On Adam Daniels, the Church of Ahriman and the “Consumption of Mary”

You know, I honestly thought Breitbart was dealing in click-bait when I saw the headline “Registered Sex Offender to Desecrate Virgin Mary, Burn Koran in Black Mass“. But it turns out that might not necessarily be the case. According to the Oklahoma Gazette, a man named Adam Daniels, who is the leader of a theistic Satanist organization called the Church of Ahriman, is planning to perform a ceremony dubbed “The Consumption of Mary” on August 15th (which happens to be the day of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary in the Catholic calendar) in the Civic Centre Music Hall in Oklahoma City, USA. In an article on the Chruch of Ahriman’s website, it is stated that ceremony is intended as a public event with the aim of educating people about the philosophy of the Church of Ahriman. This is planned to be done through a presentation on the subject mater of Ahrimanism, the branch of theistic Satanism espoused by the Church of Ahriman, a lesson on the significance of the goddess Kali and then the rite itself. The ritual apparently involves a statue of the Virgin Mary placed in the center of a magickal circle, after being covered in menstrual blood, sulfur and the ashes of a copy of the Quran so that it may be “corrupted”. Then participants dance around the statue in order to invoke spirits to decapitate the statue, and a priestess is supposed to smash open the statue in order to reveal a pig’s heart, which she then eats.

I think the rite Daniels is planning is similar  Looking at the picture on the Breitbart article, he appears to be the same dude who organized a public ceremony in which he and other Satanists poured fake blood over a statue of Mary on Christmas Eve. There’s nothing about that display which didn’t come across as pointless attention-seeking with the intent of shitting on other people’s celebrations. The Church of Ahriman has stated that they believe that the truest form of freedom is brought about by “evil” speech or blasphemy. It seems evident to me that this freedom is defined by them as separation from God (which is an entirely legitimate goal of Left Hand Path traditions), at least that can be inferred from the belief that evil speech separates mankind from God. I think it’s possible that the Church of Ahriman could be using displays like the Christmas Eve display and the “Consumption of Mary” in order to further the cause of separation from God from “evil speech” and blasphemy. On the other hand, that’s also possible to do in the private sphere, and they do this strikes me as intentionally getting the goat of Christians.

I suppose a word about the Church of Ahriman itself is in order. They say they are a legally recognized Satanic church, and they seem to base their philosophy and spiritual practice on a combination of theistic Satanism, Zoroastrian lore and Hindu Tantra, with the aim of bringing about a kind of “liberation”. They believe that Ahriman is the god of Hell and the ruler of this world, much like Satan is considered to be the ruler of Hell and the lord of this world, which is fitting considering they believe that Ahriman is the original Satan and worthy of worship and veneration. According to Daniels the church’s teachings are based on the concept of chaos, specifically the chaotic force of change through destruction which they believe Ahriman represents, and he claims that this is what they want to evoke through the Consumption of Mary. They quite clearly believe in literal infernal spirits, literal devils, literal deities and a literal Satan (or in this case a literal Ahriman), as one may except of a theistic Satanist group, and they are quite keen on distinguishing their belief system from other Satanic belief systems, particularly atheistic or humanistic forms of Satanism which they see as bound in conformity to the ideals of secular reason. It might be safe to infer that they are opposed to humanism and most secular ideas. Also, they seem like a more “hardcore” and theistic version of The Satanic Temple sans the political activism, given they always have spats Christians, have engaged in rather public ceremonies and even tried to distribute their literature to children. They also come across to me as a group that believes itself to be at war with the Catholic Church, which wouldn’t be particularly surprising when you consider that they’ve had conflicts with the church in Oklahoma in the past. They’d had a “black mass” before in 2014, which predictably offended Christians, and they’ve been sued by the archbishop of Oklahoma City for allegedly stealing a communion wafer for use in a ritual.

