So you want to get rid of the Prime Minister over taxes?

Let’s be clear: the British Prime Minister David Cameron is an asshole and there’s no getting around that. But even in spite of that, I really dislike the way people have reacted to his role in the Panama affairs – specifically, that he admitted that he had a stake in his father’s offshore holding company which may have been used to avoid paying taxes. People have been saying that David Cameron should resign his office as Prime Minister specifically because of his involvement with his father’s offshore holding company, they even get behind Dennis Skinner’s name for him – “Dodgy Dave”. But honestly, I find something wrong with the premise.

Seriously, thousands of people are descending on London to call for Cameron’s resignation now, over taxes!?

Think about all the really terrible things Cameron’s been behind in this country. His government has been slashing our national healthcare system to the point that it’s struggling to function today. He tried to introduce a Snooper’s Charter, which would allow the government to spy on everyone in the UK. His Secretary of Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, basically told numerous sick and disabled people that they were well enough to work, even though they weren’t, leading some of them to commit suicide. He tried to “solve” homelessness by planting spikes on the ground in parts of London to prevent homeless people from sitting in certain places. He helped condemn innocent Syrian people to die and exacerbate the migrant crisis in a strategically inept plan to defeat ISIL through ordering air strikes on Syrian cities, and suggested that we bomb Syria again even after it failed the first time. And his government has been moving towards authoritarian policies designed to censor and control the Internet under false pretenses of morality, and generally further the country’s direction of illiberalism. But the only times that we all protest Cameron to demand his removal from government is now, when he is indicted for having a share in his father’s offshore holding company, or that time when they all marched on London to demand his removal simply for being re-elected.

It really shows the state of people’s attitude towards their leader when they let him off for obvious wrongdoings, but want to hang him for holding a share in a company apparently involved in tax evasion. You can take away innocent lives, you can take our freedom, but you’d better pay your taxes our there’ll be hell to pay! That, folks, seems to be politics now.


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