The prospect of America under Donald Trump

With the rise of Donald Trump, I think we’re all worried about whether or not he’ll actually become President of the United States of America. Judging from what I have heard of him, I really don’t like the prospect of him becoming President. He’s a lunatic, he’s a clown, he’s a charlatan, he’s a failure but he thinks tells people he’s great, he sucks but he thinks he’s awesome, he has the makings of a dictator who will herald America’s decline, and he doesn’t care who he screws over if it means getting what he wants because few people have ever said no to him. And not only do his followers at his rallies beat up anyone who isn’t a white American, he actually encourages his followers to be violent! He’s truly one of the ugliest souls running for the Republican nomination – or for that matter, running for President.

A friend of mine asked a month or two ago if I still wanted to come to America. To be honest, I’m hopeful that Donald Trump will lose the Presidency, even if he becomes the Republican nominee. But if Trump does win, I’m probably going to have to stay away from America. Believe me, I do not want to see what America will become with Trump in charge. His America will be very unfriendly to anyone seeking enter the country, deeming all foreigners – especially Muslims – as hostile and invasive influences, and there are those who have quickly noted the resemblance of his campaign to the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany during the late 1930’s. No doubt his America will be one where hatred and fear will roam free at the expense of liberty. And from what I’ve heard, his America will be a country that forces its military to commit war crimes, such as killing families in order to defeat terrorists – not the actual terrorists, but their families who probably have nothing to do with terrorist activity; something that would probably only make the terrorists angrier, or put them in a position where they can advertise themselves as martyrs. Did Trump learn nothing from the Bush administration’s mistakes? All in the name of “taking America back” and “making America great again”.

All’s I know is that I don’t plan on staying in the UK all of my life, so if America goes to shit I’d have to go somewhere else in the future.

14 responses to “The prospect of America under Donald Trump

  1. You can say the same about every fucking republican running for president.
    They are all raving lunatics and each one insist they have god on their side. Gott mit uns. Ja?

    One of them even went as far as to say the pyramids were used to store grain. And he is a neurosurgeon!!

    • I remember grain pyramid man, and now he’s out of the race. And yes, in general the Republicans are loony and moronic. But something tells me Trump is worse than all of them – and now he’s in the lead.

      I’m sure you know it’s not just limited to the Republican presidential nominees. Have you heard of Robert Morrow? He’s the chairman of the Texas branch of the Republican Party and he’s basically an Internet troll that escaped from the Internet. Seriously, just look his statements and tweets. He’s got no class whatsoever. He even calls himself Donald Trump on steroids.

      • None of the republicans are any good. This whole gay marriage thing has them completely unhinged. I’ve never seen anything like it since I started voting in about ’82. Never, as in N-E-V-E-R. Like this Morrow person, they are competing with each other on who can be the most extreme and who can instill the most fear, just because gays can marry. The only one that sounds sane to me is Sanders, a socialist Independent running as a Democrat that has been in the Senate forever it seems like. He’s old but he’s very popular with the young.

      • I can agree with that, from what I know about him and his record. But there is a knee-jerk reaction to the word “socialist” that the republicans take advantage of. I seriously doubt if 5% of the US population can correctly define socialism.

      • I have to admit, I didn’t like the whole attachment to socialism, or at least what I might have perceived as socialism. It repelled me from Sanders for the longest time. What made it worse was I perceived him as a socialist “good guy” candidate, and I didn’t like how that felt at the time. But nowadays, thanks in part to that article and what I’ve seen of Trump, I’ve come to think that, socialist or not, he’s the only candidate with the potential take America in a positive direction. Trump will make things worse, the other Republicans can only take things in a bad direction, and Clinton I feel will simply preserve the status quo or more or less just be another Obama administration.

      • I understand you but I also believe we are too far gone for anyone to fix this mess. It took decades to get us into this mess and it cannot be fixed by any one person or party, imho. Breaking something is easy. Fixing it is not.

        When we spend more on “defense” than the rest of the world combined, but complain about universal health care because of the cost, that tells me that we are more interested in murdering people than we are in saving our own citizens health and lives.

      • Well then it at least seems logical that a man like Sanders could try to bring some sense of balance or sanity. Or at the very least, he could make a start. But in my opinion that’ll be doing more than the rest of those circus clowns in US politics plan to do.

  2. Trump is extremely divisive, I find it difficult to imagine him as a president, though I find Cruz worse, a slicker but more poisonous character who could actually play the game. Much of this seems to me to be the consequence of the Republican Party reaping what it has allowed to flourish under its shade

    • If Trump isn’t nominated, then Cruz could still be the next threat. I’ve always seen him as rubbish opposition towards the Democratic candidates. Then again, this is the man behind the government shutdown.

      • yeah, Cruz or Rubio, and none of them are a nice prospect. I don’t know if Trump as Republican candidate would tear things apart and leave the GOP stranded, or ride out his hype better than Cruz and Rubio. And then there’s Clinton with the sincerity and personality of bullet proof glass, and Sanders (who I like the best, for being the realest while addressing basic human issues). I’m not a fan of the “left” as such, I just care about the human landscape, and he is the only one that seems to care about it without it being a calculated career move

  3. If Trump wins, you can guarantee on things swinging back to the Bush Jr. days, but probably worse. I like Sanders the best, but even if it comes down to Clinton on the Democrat side, I’ll settle for her. I don’t think she’d be the best President, and I’m anxious to get the White House out from the gridlock between the Bush and Clinton dynasties; but at least Hillary’s not a violent racist megalomaniac. Trump is the absolute worst person we can have representing our nation.

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