Once more for opportunity…

I remember earlier this year I was told about how tricky and complicated rigging and skinning a character is as a job, and that if I can not only get good at it but also good at doing it efficiently, I would become highly employable and a valuable asset to a game developer because not many people actually like doing the job. I felt a wonderful sense of opportunity back then. And yesterday, I got reminded of the possibility of that opportunity again.

One of the things I have to do for my third year is write a critical analysis document. Essentially, this document is a kind of research document where you have to try and learn something new about something you are already familiar with in your field. It could be character rigging, animation, something involving the game engine, stuff like that. It’s not the same thing as a dissertation, but it’s not considered a report either, but it is still an academic document and has to be treated accordingly. I am likely to consider researching methods of rigging or skinning a character in Autodesk Maya in order to discover the best, most efficient method of doing so. I was told by one of the lecturers that the method they showed me was actually a longer method of doing so. If I could find a better method through the means of research, as well as practical experimentation, it could lead me to a kind of mastery. And if I get that, I could be pretty damn useful, become employable in the games industry and perhaps go far within the field and attain some worldly success.

In addition, according to one of the lecturers, many researchers (98% apparently) have a habit of changing their hypotheses because they think being wrong would invalidate their research and their work. This is important because being right isn’t the point of a critical analysis document. You can put forward a hypothesis and have it proven wrong, but the whole point is what you find through background research. Being willing to not change your hypothesis in the document and show how it was proven wrong would make you among the few. In my mind, that meant the possibility of being among an elite of something, in a sense.

It all made me feel like the path of mastery awaits me, as well as, for some reason, self-overcoming. But it does feel like I might reach a time of attainment and cultivation of mastery and overcoming. I hope that’s the case, and I hope I reap the rewards of such attainment as well as see for myself as a Satanist the virtues of that path.

May the spirit of transformations, becoming and overcoming be with me in that journey.


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