Going back to the rite itself, it is worth noting that they consider Mary to be an Asura. This is obviously a way of tying Mary into the narrative of Kali destroying an Asura in Hindu myth. I’m familiar with the icon of Mary and I honestly can’t think of any Asura qualities that Mary possesses. If anything, I think Hindus would definitely consider her a non-Asura figure and if you put her in Hindu lore she is more likely to be a Shakti than an Asura. The rationale seems to be that, according to them, Asura means “angel”. Asura does not mean “angel”. It originally meant “mighty” or “powerful”, and was originally an epithet referring to the strength and power of a given deity. It was only later that the Asuras began to be considered a separate class of beings who were opposed to the devas. The connection between Asura and “angel” seems to be linked with the Zoroastrian word Ahura, which did indeed refer to a divine or benevolent class of beings. The only being I’m aware of that is referred to as Ahura is Ahura Mazda. The closest thing to angels in Zoroastrianism are the Yazatas or the Amesha Spentas. So the whole idea of Kali “consuming” Mary and destroying her as an Asura seems to me like a stretch designed to suit a blasphemous narrative.

Regarding the accusation that Daniels is a registered sex offender, I have found there is some truth to this. It is documented that Adam Daniels was formerly a member of another Satanic organization called the Church of the IV Majesties, but was expelled from the group in 2010 by one of its founders, James Hale, after they discovered he was using an alias to hide his real name. When they found out his real name, they found out that he had been registered as a sex offender and was charged with “sexual battery of a person over the age of 16” in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Needless to say, the Church of the IV Majesties decided that they did not want to deal with registered sex offenders and kicked him out on that basis. From what I’ve heard, he has been accused of having rape fantasies in later years. However, given the drama I sometimes see from leaders of theistic Satanist organizations, I have half a mind to think it could be mudslinging and I haven’t found any proof to substantiate that particular accusation other than stuff coming from Tom Raspotnik, and I’m not sure how reliable a source he is on such matters.

There’s something about Adam Daniels effectively getting the opportunity to burn a Quran I find particularly odd. I remember that back in 2010, there was a conservative Christian pastor named Terry Jones who announced his intention to host an “Internation Burn a Quran Day” in Florida on the anniversary of 9/11. Jones was denounced by the overwhelming majority both in America and the rest of the world and he was even condemned by leaders of international governments, NATO and the UN. Three years later, Jones was actually arrested ahead of another planned Quran burning. Now when a Satanist wants to burn a copy of Quran and use its ashes to “corrupt” the Virgin Mary, the only people I see outraged are Christians. You’d think there’d be a lot of Muslim outrage to the idea of burning a Quran, you’d think the regressive left would be on his case ready to charge him for “hate speech”. But nope. I’m not saying that you should do cry “hate speech” in order to shut him down. It’s just a bit odd that one gets international outrage and the other doesn’t. But hey, who am I kidding? It’s always hate speech when a Christian does it. That’s the dogma of the modern world. I would actually like to give Daniels credit for actually being willing to burn a Quran for the sake of blasphemy (after all, I don’t see many Satanists who are just as willing to mock or blaspheme Islam as they are willing to do the same with Christianity), but it also seems like that’s merely part of attacking Christianity rather than directly attacking Islam.

All in all, Daniels kind of comes across as something of an embarrassment, or at least a joke, to people like me who embrace Satanism and want to avoid drama. It seems to me like he is trying to get some kind of attention. He may well be trying to inform people of his philosophy, and that is all fine and good, but given his previous display it honestly feels like he is mostly getting at the goats of a religion he considers himself to be at war with.

At this point I’d like to stress that I don’t hate the Church of Ahriman. I consider them over the top and they certainly embrace hard theistic Satanist outlook, which I of course disagree with, but I’ve got no major beef with the organization itself. I’m just not a big fan of what they’re doing at the moment.

One response to “On Adam Daniels, the Church of Ahriman and the “Consumption of Mary”

  1. We Satanists are opposers, we use blasphemy, parody, because as adversaries, we give to the world a different way of doing things, in a way that goes against what has been settled as “correct” by the mainstream forces. I am a Solitary practitioner and not associated with any organisation but what the Church of Ahriman does not seem anti-satanic to me. It seems like fun actually 😛

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