Satanism is not a Reaction to Christianity

V.K. Jehannum

There are several major Satanic traditions practiced by the world at large, and certain ill-formed and poorly-researched commentators have alleged that Satanism derives from or is a reaction to Christianity or related religions.

In reality, Satanism is not a progression from Christianity– it’s a progression from Occidental/Occult spirituality. By this I mean Thelema, the Typhonian tradition, Discordianism, etc. In addition to these, the philosophies of Jung, Nietzsche, and Myatt have all made significant contributions to the Satanic weltanschauungen.

While Hebrew lore plays a part in shaping the beliefs of the Satanist, the Biblical canon is inferior in the extent of its influence to Jewish Mysticism, the apocrypha, Gnosticism, etc. That’s easily proveable: ask any Satanist what Leviathan is, and they will tell you that Leviathan is the primeval aspect of Sathanas as the dragon of Tehom. If you were to ask a Christian the same question, she would tell you that…

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