Shut up, my generation – the world doesn’t revolve only around us

I didn’t intend to go about writing another post-Brexit post (at least for now), but I have been thinking about the attitudes of the younger generation vs the political will of the older generation.

Now, before I begin to rant proper, let me show you some facts. First, here is a breakdown of the voter turnout based on age demographics, courtesy of Lord Ashcroft Polls.

As you can see, the majority of young people voted to Remain in the European Union. But as we get to the older portions of the demography of the UK, you find more people willing to leave until you get to the middle-aged and senior populations, the vast majority of whom voted to Leave.

Now, let’s take a look at the population “pyramid”, courtesy of Index Mundi.

It can be inferred that the 18-24-year-olds in this country (the youngest demographic eligible to vote) collectively make up a rather small portion of the overall demography of the United Kingdom. By contrast, the older generation (in this case the parents of the younger generation, who are likely to be in their 40’s or their 50’s) make up a larger portion of the demographic.

What’s more, according to a Sky Data survey, only 36% of 18-24’s actually turned up to vote. 58% of 25-34’s turned out to vote, while a comparatively whopping 72% of 35-44’s turned out to vote, and 75% of 45-54’s turned out to vote. 81% of 55-64’s turned out to vote, and 83% over-65’s turned out to vote. This makes people aged 65 and over the largest voting demographic in this referendum.

Given that most of the adults and old people voted to leave, I think that means something important. The people of my generation who so blindly support the EU and its apparent “benefits” simply don’t know what was like for their parents, and their grandparents for that matter, to live and work in the UK at a time when the EU was growing more and more powerful and having a real impact on their lives. The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union since 1973. By then, my grandparents were in their 40’s and my parents were children. My grandparents will have lived to see Britain join the EU and to see it become what it is. They would likely have had on-the-ground experience of what this meant for their daily working lives and the communities in which they lived. My parents became adults in the mid or late 1980’s, and they too will have lived to see the EU have a notable effect on the EU, and they may have heard of how the EU has affected other countries that were a part of it. They would have looked at the problems of the EU, and decided that they didn’t want their country to be a part of it, and nor did they want their children to be a part of it. My mother told me that she didn’t want to see her granddaughter wearing a hijab. Now, I know what you might be thinking: she seems bigoted towards Muslims. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I think it has more to do with the prospect of an increased number of Muslim migrants that might enter the country if we remained in the EU, and that’s not an entirely illegitimate or even bigoted concern. We have witnessed Europe take in a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, and in Germany’s case without proper processing, and we have come to find that a number of them have not integrated very well with the communities they became a part of. This means that the regressive attitudes towards women in particular that have been held within members of communities where such attitudes are considered normal are also imported into Europe unchecked, which has led to incidents of sexual harassment and even violence in European countries such as Germany and Sweden. The fact that some German politicians openly embrace the supplanting of its native population with the imported migrant population does not help matter. In my view, the adults and senior citizens who voted Leave did not like the European Union that much and were very concerned about the future that the next generation would inherit – a future they don’t realize they are heading towards.

So when I see young people complain that “their future” was “stolen” from them, I think “tough shit”. How self-centered do you have to be to think that the future being voted on belongs to your demographic alone? I’m not even sure how many of my generation have even had to work, yet they dare to presume that they know their parents worked hard to get to the point where they were born to begin with and could live the way they do now. To claim that their future has been stolen from them by people who actually give a damn about their future is fucking ludicrous. Especially when a lot of these young people probably went to Glastonbury 2016, which started the day before the referendum. And by the way, there were no polling stations at the Glastonbury festival. I mean sure, they could probably have sent postal votes before attending Glastonbury, but I’m not sure how many of them even bothered considering, again, so few of the festival’s likely audience bothered to vote in the first place. Can I just say that it figures that Glastonbury attendees, not to mention the festival organizers themselves, seem to be in favor of Remain? I always wondered why that fits so well with the modern day hippie ethos embraced by the festival and its attendants.

What is even worse is the way my generation decided to condemn their grandparents as bigots solely because they voted to leave the EU, and then claim that they should be barred from voting because they’re too old to know what’s going on. Which is, of course, both shameful and idiotic. There are people alive today who have fought in the Second World War, and they are now in their 80’s or their 90’s. They fought to protect their country from a power that threatened to consume Europe, and ultimately the world, and granted its subjects a horrible existence under an actual fascist dictatorship, and they were no doubt very concerned about the way their country was going in. Not to mention, they probably know more about fascism than most of the Remain camp think they. And yet the young Remainers are so ungrateful for what they’ve done to help secure their future and their country, so blind to it and so convinced that they are woefully out of touch with the world in which they live that they actually believe they should be barred from voting because they deem them to be bigots. They can’t prove that they are racist, sexist, homophobic, or fascist. They can’t prove any of that. They only believe this to be the case because they are old, and by rule this means you’re out of touch with the modern world. Or, in other words, they disagree with you. The sheer irony of their belief that the pro-Brexit voters, particularly the old, aren’t clever enough for politics is quite palpable. What do they know? They don’t know what the EU is like, and are incapable of registering the reasons why people like me, and people way older than me, don’t like it. They don’t know any better, but they’re arrogant enough to presume that they are the smart ones just because they’re in college or university – or because they are young. And I suspect they may well have been propagandized by their peers, through the culture they have absorbed, or through various other forces.

They honestly believe that the world centers around them, and the world must answer to their mostly malformed opinions and their blatant narcissism. They will reject the will of the majority because they don’t like it. They slander their elders, they bitch and cry about how their future has been “stolen” from them and they will fight tooth and nail to condemn and slander their elders and fight an outcome which cannot be fought, they will be hostile to anyone who disagrees with them, and they will reject democracy itself. And why? Because they’ve decided “we prefer it this way”. Well I reject their will. Their attitude is disgraceful; not just immature, but also perverted and immoral. And it is in no way good enough to convince to abandon the principles, convictions and values that I hold dear. The values of independence and sovereignty are what I treasure, and I am prepared to die with them even if they aren’t.

All you entitled young Remainers should realize that you have been weighed in the balance, and have been found wanting. Do you want to see the Carrousel? Because this is how you get the Carrousel!


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