Big plans

My spring holidays are over, and the next two weeks will be devoted to my university hand-ins and presentations. This will go on until April 29th, when all but one of my hand-ins are due. After that, in May, we’re basically getting ready for our third year of university. We’ll be discovering the results of all our hard work and planning, we’ll eventually see what projects we’ll be pursuing in the next year as well beginning research for our future dissertations. From May until September, I will have a lot of plans.

I want to take more time studying the occult and then have a proper ritual, whatever that ritual turns out to be. I’ve also got other books, books about Japanese culture, that I want to study so I can apply that knowledge to both spiritual and worldly aims. I want to push harder with guitar practice, I think I’ve been slacking and I fear I won’t do anything with it for the next two weeks because of the imminent deadlines and presentations. I want to restart my former exercise regime and attain some physical strength. Hey, maybe on the blog itself I’ll get to write more about Eastern culture and news. I remember writing a share about stuff from Japan and other Asian countries on the blog in the past, so it’d be nice to get into that subject more again, to the point that subsequent Mythological Spotlights will also focus on Eastern culture for a while.

With all hope, I’ll get through the second year with flying colors so to speak, and May-September will be a fun and productive period of time.


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