Haram Month #6 – Yes, Islam is being shielded by the media and the establishment

This post is written mainly to show that those us of participating in Haram Month do not do so out of being led in a direction of hatred of Islam and Muslims by the media, rather that we are countering the narrative of the media and the political establishment.

The Independent actually released an article in recent weeks titled “It’s not Muslims or people with mental health problems who are most likely to kill you in a terrorist attack – it’s men“. Let that sink in. They want you to know that men as a whole need to be dealt with, rather than Islamic terrorists. They’ve also released quite a few articles that claim that Islam is actually compatible with British values and when the Brussels attacks occurred they released an article claiming that the attack was more Belgium’s fault than the fault of people who decided to kill in the name of Allah. The BBC has actually silenced someone in a radio conservation about Islam and Trump, have suggested removing the words “Islamist” and “terrorist” from their news outlets and they have reported a suicide bombing as “Syrian migrant dies in blast“. CNN actually thinks that radical Islam is caused by “broken politics and stagnant economics”, instead of a religious belief system that hasn’t been tempered by Enlightenment values in the same way Christianity and Judaism largely have or the fact that the people who follow them actually want to structure Western society around Islam. Al Jazeera, through their online channel AJ+, have constantly made Islamic terror attacks about literally everything but Islamic terror in order to shield Islam from criticism. They made the Orlando massacre all about guns, used gay Muslims to promote the progressive identity politics agenda and their sentiments as a hit piece on the GOP and eventually complained that after the massacre the media began talking a lot about ISIL (despite the fact that Omar Mateen literally pledged his allegiance to ISIL). They have even denied that radicalization as a phenomenon even exists! It’s worth noting that Al Jazeera is run by the royal family of Qatar and are partners with The Young Turks (yes, those Young Turks; and by partners I mean they basically do all the reporting for TYT who don’t actually report anything almost all of the time).

When the Nice attack happened, the media headlines seemed to suggest that they thought the truck had agency of its own since they kept describing the event as a truck killing people, only later talking about . When they did finally talk about the Nice attacker, they loved to point out how he considered a “shit”, as if that somehow altered the obvious religious motivation of his killing. When Khzir Khan and his wife slammed Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention for having the audacity to speak of the threat of radical Islam, stressing that Islam-inspired terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, the media showered him with praise and his son’s death in 2004 became a cheap political device for the Democrats and their supporters to use against Trump. And when Cologne broke out, despite a conspiracy of silence by the authorities to hide the fact that the perpetrators were Muslim migrants from Syria, the media hesitated to show any outrage on the matter, and the commentariat basically declared that potential rising anti-migrant sentiment was the worst part of the Cologne attacks.

Not only is the media shielding Islam, but so is the Western political establishment. America’s president Barack Obama has repeatedly refused to identify Islamic terror attacks as Islamic terror attacks and has in the past attempted to downplay the significance of the role of Islam in terror attacks in today’s world by pointing to the Crusades and the Inquisition of medieval Europe – as though today’s Christians actually have to be held responsible for the crimes of their ancestors. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee and likely president-elect, has made it clear that she believes that Islam is not the adversary of America, or Western civilization, in spite of a world of evidence that shows otherwise. Our own current Prime Minister, Theresa May, has denied any link between the ideology of Islam and the actions of ISIL and has even repeated the mantra of “Islam is a religion of peace”. And don’t forget the rest of Europe, as many of their politicians are evidently blind to the increasing influence of radical Islam, to the point that politicians in places like Germany are actually more afraid of right-wing chatrooms than radical Islam and the consequences of mass Muslim immigration. It should be little wonder that Angela Merkel favors censoring online discussion of mass immigration. The European Union wishes to continue its reckless open-borders policy, despite numerous crimes and an increase in terrorism committed by migrants from Islamic countries. And in Australia, the government has made it illegal to “vilify” any religion including Islam (read: especially Islam), specifically in order to combat an apparent rise in anti-Muslim sentiment.

Social media has done its part to shield Islam from criticism as well, with Facebook having received criticism for apparently censoring people and groups for criticizing Islam. For example, Pamela Geller had her page Stop the Islamization of America temporarily removed from Facebook, and has been blocked from posting for 30 days. Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, a secular humanist thinker, got banned from Facebook for posting critically about the Muslim Brotherhood. In the aftermath of the Nice attacks, Facebook has also removed posts from ordinary users that show they aren’t big fans of Islam or Muslims. Same with Twitter. Mark Kern, a video game designer from Blizzard Entertainment, was banned from Twitter in June for tweeting that radical mosques (not all mosques, just radical mosques) should not be excluded from NSA surveillance. On the same month, Milo Yiannpoulous was temporarily banned after making anti-Islamic tweets. In fact, Twitter has taken a lot of flak from its users about how ISIL accounts or ISIL-affiliated accounts do not get banned from Twitter, but those who speak out against Islam often do. Not to mention, Arab Twitter’s reaction to the Orlando massacre somehow isn’t considered “hate speech”, nor is what the Arab Twitterati have to say about atheists, but offending Muslims is. Also, if you’re a content creator on YouTube you’ll find that if you post a video critical of Islam, you are likely to have your videos de-monetized. Take Gryffix for instance – seemingly every time she releases a video about Islam lately, it gets demonetized. Same with Kraut and Tea, Veemonro, EdgyptianSphinx and others. YouTube is either demonetizing the videos themselves, or doing so in response to reports (possibly from offended Muslims). All of this clearly suggests to me that big social media platforms are trying to discourage online criticism of Islam and Islamic terrorism.

So you see, there is actually a considerable desire among the establishment to promote a narrative that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and is not an ideology that inspires violence. If you think I and those who join me in Haram Month are simply being led in a direction to hate Muslims by the media, I don’t know what to tell you.


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