The beautiful destruction of the alt-right

Last night I saw one of the most glorious things on the Internet: YouTube creator Sargon of Akkad triggering members of the alt-right with interracial gay porn.

For those who don’t know what the alt-right is, the alt-right is a loose movement of right-wing ideologies united only by a certain commitment to hardcore ethnic nationalism (as well as their support for Donald Trump, due to his attitude towards illegal immigration and radical Islam). A lot of them can accurately be described as white nationalists – believing in a state that preserves the native ethnic culture (or white identity in the case of the West) – but they also have a unique reputation for their deliberately subversive and provocative character to the point that they are often trolls. They also have a tendency to believe that culture and race are inseparable. They despise not only egalitarianism and liberalism, but especially what they deem as “establishment conservatism” because, in their view, they are willing to sacrifice conservative principles or the national interest either for the sake of political correctness or expediency or because they value the free market first – hence the term “Cuckservative”. They have been described as staunch supporters of freedom of speech but, for reasons we’ll get into later, they actually only care about freedom of speech when it suits them or because their enemies in the far-left are so openly against their own freedom of speech and expression and in general they aren’t going to value things like individual rights and freedoms more than the preservation of Western or white European culture or the interests of the nation.

Now, I don’t know if this is down to racism or just generally having thin skin, but they got pretty mad at Sargon for posting a tweet saying “I’ve learned that the alt right don’t like it when you reply to their tweets with interracial gay porn.” and showing an image of a Nazi Pepe with a black Pepe standing behind him. In response, Sargon tweeted images and videos featuring interracial pornography, most of which happened to be gay. It was hilarious to see them get triggered by it. I mean why the hell are these people so easily offended by pornography, let alone interracial pornography? They denounced Sargon entirely over it, dismissing him as a cuck and calling him “quadroon” or “nigger” (which is pretty weird because Sargon is an Anglo-Saxon individual). The triggering that ensued was an awesome spectacle. It was pleasure to discover how up their own asses those alt-rightists were about their own ideological sensibilities.

Beyond the high I got from seeing a bunch of hardcore racial nationalists get embarrassed by a liberal (a moderately left-leaning and anti-SJW liberal no less), I saw quite a few of the alt-right people acting like the very people they would mock. Remember when Hillary Clinton chose to make a speech all about the alt-right and make them an election issue, thereby doing the main thing you aren’t supposed to do with trolls? Well now the alt-right have essentially taken the bait and in the process revealed themselves to be either anti-porn or really ideologically triggered by interracial lovin’. Sargon was basically just trolling them, and they fell for it. In the process, we have a perfect example of how members of the alt-right can be just like the SJWs.

And I’m not kidding when I say that. I’ve seen one of them say “In a sane world, you would go to prison (or worse) for posting that Sargon”. Yeah, that’s totally defending freedom of expression in true alt-right fashion. Right Milo? One even went so far as to imply that members of the alt-right would keep the pornographic videos and images and send them to his family and kids whilst saying “industrialized rape is no joke”. Industrialized rape? Is that how think of interracial gay porn? Holy shit! Not only are they are they vehemently against interracial gay porn, but I’m pretty they think pornography is rape, which is tantamount to what feminists and SJWs tend to say.

This, I think, proves two things. First that people on the alt-right are not so different from the SJWs (in fact I am almost prepared to call them right-wing SJWs at this point), and secondly that they only seem to care about freedom of anything what it suits them or when it’s against SJWs and the left in general.

Some archives (NSFW):


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