Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand what she is being accused of

In an interview with Scott Pelley on CBS, Hillary Clinton was asked about the accusation of corruption that frequently follows her campaign, citing an anonymous young man Pelley had spoken to before the interview. Here’s how Hillary sums up the accusations:

“there’s been a concerted effort to convince people like that young man of something, nobody’s quite sure what, but of something.”

I have a question for Hillary Clinton: What the fuck are you talking about, Clinton? Are seriously that unaware of what you are being accused of?

You are accused of being a creature of Wall Street, money in politics and powerful private wealthy interests, and we know you are being supported by those same interests. You are accused of being guided by no principles whatsoever, as evidenced by your appeal to identity politics and your apparent willingness to co-opt some of Bernie Sanders’ positions in order to beat him. You are accused of taking money from Saudi Arabia, a country ruled by a brutal Islamic theocracy where the punishments for breaking the law are brutal and the punishments for being gay or a non-believer is death! You are accused of exclusively serving your own personal interests instead of the interests of the American people and the nation you expect to lead. You are accused of being a force of yet more destabilization in the Middle East, a force so callous that it would rather continue to bring destruction, as evidenced by the emails leaked in March. You are accused of covering for your husband’s many alleged rapes. You are accused of being such an unremitting liar that I swear it’s comical in some cases. And, more recently, your party is being accused of smearing your political rivals (mainly Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) and clearly demonstrating an agenda to get you nominated at all costs, as was revealed by Wikileaks this weekend.

In summary, you, Hillary Clinton, are accused of being everything wrong with the American political establishment in one revolting package! And you’re the person who is now running for President as the presumptive Democrat nominee!

How on Earth can you be so unaware in this instance of what you are being accused of, or the gravity of these accusations? I can only assume you are trying desperately to obfuscate these things once again, and in doing so you have proven that you are more than willing to lie through your fucking teeth!


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