The Satanic Temple and Muslims

An acquaintance of mine posted recently that he doesn’t understand The Satanic Temple’s “amnesty” towards Muslims. I was a little unsure what he meant, but my hunch tells me he was referring to their apparent pledge to escort Muslims. On November 18th 2015, The Satanic Temple’s Minneapolis chapter posted an offer to “escort” Muslims, presumably out of concern for a perceived increased distrust of Muslims on the part of the general public. They claimed that this comes from a place of genuine compassion rather than out of a desire for attention.

To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t write about this back in November when the subject was new, because I think it must have seemed strange to me back then. I’ve looked into this piece of old news and the mainstream media seemed to think they were responding to a wave of Islamophobia related to the Bataclan massacre in Paris. Thinking about it, I can’t help but wonder whether or not The Satanic Temple got the memo that what everyone was concerned with back then was the increased threat of violence that happened to be inspired by Islamic teachings!

Also, what made The Satanic Temple think that the average Muslim in the United States needed succor from them? I’m fairly certain that the prospect of increased bigotry and assault is best handled by the police and the legal system. And I know they said it wasn’t to get more attention, and maybe it wasn’t about getting attention, but I’ll tell you what I think it was about: political activism. It’s no secret that pretty much everything The Satanic Temple did (or at least from what I’ve followed) constitutes some form of activism, often to promote separation of church and state and to oppose what they see as the Christian domination of American life. That’s the other thing: they would never offer the same succor to Christians that they offered to Muslims, despite the fact that The Satanic Temple and its ideals are clearly diametrically opposed to both religions. Clearly they didn’t do this because they thought anything for the religion of Islam. They did this because Muslims are apparently ostracized or treated with suspicion in the Western world – or rather, because a lot of Christians apparently treated Muslims with suspicion.

In short, this was a giant virtue signal on the part of The Satanic Temple. And if you ask me, this should be beneath most Satanists. But not The Satanic Temple, which is basically an activist organization trying to score points by sticking it to Christians.


2 responses to “The Satanic Temple and Muslims

  1. I think it was virtue signalling, and in part making a gesture to what they perceived as an ostracised group, but I’m unsure of how well they thought that through, and how much was checking an activist box (labelled “oppose Islamophobia”). Collectivist activism has I think got problems for Satanists beyond a limited scope, and when you get onto identity politics (which TST seems to have increasingly at local levels) you are slap bang in collectivist territory. Pushing the secularist prankster thing was something I think they did well, but reading the output of some of their members, I see them ticking “progressive” boxes, and its difficult to do that and not get pulled into virtue gesturing

    • Anything goes these days when it’s against Christians. Or at least that’s how it seems to me. Just look at the response from Satanists and some of the gay community after Orlando – they decided to just blame Christians. It is very peculiar that I am so willing to defend Christians despite being against the Christian worldview, but I know they are treated like shit in the West. Some of my more progressive acquaintances posted about fundamentalist Christian pastors celebrating the massacre because the victims were gay, which is clearly awful, as if they are trying to remind us how bad Christians are, despite that the majority of American Christians are more tolerant and accepting than those dipshits. The Satanic Temple, I think, loves these guys because they’re the people they are trying to troll.

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