Tooth and nail

In my class we were told a few days ago that in the third year of university, once we submit individual game design documents (design documents for game projects we each want to see made) and complete the second year, two of the design documents will be chosen by the lecturers as the basis of two major projects for which the entire class would be divided into two groups each working on one project. The people who are going to be in those groups aren’t going to be decided by the students, which means that the person who made the idea in their design document may not necessarily be the one who created it. The rationale behind it is that the lecturers feel that when the person who came up with the idea gets involved in the project, they’d take a lot of control over the project at the expense of becoming too dictatorial towards the other members. To be honest, I understand where that would come from. If I was behind an idea and I had the idea of how it would be envisioned, I’d fight tooth and nail for my vision because I don’t like people changing my ideas, and when I said that in one of the classes one of the lecturers said “Exactly”.

For me, I get the sense that game design isn’t a profession where creative control is guaranteed. In fact, I’m fairly certain there’s not many professions in creative media where you can maintain creative control without being very dictatorial and risking the possibility of being an asshat to the other members of a production team you’re in. And I don’t know a lot about bands but I can’t helping thinking it’s a similar situation because, unless you’re a one man band (like some contemporary black metal bands that I’ve heard of). I’m fairly sure now the only creative profession where you have full creative control is self-published novelist, which is, funny enough, what my brother is considering doing. I sure hope that extends to graphic novels as well. I still don’t think I’m done with game design, not yet anyway. There’s still stuff I can learn, that I can then use. I just have to wonder though how I can operate as the egoistic creative that I know I am without being asshole towards the rest of my production team, and it does get me thinking of what I’d actually do once I finish the game design course.


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