Is individualism going out of fashion for people these days?

You know, it seems to me that in our “society” we are decreasingly valuing the moral, social and political worth of the individual and our instead opting to focus on a wider collective force. From the neo-progressive idea that humans are objects of a mythical “structural oppression” to the idea that people generally aren’t capable of making their own choices as conscious beings, it’s as though our culture is increasingly embrace an anti-individualist outlook.

When crime in general is committed, it’s society’s fault rather than that of the person who committed the crime. This may also extend to businesses and corporations as well – businesses do terrible things but it’s not their fault because capitalism. When mass shooting occurs, a lot of people instinctively try to blame guns, video games, music, movies, anything and everything except the person using the gun. They probably just can’t accept the idea that a human being can choose to do bad things – no, better that he was simply the object. In particularly American culture, there’s a tradition in the revolutionary (in their dreams) leftists (the kind you see who fawn over the likes of Anonymous) who are convinced that people cannot live and work as citizens in a democratic society with any kind of moral agency because in their eyes they’re actually participating in modern day slavery. You’re thoughts and lives are not your own because you live in a capitalist system, and if you disagree with the people who tell you this then that’s just because you’re a thought-slave! And if Allum Bokhari is right, the very idea of individualism seems to be under attack by academics. Not to mention there’s something I found out about the reaction to the Brussells’ terror attacks from two months ago. Specifically, how The Independent basically decided that the attacks that happened in Brussels were Belgium’s fault, rather than obviously the fault of Belgium rather than the fault of the people who – possibly out of either a desire to either not criticize Muslims or the fear of tarring all Muslims with the same brush.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s indicative of a direction that humans are opting to take, and how much trust people have in themselves compared to collectives or authorities. It’s telling that there’s a lot of people are sick of the government, sick of what they perceive as excessive corporate influence on the government, and yet they put their trust in guys like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn who would expand the government. Probably because the Anonymous-types are into them as well.

Is it any wonder Anonymous are such a fun bunch of people?



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