Some thoughts for 2019

2018 has come to an end, and 2019 is upon us. Because of this I would like to get a few thoughts out there about what my expectations are for the coming months, both in regards to personal developments and events happening in the greater scheme of things so to speak, starting with the former of course.

It’s been over a year since I first decided I got sick of being a non-drinker all my life, and since then I don’t feel like I’ve lost the sense of self-control that I usually take for granted. I do like to take it up a notch every now and then, but it’s only in the holiday season so far that I actively feel like trying to approach drunkenness (to my disappointment I haven’t succeeded yet, but at least I’m having fun). I’d say that’s a good sign and I personally owe it to a regulated schedule of light recreational drinking. If anything, I like to think I’ve gotten confident with drinks, and I’m that in the next year I hope to share the experience with the right people. In fact, there’s a part of me that hopes to start going to Christmas and Halloween parties for real.

On a related note, I do hope I manage to open up to other people more so that I can succeed in socializing with others, and, in time, find the kind of person I’ve been searching for for so long – in other words, the right person to love and be loved by. And on that front, I think there’s a chance I might just find that person. I don’t want to say too much, but while I was out doing some seasonal shopping I saw someone pretty who caught my attention. This wasn’t an encounter where I simply glanced at her a few times and then moved on; I had the opportunity to talk to her, and although it didn’t go the way I hoped, we seemed to talk about our shared musical interests and now I want to find any chance I can get to meet with her again. I know I’m being awfully optimistic, especially for my situation, but I genuinely think we might have something in common and I think I might just get along with her.

I’ve been in part-time employment for about a month or two now. I work for a very small training company and I mostly do administrative tasks there – basically I help keep the place organized by making sure all their records are in the right place and similar tasks. However, as part of my administrative role there, they also have me working on a project to streamline their customer records. I don’t want to give everything away, because I think that would mean potentially divulging trade secrets and what have you, but let’s just say they’re giving me the chance to apply some skills from my game design student days outside the field I studied. Also, although I’ve only been coming in for a few days each week (and in that time, just a few hours), I am getting paid and from next week onward my hours, and from there my pay, will go up. With any hope this will give me a stable income that will allow me to build a stable life for myself where I can pursue most of my dreams.

And on that front, I still intend to form an artist cooperative centering around video games, or more specifically story-building for video games, but there’s been a bit of a snag. For months I’ve been trying to arrange a meeting with a post-graduation research program facilitated by the university I once studied in that would potentially help me with my project, in particular by allowing me to get in contact with people with whom I could get my project started. However, we have been unable to get the meeting started because the person I need to talk to has been unavailable, and as it turns out has been ill recently. Now I can’t get things started until after New Year’s Day. However, we are on January now, so I think I can start getting in touch soon about when the meeting will happen.

In addition to this, there is a development concerning the video game industry that may affect my path. I want to elaborate on this development and its rammifications further on a separate post but I can give you a quick summary. Basically, major video game companies across the West, as well as some Japanese companies, are nosediving like no tomorrow. They are rapidly losing stock, and there are signs that we could well be heading for another video game crash the likes of which haven’t been seen in over thirty years. I’ve been told that the collapse of big industry giants might pave the way for smaller companies to take the reins, leaving room for new modes of organization to become more prolific, but I’m honestly not sure how things are going to go. Still, if that’s true, it does give me some reason to strike while the iron is hot, or even before that.

But I’ll be honest, I think the collective nosedive being undertaken in the video games industry is a reflection of something much larger we’ve been seeing. Right now we’re heading into a major global recession the likes of which haven’t been seen since only as far back as 2008. It was expected that there would be a holiday boom that might have offset the downturn we’ve been seeing, but no, not quite. You might not see a sudden downturn,  you might not see it too soon, there’s a chance you might not even see it in 2019 necessarily, but it’s coming, and it’s going to affect so much of our way of life. And, keep in mind, given that economic stability often goes hand in hand with war, this may also play into things like American military expansion, Russian geopolitics, the possibility of Chinese excursion into Taiwan, the eventual invasion of Venezuela by either the US or neighboring Latin American countries, and even the ever-looming threat of nuclear war between either NATO and Russia or India and Pakistan. All the while we in my country still have the effects of our manhandled Brexit plan to worry about, and any global downturn we have could make our already turbulent situation even worse – it’s my opinion that we will more than likely leave the European Union when all is said and done, and I’m still glad that we’ll be leaving, but unless we take bold measures to secure the economy from the ravages of global market forces we could well be in for one of the worst economic scenarios we’ve had in a long time. And if China and Turkey, and perhaps arguably the USA, are any indication, consistent economic decline will be followed by increasing authoritarianism as nation states try to hold together their capitalist economies which depend on the fluctuations of global markets. Trust me, if I were you I’d be very concerned about how the next few years are going to play out.

But, hey, the new year has only just begun. Perhaps I’m giving the worst possible picture of the days to come, and I am good at keeping worst-case scenarios burned into the back of my head. That’s not say, of course, that the dangers aren’t very real. All that said, however, there’s no reason to dwell to strongly on the negative. After all, you never want to take the black pill. Still, the world is a pretty crazy place right now, it almost feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket for lack of a better phrase. But here I am, in one of the quieter parts of the world, or far that matter one of the quieter parts of Britain. There’s still time for me to make my way in this world, there’s still time to carve my own path.

Happy New Year everyone.