Dare you look behind the curtain of social media conformism?

This week, Facebook had become the center of a serious freedom of speech-related scandal. According to Gizmodo, Facebook regularly suppressed conservative or right-wing opinions. To be honest, this feels kind of familiar. I remember not too long ago Facebook apparently going out of their way to delete posts from Donald Trump’s supporters, but conspicuously not Donald Trump himself. I’ve heard that Mark Zuckerberg also entertained the idea of censoring anti-immigration posts at the behest of Angela Merkel. The whole week people have been rightly criticizing Facebook, and the website is now seen as controlling the information you hear as part of a blatant exercise of Silicon Valley progressive bias.

You know, after a while I’m not that surprised. First of all, there’s Mark Zuckerberg himself. As chairman and CEO of Facebook, he seems a little detached from the rest of the world. He even thinks problems such as ISIL can be solved simply by spreading love faster than hate. I doubt he knows how to actually do that, but I feel he’s welcome to go the way of James Twyman and see how that turns out. Secondly, Zuckerberg’s bias towards progressive agenda would make a lot of sense given the trends for social media. Go on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, for instance, and sooner or later you might find a very heavy presence of progressive/liberal opinions, particularly the kind that are communicated through memes. Notice that, they don’t necessarily reflect any critical thinking, just blind faith, consuming everything offered to them in a social media whose worldview is ruled by progressive memes, feminist posturing, Anonymous, and David Avocado Wolfe. Oh and don’t forget your daily dose of the Daily Show.

Speaking of blind faith, even though Bernie Sanders is so far doomed, there are a lot of Sanders supporters who don’t want to accept it. In their minds, they have the real knowledge, and you’re an ignorant unthinking pawn of the system and the mainstream media for doubting their messiah. The irony with that is that many of Bernie Sanders’ followers approach him with the same lack of skepticism that they think those who disagree with him approach mainstream media, and if he’s doing poorly they are always keen on blaming everything but him, and they love to go on about the mainstream media being silent on Sanders’ “successes”. Like with Anonymous, they’re right and you’re wrong and they want to start a revolution. Even if it means denying the reality that Sanders has little to offer beyond rhetoric, even if it means belittling those who disagree with them, even if it means launching attacks on their political enemies as human beings. Ironically, even Trevor Noah’s Daily Show seems to have caught on to this trend in his mockery of Bernie Sanders (which to be honest, I didn’t think was possible given how much of a progressive/liberal bias I feel the Daily Show has).

It’s exactly this conformism that thrives on social media, and the kind that I think whatever ultra-progressive Silicon Valley elite that Mark Zuckerberg represents ultimately seem to be interested in. There’s a larger problem that I feel is obvious: no one wants to look behind the curtain. People still believe what they’re told, without question, as if they are compelled to believe that they aren’t allowed to approach anything with skepticism (unless of course it’s the mainstream media) and don’t want to have to sometimes disagree with anything. The few who dare to so are heretics.

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