The Horned God, the Goddess, and the season of the ram

It’s the vernal equinox again. No, I don’t care to celebrate to Easter this month, though come to think of it it’s a weird coincidence that this year’s Easter Monday is the same day as my upcoming 22nd birthday – March 28th. It only seems to come natural that I’d still be thinking of the ram – the animal of my sun sign Aries, the solar Amun-Ra, the vehicle of Agni’s fire, the symbol of spring, the sun, fertility, creativity, and war.

I’d encountered at a gift shop an image of an Egyptian ram-headed deity facing an Egyptian goddess, and it put an image of that ram archetype meeting his goddess, and in a way the possibility of me meeting mine in the future if you know what I mean. I also thought about the Horned God and the Goddess and their union in much the way that Thomas LeRoy described it in a video he uploaded before New Year’s Day this year.

It’s quite the coincidence these thoughts come together, for me at least. But it seems kind of natural. I think of my sign in a different way to how I might have thought about it way back, when I seemed to want. But maybe it’s an important facet of the personal fire, and my spirit, or the reminder of such things.

Show me the Fire by MachiavelliCro on Deviantart

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