Affirm your own life, don’t give it up

Yesterday someone I know posted about how he was apparently ready to commit suicide. He said that he didn’t know why he keeps having hope, he keeps trying but “things are never going to get better” and thus he felt the only way to stop what he perceives as his suffering is to kill himself, and he ended his post with “goodbye”. Because I considered him sort of a friend, I tried to persuade him not to commit suicide. He told me that he had no other options but to commit suicide because he had no friends (other than me, I guess) and his family threw him out on the streets because he couldn’t pay them (for what, I have no clue). He told me that he just wanted “a chance to have dreams” and that he’ll never achieve his dreams. Oh he of little faith. He’s even convinced that the world just didn’t want him in the first place. I tried to convince him that he was wrong, the suicide will change nothing, and that as long as he has a job (which he told me he does) the only way forward is to persevere and work hard until you can make enough money to get out of being homeless. After a while, the conversation stopped, and I have no idea if I actually managed to get through to him, but I hope I did.

I am very much against suicide as some people may know. Not to the point that I think it should be illegal (after all what would be the point?), but I am opposed to it. The only time I could see it as acceptable or understandable is if you’re terminally ill  with no chance of recovery or if it’s someone performing assisted suicide if you’re in a vegetative state and there’s no hope of recovering from that. Beyond that, suicide to me simply means giving up and turning your back on a life that, if you persevere, you could still make somewhat better. Nothing will change for the better if you kill yourself, and that’s regardless of the question of life after death. If you think that nothing can change for the better while you’re alive and you think suicide is the answer, just know that suicide will not make anything better. All you will do is leave behind a corpse and the grief of whatever loved ones you have.

And let me you something. The world doesn’t “want” anyone. It has no consciousnesses. It’s a thing we live on, or live off. Do you really think the planet actually gives a damn that we exist on it? Of course not. And if you kill yourself, the world, the universe and life in general will go on without you. And after a while, most people will get over it in most cases. It sounds awfully cold, but that’s reality for you. If your self-esteem or emotional well-being depends on having a place in the world’s heart, then I see little hope for you. You’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve got to live for yourself. And persevere through life, so long as you can still do so.

One response to “Affirm your own life, don’t give it up

  1. If a comet smashed into the Earth wiping out humanity, nothing in the universe would care. Life is brutal in that respect. The individual makes their own life worth living.

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