The deal

We humans live in settled communities in order to get something we want out of them – in this case what we want is usually safety from the wilderness, proximity to other members of our species and access to resources that would ensure our survival or fulfill other needs. In exchange for these things, we are often expected to observe the laws the society in which we live and not subvert that society or the bonds between the people who live in it. Most people access resources such as money to survive by earning through work, and this is how individuals survive and also support their families. You don’t get something for nothing. This is what I would refer to as a kind of social contract.

There is a similar phenomenon in relationships between mates. Each partner seeks sexual and emotional gratification from each other, and usually one partner wants the other to be able to provide for the other and any family unit that they may plan to raise. You don’t get something for nothing in relationships.

Why am I saying these things? Because I think that we are living in an age where a social contract based on mutual benefit and rational self-interest is either being eroded or rejected entirely in favor of more idealistic proposals. Human societies are not built solely upon abstract ideas, not least the popular ideals being propagated by politicians and ideologues: ideals such as “diversity” and “unity”, or “love” as opposed to “hate” winning the day. They are based on the social contract, people scratching each others’ backs in return for doing the same in kind or simply not causing any trouble. We cannot pursue a lot of our natural inclinations within large groups or communities without some kind of secure society with rules to ensure that people don’t either kill each other based on whims or infringe upon what we might call each others “rights”. But I worry that modern society is acting against this reality in its grandiose pursuit of witless ideas that work against the natural inclinations of humans.

You might think I am talking about the effect that religions such as Christianity have on our society, and it’s certainly true that a society ordered around the Christian religion might in some way work against the natural inclinations of the majority of people. And of course, you could say that the Christians supplanted and replaced a pagan culture based on a deal with nature and the gods with a religion where, in general, the main component of salvation is simply to believe in God. But Christianity has been domesticated by the secular, liberal West, and is becoming less culturally relevant in the West, with the possible exception of America. And yet, where Christianity has failed, secular “progressive” ideologies such as feminism succeed. What may have started out as a movement working to genuinely give women rights that they didn’t have before is now a purely gender-based identitarian movement which claims to be about “equality” but in reality seeks solely the advancement of women as a gendered social class, often by taking advantage of the gynocentrism (which I plan on covering in a later post) as well as, interestingly, a kind of social and cultural puritanism similar if not identical to the kind that has been characteristic of Christianity, all while embracing and profiteering off of modern victim culture and the rancid social justice movement. And this is also based on the idea that the gender roles we are familiar with are entirely socialized, an idea that sooner or later people will realize is working against them, which it is already doing. And let’s not forget a culture that is both increasingly feminized and increasingly antagonistic towards masculinity – which, I guarantee, you will find exemplified both in social media and in many major media outlets where social commentary is found – a culture that is bound to facilitate higher rates of male suicide. It is my belief that those invested in this sort of culture want to get something for nothing, they want to lift themselves up at the expense of everyone else.

In addition to this, we have a consumer culture where humans can find instant gratification through social media, technology and other avenues. Social media and technology, I must stress, isn’t so much a problem on it is own as much as the fact of our lack of control. The rise of ideologies such as socialism, which is based ultimately on the premise of taking from the wealthy and giving it to the poor through the state, is also surely not a coincidence, particularly as it is popular among millenials. After all, when you want a society where you can get something for nothing, why not gravitate towards socialism? I mean it worked out great for Venezuela, right?

All of this is relevant because the social contract is meaningless when there is no incentive in society to uphold it. The bonds between humans are meaningless when there is no incentive for humans to reciprocate each other. Relationships are becoming perverted, not by sexual “immorality” but by people who want to have it all and the ideas through which they feel they can acheive this, and this driving people away from having relationships and even from having sex.

Man is in the midst of a great experiment: to try and realign his own nature in order to suit whatever ideologies humans have which demand that human nature be realigned according to their respective propositions for society. It failed with communism, it failed with fascism and it is going to fail again precisely because human nature is not accounted for. Man has forgotten to put his own needs before whatever grand visions of society are produced by charlatans and entertained by fools. So have the nation states of Europe, which allow migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, most of which are neither refugees nor from Syria, to break down the social cohesion of their communities in the name of both pathological altruism and the ideal of “diversity”, thus undermining the social contract. Man has also forgotten that his needs can be fulfilled through hard work and through observing the contract – by scratching someone else’s back, they scratch yours – and perhaps even cultivating the bonds between humans that, ultimately, preserve society. Neither instant gratification nor the grandiose ideals around which modern Man wishes to orient society will not be too fulfilling to Man or his needs for very long. As Anton LaVey assures in The Satanic Bible, “yes, times have changed, but Man has not”.


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