An unexpected face-heel turn

Let’s begin this post with a question for fellow Satanists: have you ever seen videos of Christian preachers who claim to be ex-Satanists and give talks about their supposed stories of being Satanists?

The subject of this post is much the same except he’s a Luciferian, not a Satanist. Meet Jacob McKelvy, a former leader of the Greater Church of Lucifer. He left the Greater Church of Lucifer earlier this year, claiming that he felt it was too difficult to run the GCOL and simultaneously raise a family and run his own business, particularly in a community where he fears his Luciferian beliefs would be heavily ostracized. Eventually it was found out that Jacob had been taking money from donations that had been sent to the GCOL and spending them on various things without the permission or knowledge of the other leaders of the GCOL. Essentially he had been taking money from the GCOL that wasn’t actually his nor had been given to him as an individual and spent it on personal recreation. Some time after leaving the GCOL, he apparently also decided he was done with the occult altogether because he claimed it was all some kind of “ego cumshot”.

And then, apparently, he became a born-again Christian and started his own church which he calls Jacob McKelvy Ministries. And it’s another church where you can give money to help spread the “God’s love” to the world like so many televangelists before him.

This is what Jacob does now.

This is what Jacob does now.

He also has a YouTube channel where there are videos of him visiting churches and giving talks about how he used to be a Luciferian until he converted to Christianity, apparently as of only a few months ago. In one of his videos, he describes his position as the leader of the GCOL as “an executive in the armies of Satan himself”. If only.

Frankly, I don’t know what to make of all of this. But I have my suspicions that he is simply a con man who found in his old nemesis, the Christian faith, a new way to scam individuals after he failed to use the Greater Church of Lucifer to take money from ordinary people. Some might be more charitable and say that his conversion was genuine and driven by a sense of emotional turmoil and spiritual crisis. But then why is he now making money off of his story, under the guise of spreading “God’s love”?

At the end of the day, this is a guy who went from a leading figure in Luciferianism, at a time when the GCOL opened its first physical headquarters in Houston, Texas, to a man who was exposed as taking money from people and using the GCOL as the means to do so, to just another Christian preacher trying to get more mula for Yahweh from a crowd of useful idiots.

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