Something that might make me lose my patience

Today I finished my last presentation of the first semester. It’s been delayed due to one of the lecturers being very seriously ill over the last week, but now he’s well enough that he can return to teaching and academic assessment. This presentation is for the module I least enjoy, the one where I have to work alongside animation students to increase my skill with project planning. In this module, you are tasked with going into a small group in order to design an artifact (it could be a character, multiple characters, a weapon, an environment, or whatever), but the goal is not necessarily to create an artifact but to showcase the process behind the creation of that artifact. This means that you don’t have to successfully produce the artifact in question, and you are allowed to show that you have failed to produce something, but you have be able to successfully justify why you were unable to complete your task in time and in conjunction with your production plan and process.Unlike all the other modules, the process is more important than the product itself.

Anyways, I felt like losing it last night because, unfortunately, none of the animation students I worked with seemed to get the premise no matter how many times this was explained. I was the only person in a team of 4 people who did anything relating to production planning, or tried to, and it often seemed like they just go along with my plans without making any contributions to them, and then they just sort of do their own thing anyway. They also would not go through any rehearsals before the date of presentation, thinking they would succeed without rehearsals because that’s how they’ve always done it. They also just assume the same rules they always follow in animation work when you’re doing a module that isn’t strictly animation. They have to submit their assignment and presentation to the requirements of the game design program director, but even on the day of presentation they never got the memo. They think nothing of improving themselves, and they do not understand me when I tell them of what we have to. To me they’re clowns and they’re idiots. Frankly, I’m surprised by how relaxed our presentation still felt.

Now that the presentation is over, I feel free in the sense that I don’t have to work with the same fools I that I had previously worked with. I don’t yet have any feedback, but think there’s a chance I have done reasonably well in the module, but my main concern is that, when I have to do the module in the next semester (which is officially a week or two away), I have to work with animation students again. I think I can entirely avoid working with the same students I did before, but if my fellow game design students are right then none of the animation students are particularly different from each other in terms of how they conduct themselves (I at least know that they usually leave the lectures early when they aren’t supposed to, while all of us games students stay all the while unless told we can leave). They too complain about how their animation colleagues just focus on the work and just ostensibly go along with them while just doing their own thing and not paying attention to the way things have to work.

I can only hope that next time the animation people learn from this whole experience and do the module right next time, and they take us games students seriously in spite of the differences in how we work. If they just do the same thing again, I think I will lose it. I don’t think I can work with people like that for long, and it might make me think I won’t last on the module or my course.

Just what I was thinking in my mind last night, when dealing with the animation students the night before presentation.

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