We are not Christians

There’s something that’s often said about Satanism that I’m familiar with, and it’s the claim that believing in Satan, in any way whatsoever, automatically affirms the existence of the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. People have this idea that because Satan was an invention of the Jewish faith, and the adversary of Jehovah/Allah in the Christian and Islamic faiths, believing in Satan means believing in Jehovah and the teachings of monotheistic beliefs as well. Usually I hear this coming from people who are (at least apparently) Christians or atheists trying to belittle people who choose to identify as Satanists, whether theistic or not. I suppose I have to wonder why people don’t go around telling Christians that they’re pagans by default of the fact that their God was originally a pagan deity. Some of you may know that Yahweh used to be a Canaanite deity of war worshiped in the context of a polytheistic tradition before he came to be viewed as the one true “God” in the eyes of the Hebrew tradition.

The Canaanite Yahweh depicted as enthroned.

Satan is only dependent on the Christian Jehovah if you believe in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mythology, and if you still have the mentality that seems to come with the monotheistic belief systems. Satan, like all the deities and like all ideas, is not necessarily bound to another for validity. In the Satanic paradigm, Satan is largely independent of the Christian constructs. Although he is subverter of the monotheistic creeds and their deities and symbols,  his true identity is independent of that. What does Satan represent? He represents pure carnal existence, Man as a being that embraces it, and the freedom of such a carnal existence unchained by all the rules, norms, and mores that constraint carnal, or for that matter free and authentic, existence. In my mind, Satan doesn’t need Jehovah or his son to validate his existence, especially not while he treads upon his corpse and crushes it underfoot! By choosing Satan as a symbol for our path, we Satanists embrace a powerful archetype for our beliefs that in my mind a purely non-mythical world just can’t provide. That’s my interpretation anyway.


4 responses to “We are not Christians

  1. I also often found that Pagans come up with this thing too, that you *must* believe in the Christian God if you are a Satanist. Even for Theistic Satanists that is not necessarily the case at all, and for most that I see online it doesn’t seem to be, me included.

    • If you’re watching black metal videos on YouTube, do not scroll down to the comments. Shit like that comes up all the time. I even saw someone on one video who said that embracing Satan or a demon is just embracing the worst aspects of yourself. Ignorance of Satanism is, unfortunately, still common.

  2. They capitalize the “S” to denote a proper name, when it is not a proper name but a title or a description. They did the same thing with adam and eve, and lucifer, and probably a lot of other names.

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