detail of it.

      I just wish there was more ethnicity other than white. Currently out of 42 responses, 92% is white. I want to see Luciferianism as inclusive and open. Many that I know will not stand for racism, fascism, and such and while it is great that Luciferians strive for inclusiveness and being allies it is not the same. With the demographics survey as it stands it doesn’t get to any of the reasoning behind it all.

      1. Eh, as long as they are Luciferians, they are Luciferians. It matters little to me what else they are unless they are the type of person who sees fit to smuggle esoteric fascism into the mix or are of an actively malevolent disposition.

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