The return of the moral busybodies

There’s this pressure group in the UK called “Stop Funding Hate”. And yes, it’s as retarded as it sounds to anyone who values freedom of association.

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stop funding hate

It appears that in today’s world, the home of persistent, self-appointed moral guardians is in the left, and this is evident in a divisive new campaign called “Stop Funding Hate”. What is it? It’s a campaign that aims to pressure major companies into withdrawing ads from right-wing tabloids such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express. In other words, it’s a thinly disguised attempt at censoring newspapers they disagree with. They made news this month when they released a John Lewis style mock advert calling on them to stop funding right-wing papers. Sadly they’ve already gotten one company to cave in, as Lego announced that they will stop advertising in The Daily Mail. The Co-op Group (for those who don’t know, they’re a British supermarket chain) has also announced that they are “reviewing their policies”, and Waitrose and M&S are also being urged by the group.


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2 responses to “The return of the moral busybodies

  1. I have heard of this new movement when they persuaded Lego to stop associating with Daily Mail. It seems to me the focus of these groups is mediocre compared to more urgent issues such as child poverty and deaths of bees.

    • Yeah, I really wish we would be engaged in issues like that a little more. But that’s what happens when we give any validity to moral and social busybodies instead of sending a societal message of emphatic disapproval to them.

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