International Peace Day is a joke

It is International Peace Day today. Meanwhile, Muslims are killing Christians in Africa.

I’m not kidding. This is a joke. Our high-minded celebration of the prospect of world peace is something that people can only enjoy in the West or the developed capitalist countries in the Far East, if they enjoy it all. I really hate to say it, because I loathe the word that I am about to type due to the way it is currently used, but it is a privilege.

Do you think our meager notion of “International Peace Day” matters to people in the Middle East, where Islamic militants kill on a regular basis, or Africa which, as I’ve just pointed out, has its own violent conflict? In this world, peace only seems to be available to those who can afford to live in relative peace. Even then, though, it seems to me that our grip on this relative peace is slipping. America as I speak is still being divided by identity politics, and only this week has seen two terrorist incidents on its soil – one in New York, the other in Minnesota.

I hate things like International Peace Day. I hate it with a silent passion. It is only for those who signal their “virtue” whilst solving no problems whatsoever and the world around them is the same as it was, probably getting worse actually, with or without them. I don’t even pity those people, consumed by idealism, who indulge in the eternal lie that there will be peace on Earth while a lot of world still swims in conflict as it always has, even if you believe that there is less war and violence now than there has been previously.


3 responses to “International Peace Day is a joke

  1. As an individual who has adopted a lot of ideas from the natural philosopher Heraclitus I regard peace as delusional. War is the universal principle of nature, which drives motion, change and the creation of new things. In a state of war the only answer is to find the harmony between two or more opposing states of existence. Their are no rainbows without the conflict of opposing states of sunlight and rain.

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