2016 in retrospect and moving forward

I don’t think you need me to tell you that 2016 has been a divisive year. For a lot of people, it certainly has been. To some people, it’s the end of the world as we know it. I’m guessing those people have never heard about what is going on in Syria (which has for much of this year been a war zone thanks in part to the US and the UK), Yemen (which the US government under Barack Obama in concert with Saudi Arabia have helped turn into another war zone), Venezuela (whose socialist president has turned the country into a failed state) or The Philippines (where people live in fear of Rodrigo Duterte’s death squads), let alone actually spent some time in any of those places. I’m also willing to argue to these people were definitely never alive for the Second World War, or the aftermath thereof where the people of London stood in the ashes of a city that had been leveled by Nazi Germany and when the Japanese stood in the ashes of a country that had been nuked twice. Believe me, you’ve never felt like the whole world has come to an end until you’ve seen your country reduced to rubble. Fucking entitled bastards whinging about celebrity deaths, Brexit, the ascendancy of The Donald and the gradual exposure and dismantling of the lies they have built for themselves do not make for the shittiest year on record, let alone the end of civilization as we know it. And suffice it to say, you self-entitled fuckwads have no idea what is going even in your own countries.

If we’re going to be honest 2016 was actually kind of a mixed bag, and it certainly didn’t start on a particularly auspicious note. The year begun with a mass sexual assault in Germany, and since then Europe has seen only more migrant-related crimes and Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the year. And Europe was far from alone. America suffered from what is generally considered the worst mass shooting in its history committed by an angry self-hating gay Muslim named Omar Mateen, and in its wake we saw a division among the American people – some of whom stood behind solidarity, while others stood behind identity politics, and then there are those who just went to the gun issue. Meanwhile, there is still war in the Middle East, and there are signs that Turkey will become a full-fledged totalitarian state. But as time flew by, we became witness to a revolution. We’re slowly discovering that we are being lied to by a political class that has social engineering and consolidation of its own power set in its sights and who have become detached from the average person. Across the West, for better or worse, we are seeing the old order being shaken up by Brexit, by Trump and by the Italian constitutional referendum, and the political class and everyone they have duped is panicking that what they’ve worked to build will likely come to an end, and in the process we have come to see said class as entirely self-centered; they don’t care about you, and any ideals they claim to stand for they only care for when it suits them. Meanwhile, the metastasis of progressive political correctness, which has been in the works for years now, has also been laid bare for all to see, and I believe soon that we will reach a point where the majority of people reject it completely.

On a personal note, I feel like I have a greater sense of what is going on around me, and I plan on shedding some fears I once had. I honestly want to be more positive about life in the future. Recently there’s moments recently where, for some reason, I feel relatively negative about life and the world around me. Particularly whenever I, for some reason, think about death and uncertainty. In truth, one of my cousins was right about me: I tend to overthink things a lot. I would think this is tied to a sense of perfectionism in my work as a student. But I think there might be a few cures for that. First of all, thanks to that very same cousin of mine, I’m probably going to give up the avoidance of alcohol entirely in 2017 so long as that helps in a small way, but still going for controlled drinking rather than getting pissed in clubs like a lot of people might. Second, I want to work to end a historical sense of personal protectionism and isolation in my own life, and get some goals achieved. Third, I want to tear down the perfectionism I tend to have about myself, and get rid of the anxiety that this creates, and truly realize just how capable I am with my work. Fourth, I want to take life perhaps a little less seriously, at least while I’m still a young man. Fifth, the life goals: cultivating a meaningful romantic relationship, becoming physically and mentally stronger, mastering game design and the guitar, making real progress on my spiritual path and journey and all that business.

At this point I would like to give a shout out to a particular low-hanging fruit that did the rounds last week: MTV’s “New Year’s for White Guys” video, before it was deleted. Apparently it was so bad, even Bill O’Reilly of Fox News can wreck it and come out looking like a voice of reason for doing so. Foregoing the standard social justice talking points that litter the video, among the complaints registered by the vapid fools who appeared in the video was that 2016 was bad, and it can’t get any worse than that. Want to know how to make 2017 better than 2016? Well I’ll tell you what would make it better: transcending all of the nonsense that has divided the West! Go listen to Jordan Petersen who will tell you that exactly why people on both ends of the political spectrum ought to be working together at long last or at least achieve some kind of harmony rather than constantly be working against each and dividing the people with two unproductive extremes. Alienation and polarization of people cannot continue in a society forever and nor do I desire it to continue forever in Western society. I believe this is particularly regarding America after the 2016 presidential election. All the people who are talking how they are cutting any ties with whoever voted Trump in the election need to stop and realize how hate-filled and intolerant they are being whilst somehow believing that hatred and intolerance was what they are opposing. All the people who stand by Trump wholeheartedly whilst believing that everyone else was under the spell of Hillary’s evil machinations need to do sort of the same thing – they need to realize just how polarized they are and reunite with their fellow countrymen. And the rest, I believe, are fit to guide America towards sane third path. THAT is what we need, but, as I alluded to in one of last month’s posts, I suspect we will have to undergo some turbulence before that happens. In the end that is what I really hope for: after the chaos, a real and lasting sense of harmony will finally emerge.

In the end, I’m going to remember 2016 as the year where everything changed for the world around me, and the year where I have evolved a bit as a result of becoming more aware of that, and I think I look set to change further. I don’t see any other way other than to follow the path of change and try and focus further on that path. That’s how I’m going to remember 2016: not as the end of the free world as we know it like many people believe it to be, but as a major wake up call and opening of a path of hope, change and progress in a way that I think few people would consider it to be.

Happy New Year everyone, hope you enjoyed the Winter Mass.


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