Haram Month #13 – The burkini ban

Recently, France has imposed a law banning the wearing of something called the burkini, which is essentially a full-body swimsuit designed to fulfill the requirement of modesty for women practicing the Islamic faith. Naturally, this ban caused a lot of controversy, and there are apparently reports of Muslim women being stopped by authorities in order to get them to remove the burkini in compliance with the law. On the other side, though, it’s also reported that burkini sales are through the roof despite the ban, which already goes to show just how effective the law is.

Here’s my opinion though. I actually think that banning the burkini is a bad idea, for the same reason I feel banning the burqa is a bad idea. It is an infringement on freedom of choice, and it amounts to a really lazy solution to the problem of the rise of Islamism. I mean really: this is how France is going to stem the tide of Islamist terrorism is it? By banning a piece of swimwear? It’s pathetic. It does not address the fundamental ideological current that is fueling it. It will not stop the clash of cultures, or civilizations, that is occurring in the West. It will not force¬†Islam out of the molly-coddling that it is being treated with by the establishment. All it will do is make for a pretty illiberal policy, and a farcical one at that.

And it makes me wonder: is this what France wants to do other than actually challenge Islam?

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