Not this shit

Yesterday some of my classmates in university told me that there was a white supremacist rally or march happening in Swansea on the 26th of March. When they mentioned that to me, I remembered this week seeing posters in parts of Swansea saying “Never Again – Oppose the Nazi National Front marching in Swansea”, telling me that there was both a white supremacist march and a counter march from the anti-fascist people happening tomorrow. I was even at the rail station and I saw stickers that marked the premises an “anti-fascist area”, showing what I now recognize as the Antifa logo. What I thought about the prospect was, “oh boy, shit’s brewing over in Swansea”.

Lest we forget, those of us in the Left Hand Path remember in recent weeks when Antifa showed up to protest Augustus Sol Invictus speaking at the International Left Hand Path Consortium in Atlanta, USA – or rather the fact that he was allowed to speak just as much as any of the other speakers were -, and then Invictus ranted at the consortium organizers and invited his protesters to try and kill him personally, leading to the Consortium having to uninvite him. I’m not saying that the demonstrations in Swansea will come to that, but I anticipate clashes between white supremacists and anti-fascists to be a pretty ugly scene. And I don’t imagine I like the thought of either side: one side are a bunch of racists, and the other side are worked up over the fact that a bunch of racists have the same right to free speech as everyone else even if they are a reprehensible bunch of racists, to the point that it all smacks of the whole “no platform” thing, just like the ILHPC might have been accused of.

Well, clearly one thing’s for sure: I plan on staying the hell away from Swansea tomorrow because I’m not getting involved.

UPDATE (26/03/2016): I’ve been following updates of the National Front rally happening in Swansea, and it seems that their numbers are surprisingly low – only about 27 people participated in it. Meanwhile, the anti-fascist counter-protesters seemed to outnumber the National Front significantly. From the sounds of it, I haven’t missed much. Thank Satan for that!


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