Savagery by another name…

Last night I became aware of a viral video that shows four black people torturing a white person who they abducted. The video was livestreamed on the Facebook account of one Brittany Herring (who has since deleted the video from her account), who also appears to be one of the four abductors. The abductors had their captive bound and gagged in a corner, and they would go on to rip the sleeves of his sweatshirt, cut his hair off, cut his scalp and put cigarette burns on his head, all while laughing and shouting stuff “fuck Donald Trump” and “fuck white people boy”. In addition to this, it seems that the young man they abducted is mentally handicapped, described as having special needs, and was deemed a high-risk missing person. This would mean that the four black people involved in this torture selected someone who would have been considered vulnerable than the average person, which would make them a bunch of thugs targeting vulnerable members of society. The police have arrested four suspects, hopefully the criminals who actually committed this crime.

It’s hard for me to judge 100% whether or not this was politically motivated violence or just torturing somebody for the fun of it. The fact that the abductors shout “fuck Donald Trump” and “fuck white people” at their captive makes me think that it is possible that the abductors are radical leftists who hate Donald Trump and white people so much that they’re willing to kidnap someone who they suspect is a Trump supporter or because he/she is white. However, according to the police the victim was eventually let go. I have sneaking suspicion that people targeting others for political violence might be less merciful, due prolonged violence being necessary for the a cause that is justified by political violence. That coupled with the laughter leads me to think it’s possible that they were torturing him for fun. But either way you look at it, the abductors are savages, plain and simple. It’s also worth thinking about the fact that Brittany Herring livestreamed the whole thing, which would mean that she wanted other people to see her and her friends carry this out. My immediate question is why? Did she just want to get attention? Did she think she was doing a good thing by torturing a white person for whatever reason and wanted her friends to know that? Was she just fucked in the head? I wonder if it has something to do with a wider phenomenon of people livestreaming themselves committing crimes or suicide on social media.

What bothers me is that, if it is true that the abductors targeted their victim because he was white, then that would arguably make the kidnapping and subsequent torture a hate crime, if you believe there is any validity to the notion of hate crime legislation. Yet I hear so little of this being treated as a hate crime. Even Kevin Duffin, the man who lead investigations into the incident, said “Kids make stupid mistakes, I shouldn’t call them kids, they are legally adults, but they are young adults and they make stupid decisions”. Not only is that a rather blasé attitude to have towards fucking torture, just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot: imagine if that were a bunch of white guys kidnapping and torturing a black man. I guarantee you that Duffin wouldn’t be saying the same thing. I also guarantee that there would be more condemnation right across the board. After Trump got elected, Americans have heard no shortage of hysteria surrounding post-Trump racism and “hate crime”, a lot of which turned out to be fake. And again, if hate crimes are crimes that are carried out based on race, gender or sexuality, and if it’s possible that the people who abducted a white man and tortured him because they hate white people (which, given that his captors also labelled him a “bitch ass white thug” looks pretty damn likely to me), where’s the rush to call this a hate crime? Not to mention, I’ve seen the incident referred to on two separate occasions as “alleged”, and you’ve got people like CNN’s Don Lemon refusing to condemn the incident as a hate crime and, when a guest referred to the incident as evil, he said that didn’t consider the incident as evil. At the very least it shows there is some hypocrisy regarding how people think of the concept of hate crime. What also bothers me is that the incident quickly got referred to as the “BLMKidnapping”, and as much I don’t like Black Lives Matter I can’t see any proof that the abductors were affiliated with Black Lives Matter in any way. I guess the accusation comes from the fact that many who consider themselves to be BLM supporters on social media have openly expressed hatred of white people.


2 responses to “Savagery by another name…

    • It probably has sparked a lot of division, and a lot of emotional reaction, particularly on the right I must say. Aside from them attributing the incident to Black Lives Matter, with no proof, they’re quick to call this a racial attack and some have even cited the incident as proof of some kind of “white genocide”.

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