We are (probably) doomed

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. You know what, usually I’m apathetic to the European Union along with the whole concept of one nation being part of any large overarching group that makes the rules. But in the case of the UK, I can’t see any good in this country parting with the EU at this time. At least, not yet.

Look at what the country is coming to. We have a government who literally act like children: its MPs prevent the leader of the opposition from disagreeing with them with football chants, and their leader feels comfortable making fun of his suit (while his own mother signs petitions against him). They are increasingly undermining our national health service with cuts that they seem to think are actually healing it but they aren’t. We have a guy in our government who’s been telling disabled people that they’re still fit for work in the same way as the average person is, and it made them literally want to kill themselves. We’re waging a war against our civil liberties as the government tries ever harder to take control of the Internet in order to control how we use it in the name of a perverted morality. And we’re planning on scrapping the Human Rights Act, which for this country is largely the only thing keeping the government from completely running amok.

Just a little something about the Human Rights Act and how it pertains to Europe: the British government created that Act in 1998, with the intent of incorporating European human rights laws into their own policy, without the need to take cases all the way to Strasbourg in France. This basically means that the UK is still able to make decisions in its own country about human rights. But despite over the years, people in this country have lead themselves to believe that the country no longer makes its own decisions about human rights and is in fact chained to Europe. It’s just that with the Act in place, the UK government can’t act in a way that violates these human rights. Unfortunately some of the British people seem to desire a government that will follow their misguided notions of justice, and the British government seems to desire the corrosion of civil liberty. Hence, the government’s desire to scrap the Human Rights Act.

However, I somehow think it matters not whether or not the UK leaves the European Union. I’ve heard many contradicting notions and my perspective is thus: if we leave the European Union, the UK may or may not scrap the Human Rights Act – oh what I am saying? Maybe? They most likely will! But if we stay in the EU, what are the odds the government won’t just ignore that Act anyway, if not flat out try to get rid of it again. Besides which, for everything else the UK has been doing, I’ve never seen the EU complain about it. They certainly didn’t complain when they and the UK were waging airstrikes against Syria to no avail – odds are they only seem to complain now that they have their worst migrant crisis on their hands! To me, it actually seems like if we leave the EU, all it means is that the government gets to violate its own country faster, and if we stay, it’s only a matter of time in a struggle silent to the masses.

You’ve seen the government as it is now, haven’t you? It’s an uncontrolled dog and spoiled child. One that will always find a way of drowning out the criticism and opposition in the most humiliating way possible. Do you really see a positive outcome out of it?


2 responses to “We are (probably) doomed

  1. I’ve always been a pro-european. But now for entirely selfish reasons as a Brit living abroad I especially want Britain to remain in the EU. If not, I will try and change my nationality. Having an EU passport is important for my jhob and my lifestyle.

    • Well, at least that means the EU is doing something for you. That at least means there’s a reason for the UK to still have anything to do with the EU.

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