Gary Johnson, Donald Trump and a bit about legal vs illegal immigration

I know I said I’d try and refrain from talking about American politics for a while, and I guess in a way I did for a whole month. But there is a development concerning Gary Johnson I feel I need to talk about, as well as a certain issue on my mind.

Gary Johnson has come under a lot of criticism from conservatives for supposedly not actually being very libertarian in practice. He has suggested a “climate tax” and put it forward as a “free market solution”, never mind that it’s basically the same thing a progressive would suggest. He suggested mandatory vaccinations, something that I would think most libertarians are necessarily against because it means that a vaccination is mandated by the federal government. Of course, I’m pretty sure Johnson back-peddled on those issues recently as well. But what really irks me is his response to somebody using the term “illegal immigrants” as opposed to “undocumented immigrants” to refer to, well, illegal immigrants. I would see no problem with that term – after all, they are entering the country through unlawful means. His reason? It’s “incendiary” to the Latino population. Why? “It just is”, apparently. And when he criticizes Donald Trump, he starts by referring to what he is saying as “incendiary”. He didn’t say it was wrong, outlandish or incorrect. Just incendiary. That’s it. He then proceeded to flip out and go on a short rant where he basically acts as some kind of white knight, almost as though he’s some kind of libertarian SJW or something.

Before I continue I want to express my general frustration with the way I see Americans talk about immigration. It’s usually all about illegal immigration. The left wants to do more to help illegal immigrants, while the right wants to kick them out. All the while, how much talk is there of legal immigration, and any meaningful reform for the nightmare that is the US immigration system? I am so fucking tired of hearing people talk about how we should be kind or cruel to illegal immigrants and say nothing about people who want to come to America through completely legal means. And I find my sentiments echoed only by people like Lauren Southern.

If anything it should be harder for people to get into the country through unlawful means, not for people who want to come in through legal means. I would have thought this was a sensible position. But apparently not.

So anyways, I was beginning to lose patience with Gary Johnson over this. And then someone told me that he threw away a gun that he was given by his rival Austin Petersen as an olive branch, which he actually did. To me it struck me as a dick move in the extreme, and left me in doubt as to whether someone like that will protect the Second Amendment when even Trump has commented about tightening gun laws.

Which of course, leads me to Trump himself. You’d think I’d ditch Gary Johnson in favor of Donald Trump, and I do fear that it looks like I might be forced into that position. On some issues, Trump is still very much the only one speaking truth to power, such the migration crisis, the threat of Islamism and jihad and the forces of globalization, despite that he sometimes seemingly exaggerates the threat of rising violent crime in America. He’s also the only current candidate with the guts to point out that the African-American community has a crime problem, which it does, while Gary Johnson has come out in support of Black Lives Matter – you know, that group who decides that antipathy towards law and order and destroying communities is a valid substitute for consulting the actual facts regarding police shootings and actually dealing with the broad social ills facing the African-American community that weren’t actually created by racism. This movement, this sad identitarian movement with proven violent inclinations mind you, has the support of Gary Johnson who claimed that they opened his eyes to racial discrimination and said Americans need to do the same – you know, again, instead of talking about the actual issues such as poverty, fatherlessness and the breakdown of the nuclear family, the ghetto and gang culture in those communities. That, to me, suggests that he is actually an imbecile – a useful fucking idiot at that. And this might be what we get for our money when the Libertarian nominee spends his campaign since the end of the primaries appealing to the left while losing the right.

And yet Trump is still a buffoon, he still has a lot of bad ideas. It is hard to imagine me supporting Trump wholeheartedly. Even if I told you right now that Trump is better than Clinton or Johnson, that’s not saying much. It’s still saying that America’s options are a career criminal, a goddamned buffoon and a craven, and I would be only ever be forced into thinking Trump might be the “best” option because the other candidates are either worse or simply unworthy of trust. The way things might be going, why should I side with any of them on principle?

Whether it’s Gary Johnson or Donald Trump, I don’t think I would get everything I want out of either of them, even on the matter of principles.


2 responses to “Gary Johnson, Donald Trump and a bit about legal vs illegal immigration

  1. I have stopped watching the US Presidential election. The candidates of this election will be making all kinds of statements and promises, what they say means nothing because the only end state of this is getting elected. What the candidate does when they get elected will be different from what they said due to political and economic realities.

    The white christian citizen feels under threat in the USA, and they are demanding hard measures against those that immigrate into the USA. The Latino-American population is growing fast, along with the Spanish language, so there is a growing sense of unease about American identity.

    • I think we are past the Christian issue here. It’s not so much white Christians so much as the white working class in general. And increased immigration is hardly the only thing that could possibly make them feel threatened.

      There is, increasingly, a culture in the West where being white is an exceptional source of shame because of their heritage being some kind of original sin. Concepts like “white privilege” and related social justice nonsense teach society that white people are racist because they are white, and consequently if you aren’t white you supposedly can’t be racist because you are part of the victim class, due to the belief that race = privilege + power. And the current generation(s) of college and university students are being taught this as well, so these ideas will continue to spread. And the mainstream media now comes out with everything under the sun being racist and sexist and the progressive politicians echo the lies and the pathetic identity politics in order to secure electoral victory, all while helping to cement the lies and the identity politics as a part of our culture and our politics.

      It’s not just a problem in the US though. We have it in the UK too as well as Europe and Australia.

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