Why Milo Yiannopoulos deserves to be named LGBT Person of the Year

This is just magical. Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart editor and political provocateur of our time, has won the title of LGBT Person of the Year, awarded by LGBTQ Nation. And you know what, I think that’s great.

It’s not because he is a great intellectual, or even a great conservative intellectual – if you want that, I would recommend you check out Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder or Thomas Sowell. It’s because he is a person who breaks conventions and pisses off all the right people. This is a gay man, and flamboyantly so in fact, who rejects the familiar left-wing LGBT identity politics, supporting conservatism, right-wing populism and Donald Trump instead. He often visits universities in order to give speeches, and finds himself heckled by riotous, authoritarian-minded students. For this, he is a rebellious figure and a destroyer of safe spaces and the intellectual conformity that so infects modern Western universities like a cancer. Sometimes, this has even meant putting himself at risk of physical assault, as was almost the case at DePaul University, where he had his platform stolen by an anti-Trump activist who accosted him on stage and the security at DePaul had failed to prevent this from this happening. Even after being removed from Twitter, accused of sending people to harass actress Leslie Jones (it all started when she reacted to his scathing review of the new Ghostbusters film), he tells the media that he’ll continue to be as offensive as people. As a renowned “troll”, one of the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump you could think of, and the face of conservative populism, he has become one of the great bogeymen of today’s political climate. In fact, Complex describes him as one of the worst people of 2016 (on their mostly shitty list). So him being interviewed by Out (another gay magazine), being nominated for Person of the Year, and him getting a publishing deal with Simon and Schuster for his new book, Dangerous, which managed to outsell The Princess Diarist by the late Carrie Fisher, is a major shock to the media and its culture. “How could such a vile hatemonger be so successful in our society?” is surely a question going through people’s minds, and rather witless question at that I might add.

Here’s to the most fabulous supervillain on the Internet. Shadilay, my dudes.


6 responses to “Why Milo Yiannopoulos deserves to be named LGBT Person of the Year

      • I haven’t really taken a look at it. I feel so unrepresented by the term “gay”, let alone LGBTQI etc, that I don’t take a lot of notice. I think identity politics is done, as is the entire quasi-marxist inspired oppression Olympics. Time for old fashioned liberalism to make a come back, and everyone to argue their case as human beings

  1. Milo’s lesbian-bashing should be viewed in the context of the lack of tolerance which LGBTQ+ members have for other LGBTQ+ members. You can ask just about any lesbian and they’ll describe gay men as rude and stand-offish, and just about any gay man will say the same about lesbians. Milo has said before that female homosexuality is just a manifestation of female misery– a statement that should be compared to how he describes his own sexuality. Milo is a Catholic whose public position on whether or not being gay is a choice (and thus a deliberate sin) has wavered dramatically throughout his career. He has said that he would be better off straight and wishes that he could have a partner he could procreate with. He says that he started bringing home and sleeping with black drug dealers in his youth to piss off his mother. I think he’s projecting his own lack of psychological and emotional health onto lesbians, and in doing so, he is strongly exacerbating the divide in the LGBTQ+. Thus, in my opinion, he does not deserve to be the LGBTQ+ person of the year.

    • If he’s gay, he’s gay. His view on homosexuality being a choice is probably wrong, but I don’t think it can change the reality of him being gay very much. It does make me wonder, if he views homosexuality as a deliberate sin, why does he do it? He is a Catholic, but if you’re right then he seems to be acting on Christian assumption regarding homosexuality and acting against it regardless. At any rate, I’m more interested in his actions as of 2016.

      • He generally responds to that question by saying “Well, most Catholics want to be better people than they currently are.” I believe his current public position is that homosexuality is not a choice. All of the comments of his that I mentioned occurred in 2016.

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