A bit on pagan festivals and a request for Halloween advice

Even though I don’t consider myself a pagan these days (I’m probably more like what my good friend Mo called “post-pagan”), and I don’t think I was that much of a practicing pagan even back then or at least I was pretty damned lazy, I have fond memories of the days when I talked about paganism and my attraction to it. I think back to 2012, 2013 or 2014 when I talked about pagan gods, pagan symbols and polytheism, and particularly when I talked about Christmas, Easter and Halloween and I remember my fondness for that sort of work. I think there’s room for some elements of what is generally called paganism in my own path or worldview, and I’m not entirely sure but I think I still retain aspects of that “paganness” in faint ways.

Not to mention, it’s not entirely un-Satanic to participate in pagan holidays let alone adopt them. I should know. I’m still fond of Christmas – or should that be the Yule, Xmas or as I might say the Winter Mass –¬†possibly because of its pagan roots. And though the Church of Satan may be by and large a corporation of Peter Gilmore’s design in its contemporary state, it does still offer some pearls of wisdom for the Satanist on its website. For the Church of Satan, celebrating the days of the equinox and the pagan festivals associated with them is only fitting for the Satanist because of the fact that Satanism embraces Nature. I think few Satanists can argue with that point.

I am considering, probably beginning next year, to actually partake in the gamut of pagan holidays – unless during my esoteric studies I find some kind of Luciferian holidays that I adopt instead – or at least to do a better job of celebrating the actual equinoxes. I’ll probably need to do a bit of reading, perhaps a little revisiting of the “pagan” stuff.

May or may not adopt the festivals of the wheel.

May or may not adopt the festivals of the wheel.

I’d also like to use this post to ask for a little advice on how best to spend Halloween. The reason I’m doing this is because I think it’s likely I might get carried away and busy to do much in the way of preparing for Halloween on my own. There is a lot of work and academic study ahead of me, and it will be time-consuming stuff. In addition, October 31st is a Monday, which means I’ll probably be working for most of that day and will probably not be in a good position to attend any kind of Halloween parties that are out there (unless they happen to be before the 31st). Also, over the course of my lengthy esoteric study I may decide to change my altar but might not do so within just the coming month, so there’s that to keep in mind if you do have any advice to offer.

11 responses to “A bit on pagan festivals and a request for Halloween advice

  1. In terms of the seasons, I think the two poles of the year are the times around Walpurgisnight and Halloween, and both these dates are associated with witches Sabbats and meetings of the worlds of people and spirits. They are the times when Summer and Winter respectively really come in. Lammas and early February on the other hand are the heights of Summer and Winter. The Equinoxes are times of maximum shift and change in daylight, the Solstices of maximum stability. I think it is good to celebrate these times if it takes your fancy, as it is a connecting with Nature, but remember that the benefiting of your own selfhood and fulfilment is the object, rather than a subjugation to Nature

      • it’s not so much advocated for as implicit I think. The mainstream Wiccan-inspired form of neopaganism has some of that sense to it I think, and I think it tends to slide towards that as a popularised approach

      • I can’t speak for Wiccans, but for me, a person should always be getting some kind of benefit from whatever spiritual/magical practice they’re into, however they might choose to gauge it; otherwise, there’s no reason to continue with the practice. In this context, even worshiping a Deity is really a self-serving goal (as long as the Deity keeps Its end of the bargain, and the human has enough self-respect to walk away when and if It doesn’t). Then again, that’s polytheism versus monotheism I guess; if one God or pantheon or tradition gets you nothing, there’s plenty of other options to try.

      • I agree with that GB, even with devotional practice there is an energy exchange and relationship which is benefiting the devotee

  2. I use the Equinoxes and Solstices as reference points in my planning and goal setting. I usually have a major decluttering session at these dates. The other dates such as Samhain are the boundary points where the seasons start and end, Winter starts 1st Nov. The Welsh river Severn celebrates the Equinoxes and Solstices via the Severn Bore, which is at its strongest at these times.

      • Well as far as how you might celebrate, Halloween’s all about the dead and the past, and there’s a lot of ancestor veneration that happens. If you’re not interested in doing that exactly, maybe you should try celebrating your own past. You could get a picture of yourself as a kid, build an altar for yourself around it, and do something that you consider nostalgic that you haven’t done in a while. It doesn’t even have to be directly Halloween-related. Then maybe wrap things up with a short spell for reaping a good “harvest” through all of your hard work in the not-too-distant future. Not sure how much time you would want to devote to this, but I imagine you could probably fit all of it into an hour if you need to keep it brief.

        As far as time management goes, I think it depends on whether you’d prefer to celebrate on Halloween night itself, or perhaps on a different night. If you prefer the 31st, I’d say take off the next day (Nov. 1) if that’s on option for you. If not, or if you don’t care if it’s on the 31st necessarily, I’d say do your celebration the weekend afterward. Halloween is just one part of an entire harvest festival season that runs well into November (and which also include Dia de los Muertos, Guy Fawkes Night and American Thanksgiving), so it still makes sense to do it the next weekend. Plus, doing it that way would open your schedule the previous weekend for going to parties, if you decide you want to.

        These are just some suggestions; take from them what you will. Whatever you do, I hope you have a Happy Halloween.

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